How to do eye makeup quickly for a party

How to do eye makeup quickly for a party

Eyes are the most important feature of your face. Your eyes are communicative and expressive, and that’s the reason they are the first thing to get noticed about you. It is absolutely essential therefore, to dress them well. The right eye makeup will accentuate your eyes, beautify your face, and add so much to your whole look.


If you are someone who struggles with eye makeup and could do with a few tips on how to dress up your eyes for a party quickly and easily, read on.

Here are a few quick tips you absolutely must keep in mind when doing your eyes:

  1. To make your classic black smoky eye, ditch the black and instead use the shades that compliment your eye color. For e.g., if you have blue eyes, use dusky greys or deep purples, and if you have brown or green eyes, a navy blue or an olive green will look great.
  2. Corner lashes can work wonders at making your eyes look bigger without going with a bold full lash look.
  3. Apply a small portion of metallic color in the centre of your lid. This will catch light when you blink and it will make your eyes look wider.
  4. To make your eyes look more open and less tired, apply a light metallic, or white shadow around the tear duct.
  5. Always keep your brows well groomed. A nice eyebrow line does wonders in making your eyes look pretty. If you want to define your brows, tint them well, and add temporary thickness, use a quick brush of L’Oreal brow artist plumper .
  6. If you want your eye makeup to stay in place for longer, always apply a concealer or a primer before applying a shadow.
  7. If you have under eye circles that make you look haggard, use a light reflecting concealer that brightens and lifts the under eye area.
  8. If you think getting mascara on your lash tips gives the illusion of length you are wrong. It’s the roots that do. So whenever applying mascara, wiggle the wand back and forth at the base of the lash to deposit mascara properly on the roots.
  9. If you want to go more natural, substitute full fringe lashes with individual false lashes.
  10. To fill in scanty brows, use a wax based pencil and choose a color that is the closest to your brow hair color.
  11. Want to make your eyes pop? Sweep on some dark shadow just where the brow meets the crease.
  12. Have small eyes with lids that have no crease? Choose a medium toned color and make an arc on the lids, blend it lightly and you will see an instant difference.
  13. If you have your eyes that are close-set, and you wish them to appear apart, use a dark eye shadow on the outer most quarter of the lid and then line your upper lashes with the same color to make them appear father from each other.

Here is a step by step guide to achieving some popular party eye makeup looks:

  1. The simple and elegant look:

Start of by applying a primer all around your eyes. Next, apply a shadow that is just 1-2 shades lighter than our skin and has a hint of shimmer . Cover your entire lids up till your brow line. Next, apply a medium thick jet black eyeliner and loads of mascara . You are good to go! This look looks subtle and is perfect for people who don’t like too much attention.

  1. The blingy bold look:

This look is for the people who love to experiment and who love to stand out. Start with applying a concealer over your eyelids. Let the concealer set. Next, apply a bright bold blue shadow starting with the lash line and up till it covers the arch of your lids. Take a smudge brush and blend the powder so the highest concentration of the color remains on the lash line and it gets lighter as you go up. Dot the centre of your lids with a touch of silver metallic shadow for the extra pop. Now take your eye liner and apply it in a winged fashion. (Quick tip: If you are new to this whole winger liner thing, past a sticky tape diagonally from the corner of your eye towards the tail of your brow and get lining. Peel the tape to reveal a slick, neat liner!). Curl your lashers with a good curler and Then, apply two coats of mascara. Now take Swarovski stick on crystals and line the outside of your lower line, just below the wing, or wherever you like and voila!

  1. The smokin’ smokey eye look:

Start off with a neutral eye shadow as the base for the smokey eye look to last. Layer the neutral shadow with a shimmery bone shadow to add light to the eyes. Use a gun metal shade eye shadow next. Apply it intensely over your lash line and then slowly blend it towards the brow bone. Next, stick on your falsies. (The smokey eye look is incomplete without dramatic lashes), you can choose half lashes or a high volume mascara if you don’t want to go too bold. Go over the edge of your falsies with a thick deep black pencil liner to add more drama. Finish the look with a thick coat of kajal on the water line, smudged and dusted with gun metal shadow. This look is a winner irrespective of your skin colour. Just replace the gun metal shadow with a deep lavender if your skin is dusky, or bronze if your skin is chocolaty brown.

  1. Feminal pink look:

    This look is subtle yet gorgeous and goes well with pretty much every ensemble. It’s fresh, and it’s super easy to achieve.

Start by applying a primer on your lids and a concealer on the under eye area. The primer is absolutely essential especially for people with oily lids. Apply a thick coat of creamy kohl pencil above the lash line and smudge it upwards to decrease the intensity a bit. Apply a dense layer of bright pink eye shadow on the outer edge of the eye starting from the crease line to the brows. Extend it a bit outwards as you apply. Apply a lighter pink eye shadow in the bottom part of your lids. Take a blending brush and blend the two shadows where they meet to get rid of harsh lines, if any. Use a highlighter on your brow bone. Now apply your eyeliner in a thin line over your lashes. Finish the look with 2 coats of black mascara and you are done!

    1. Colorful eye look :

Concealer and primer comes first, yet again. Your canvas should look flawless before you start adding colour. Apply a vibrant blue eye shadow in a slant shape starting from your inner corner towards (but not upto) the mid brow region covering just one half of the eye vertically. Now apply a golden metallic shadow on the rest of the lid making sure not to touch the creases. Use a bright red (or a peach) eye shadow to go over the creases as well as extend in a tail form. Go almost till the brow bones (but not touching them). Use a charcoal shade shadow to go over the creases. Now, take a pink shade and swipe it below the lower rim to give it an extension. Use a silver shadow on your tear ducts, and your brow bone. With a blue liner pencil, draw a soft line below the lower rim all along the extension. Wear a winged black eyeliner next and finish your look with a generous coat of mascara. Use a lash comb to get rid of any lumps in your mascara and you are done. This look is sure to turn many a head.

There you go! Remember to always prep your eyes well and rid yourself of puffy eyes before applying makeup.

Also, follow a cardinal rule – If you are wearing a loud outfit, go simple with your eyes, and similarly if your outfit is subtle, then go dramatic with your eyes.

Go party!