13 genius ideas for bigger and fuller lips that you should try!

13 Genius ideas for bigger and fuller lips that you should try!

Lips are such a defining part of your face. The appearance of your lips can make or break your look. While we aren’t saying that thin lips look bad, plump & luscious lips are a big turn on. Many a woman has envied Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian secretly wishing they could even remotely sport lips like those. If you have always believed that pulling off an Angelina Jolie will require you to take painful injections and itchy products you are wrong! You can achieve bee stung lips (and make lips appear bigger) with ease using a few tips and makeup tricks.

Here’s are 13 Ingenious tips for fuller lips:

Tip #1 – Exfoliating is the key to a million problems:

You have heard time and again that exfoliating your skin makes it healthier and dewier. Well turns out your lips don’t have to be ignored during this beauty ritual. Exfoliating your lips will remove the flakes (that do little to reflect light) and rev up blood circulation. Exfoliate with a mixture of sugar granules and olive oil or simple use a baby toothbrush and gently scrub away the dead cells from your precious pout. You can also use the handmade lips exfoliator by the soap exchange alternatively to cut the effort. Have fuller lips naturally. What’s more, smoother lips will make your lipstick stick around for longer and appear better too.

Tip# 2 – Dark isn’t for you:

Dark deep shades of lipsticks make your lips look smaller and more flat. Lighter shades of lipsticks (those peaches and pinks that you adored in your teens) with a shiny finish will reflect more light and create the illusion of fuller lips.  The lighter shades of the butter shine range by Clinique are highly recommended.

Tip#3 – Draw ‘’away’:

Yes! When applying your lip liner, make sure you choose a shade that is closest to the shade of your lipstick and then trace slightly outside your natural lip line. You can even apply a concealer on your natural lip line to hide it before doing this for an even bolder look. Fill your entire lips with the liner and then swipe on some lipstick. Voila!

Tip #4- Create a 3d illusion:

cupids bow lips

Source: Pinterest

Want the effect of a lip plumper without actually using one? Start off by using an illuminizer or a white eye liner on the ‘M’ shape right on top of your upper lip (also called the Cupid’s bow). Next, use a brown eyeliner beneath your lower lip line and blend well. This creates the illusion of a shadow and makes your lips pop. The NYX mechanical liner does a great job.  You’re welcome.

Tip # 5 – Use a foundation as a canvas:

Moisturize your lips and follow it up with a generous coat of foundation. Now draw a lip liner on the outline of your lips and smudge the rough edges. Apply a coat of lipstick and then wait for it to set. Follow it up with a high shine gloss and you might just be smog ready.

Tip #6 – Centre shine:

Did you know a little extra shine on the middle of your lips can make your pout look fuller? Yes! After you are done applying lipstick, pick a metallic shade, a highlighter such as the M.A.C mineralize skinfinish or a shiny gloss and dab it onto the middle of both your lips. The product will help reflect light and give you the much needed pop.

Tip # 7 – Give you cupid’s bow some attention:

Use a lip liner that is 2 shades darker than your au naturel lips to over line your cupid’s bow. Next, neatly taper the line as you move toward lip line. Now smooth over some lipstick and you will notice how it makes your lips look fuller and better.

Tip # 8 – Use a cardinal rule:

When applying lipstick, always start off by drawing an x in the centre of your top lip. This will not only make your lip line look more defined but also make your lips look all chiselled and proper (read full). Who said fuller lips require great effort.

Tip # 9 – Add drama to your pout and make lips appear bigger

Start off by applying a matte lipstick (preferably in bold colours) to hide your natural lip line.

If you don’t have a matte lipstick here are a few quick tips for you:

  • Dab some translucent powder on your lipstick with your finger and voila! (This lipstick also prevents the colour from smudging and bleeding.
  • If that seems risky, hold a single ply tissue paper against your lips and then brush on some skin coloured powder on it. Uncover and see magic.
  • You can even blot your lipstick by snogging against a kitchen towel.

Once you have your matte lips ready, layer it with another coat of lipstick and repeat the steps. Next, apply a generous amount of high definition gloss and see your lips exude volume and beauty.

Tip #10 – Mint it:

It is believed that mint helps ‘plump’ your skin temporarily. Invest in those tingly lip balms and glosses and enjoy the refreshing feeling while it does its work to achieve fuller lips.  You can go for the Bigelow Mentha lip shine by Bath and Body works.

Tip #11 – Two shades of lips:

Use lipsticks of two shades of the same colour (you wanna make sure the shades are not too far apart to make lips bigger. Start off by applying the darker shade in the middle area of both your lips and follow it up with the lighter shade on the outer rim. This does take a little practice but it is totally worth it.  This creates the illusion of a ‘popped’ pout and it will make you look totally kiss ready!

Tip #12 – Cinnamon to the rescue:

Cinnamon is your very own natural lip plumper Cinnamon is said to have properties that help stimulate your lips and make them look fuller and more luscious. Use honey and cinnamon to massage over your lips before applying your makeup. This will exfoliate your lips and plump it up making your lipstick application smooth.

Tip # 13 – Use the good ol’ Vaseline:

Vaseline can act as your best lip plumper. A quick dab of Vaseline could do wonders to the appearance of your lips. Apply your lipstick and then give it a swipe of the petroleum jelly. It will render shine, reflect light and make your lips look luscious. Alternatively you can even mix your highlighter powder with Vaseline and dab it on your mid lips for a more puckered look. Choose a metallic coloured highlighter to add more drama.

There you go. Pull of a Brigitte Bardot or a Rihanna without going under the needle or inflicting pain on your poor orifices.

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