Look beautiful and stunning: 7 Wedding Makeup Tips for Summer

7 Wedding Makeup Tips for summer

Weddings are special. The union of two souls who promise to share each other’s joys and sorrows is a momentous occasion and every bride wishes to have the most perfect setting and look the best on her wedding day. Summers are probably the best time to get married. With clear blue skies, shining sun, and glowing brides, outdoor weddings during summer look beautiful.The only uncool thing about a summer wedding is the risk of a makeup meltdown. The last thing a bride wants to appear in her wedding photographs is her oily face, her bleeding mascara, and her ruined lipstick.

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Here’s a Step by Step Guide to Wedding Makeup that will last through your wedding beautifully:

Don’t start with a foundation.What? Yes. Genius makeup tip #1

Prep your skin before applying a foundation to ensure the foundation looks flawless and stays put for as long as you want it to. Hydrate your skin first with an oil-free moisturizer. Hydrating your skin is essential and we can’t emphasize enough. Neutrogena oil free moisturizer works well and has separate ones for combination, oily, and dry skin.

Use a concealer under your eyes, around the corners of your nose, and on your blemishes.

When the sun is reflecting on flawless skin, the pictures turn out perfect. Using a light weight water-proof concealer is a must. Don’t use the ones that you have been carrying forward from winter. The NYX Incredible waterproof concealer and Tarte Amazonian clay are your go to products.

Time for foundation

Choose your foundation with utmost care. This is one of the most important products you will apply to your skin on your wedding day. Since the sun will be shining bright, you want your foundation to have UV protection and mattifying elements to prevent you from looking dull and greasy. Choose your foundation based on your skin type and tone to ensure it blends in perfectly.

If you have oily skin, pick a powder based matte foundation. A product like the Shiseido Pureness mattifying compact foundation with SPF 15 can be a wise choice.

If you have a combination skin, use a liquid foundation with high water content and one which is resistant to perspiration. Products like Exuviance skin caring foundation and Urban decay weightless ultra-definition foundation could be your best bets.

If you have dry skin, a liquid or a cream foundation will suit you best. Make sure you choose a light weight foundation (to not weigh down your skin) that is buildable. Dry skin needs SPF more. So, choose a foundation with a better UV protection so that your skin doesn’t look flaky during the latter part of the occasion. Bare minerals’ pure serum foundation with SPF 20 or M.A.C’s Studio fix fluid foundation are the kind of products for you.

No matter which foundation you choose, Genius Makeup Tip #2

Remember to apply your foundation in a downward motion to hide the peach fuzz of your skin.

Now for the powder:

It’s important to use a mineral based pressed powder on your skin after you finish applying your foundation (when applying a liquid or a cream foundation). A bridal makeup is incomplete without it. Use Dior’s Skin forever or the likes for perfectly setting your flawless look.

For the eyes:

Use soft pastel colors. You don’t want to go too overboard with bold shades especially during a day wedding in summer.

Genius Makeup Tip #3

To ensure your eye shadow stays put, apply a bit of concealer all over your lid, dust it with a little powder and then apply the eye shadow. Steer away from creamy shadows for obvious reasons. Your oily lids (most Asian women have oily lids) will not get in the way of you looking picture perfect.

Don’t use pencil liners! Write that down somewhere.

Liquid liners stay better, smudge less, and look great. A super long wearing liner such as Wet and Wild H2O proof eyeliner is the kind of product you should use to prevent your liner going rogue and migrating south, making you look like a racoon.

Mascaras probably were made in heaven.

Perfect fluttery lashes can up your wedding makeup game like nothing can. Yes you need a long lasting water-proof mascara because you don’t want to look like a panda at the end of the day with all the ‘getting emotional’ thing that you have to do.

Genius Makeup Tip #4

The trick is to first curl your lashes (heat up the curler with a blow drier before curling to make the curl last longer) and dust them with a translucent powder. Applying mascara after, will not only make your lashes look fuller but also stay put longer. Maybelline Hyper curl is a good choice.

All that rosy summer glow is probably now hidden under layers of foundation, concealer, and powder. Add it right back with a blush. Stay away from creamy formulas that tend to streak and invite shine. Use a soft powdery formula and pick a shade that is the closest to your skin shade.

Genius Makeup Tip #5

If blush is the first thing to go from your skin, apply a touch of cheek stain and then dust a matching powder over it for perfect staying. Stila custom color blush is a good bet.

To keep your lipstick on through all the kissing, and champagne sipping that you do seems difficult? Not anymore. Here’s the trick for a perfect pucker:

Start by moisturizing the lips first (or you will have streaky, dry, and wrinkled lips by the end of the day. Moisturizing also helps your lip products to glide on smoothly.

Genius Makeup Tip #6

To give your lipstick a more holding power, first color your lips with your liner. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Genius Makeup Tip #7

Apply your lipstick, and then blot it with a tissue. Brush a little powder over them and then reapply your lipstick. This will seal the deal. Now add a hint of gloss on your lips and pout perfect.

Now take a bottle of setting spray and get spraying the light mist all over your face. NYX has good makeup setting sprays and so does M.A.C and smile.

Lastly, make sure you carry a little emergency kit with one of your bridesmaids. Include a compact, blotting papers, a lipstick, and a little tube of concealer with a tiny brush for quick touch-ups.

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Now, you are good to go. Go kiss your Groom!