11 Engagement Rings to just Wow your Partner

11 Engagement Rings to just Wow your Partner

Engagement is an occasion, almost as important as the wedding itself.

An engagement is a commitment to take the relation a step further.

The engagement period allows a man and woman to know and accept each other better before getting married to each other and getting into a lifelong relationship. It also gives the couple an opportunity to sort out differences (if any) regarding career goals, religious beliefs, financial matters etc. Parents of both the sides get to know each other as well.

It is a standard practice to buy an engagement ring for the occasion. The circular ring (which is the most perfect shape because there is no end to a circle) symbolizes the promise of fidelity, love, and care between people intending to share a life together. A ring therefore ought to be special. You must invest time and effort in choosing the ring that is perfect. After all, it’s going to stay on your loved one’s hand for an eternity (or so you hope!).

If you are planning to buy an engagement ring anytime soon and don’t know how to go about it, we have a handy guide.Read on.

5 Step Guide to choose the perfect Engagement Ring:

Step 1: Decide on a budget. Every choice that you will make regarding the metal, stone, weight, and cut will all depend on the budget you have set for the ring. Set aside a good amount (yes good!) and keep it a little flexible.

Step 2: Consider what fits her/his personality, lifestyle, and fashion sense, the best.

  • If she is traditional, choose a classic solitaire perhaps. If he is traditional, a plain metal band would be a wise option.
  • If she is classy, a three stone ring will be good, if he is classy, a satin finished band with light accents will be great.
  • If she is all outgoing and glamorous, maybe a high Diamond setting with pave set diamonds on the band will be apt. If he is outgoing and glam, a band with free set diamonds will probably be the best.
  • If she the outdoorsy kind, ring settings with natural elements in design, like leaves or flowers may suit well or maybe a bezel setting which hugs the diamonds around its girdle and keeps them protected. For a man this type, again, a thin metal band that hugs the stones all the way around the girdle is a perfect option.
  • If she is a true blue romantic, a vintage ring with intricate filigree patterns and milgrain details will be perfect. If he is a thorough romantic, an antique finish band with a little detailing on the metal will work well.

Step 3: Choose the accent and finish. Choose whether the diamond (if present) will be channel set, flush set, prong set, or bazel set (phew!).

Step 4: Choose the metal. Keep in mind your significant other’s choices when making a choice. You can choose from a range of different materials such as yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium etc.

Step 5: Choose the perfect size. Have your partner’s ring finger measured by a professional before setting out to buy a ring for him/her so that there is a minimum risk involved. Alternatively you can take one of her/his ring and find out its size. Either way you want the ring to fit perfectly around his/her fingers.

Styles of Engagement rings that you can choose for HER:

  1. The Solitaire ring :

    Borrowing its name from French for ‘alone’, this type of ring carries one single diamond. This is easily one of the most popular style of engagement rings because it is both elegant and simple. The gemstone in this kind of ring is set high, allowing for maximum exposure to light which ups the brilliance of the stone multi-folds. The round solitaire diamond engagement ring is a wise choice.

  2. The Halo ring :

    This elysian style ring usually has a gemstone in the centre, surrounded by (a halo of) smaller diamonds that accentuate the sparkle of the central stone along with making it appear larger. The 1.60 CT Double halo ring makes for an amazing choice.

  3. The Trinity ring :

    This one’s also called a three stone ring or the trilogy ring. It usually has a set of three stones that symbolize the past, present, and future together. The central stone is generally set higher than the other two in this type of ring. This adds depth and beauty to the ring.

  4. The Pave ring:

    This one may or may not have a large gemstone set in the centre but has small gemstones set as close together as close as possible so that little or no metal can be seen. The encrusted stones often give the appearance of a solid diamond ring. It is super sparkly and prepossessing to say the least. The beautiful cushion engagement ring at amazon.com is beautiful beyond words.

  5. The Cathedral ring:

    This type of ring generally has a diamond right at the centre that is firmly held together by bands extending from either side. The bands angle in a way that it draws attention to the diamond. This kind of ring not only offers better protection of the diamond but also looks stylish. The round cut 0.43 cttw makes for a great choice.

  6. The Vintage ring:

    This style of ring spells splendour like nothing else. It usually has gemstones set amongst engravings, milgrain and filigree work and they look oh so intriguing and romantic. The 70 CT vintage diamond ring is perfect for the romantics.

Styles of Engagement rings you can choose for him:

    1. The Fingerprint ring:

Fingerprint engagement ring for men

Source: Amazon

Nothing’s spells unique more than fingerprints and the whole idea of one’s fingerprint engraved into a ring is incredible. Fingerprint rings look good and feel better. They are for those hard core romantics. These rings come with engravings on either the inside or the outside of the ring. The concave tungsten ring makes for a beautiful choice.






  1. The satin Finish Rings:

    Satin Finish Engagement Rings for Men

    Source: Amazon

    This type of ring has a beautiful satin finish which takes away the reflection of the metal while preserving the shine. It stands out and it is alluring. The American Set Co.’s satin finish platinum ring is a lovely choice.

  2. The diamond ring:

    This type isn’t very common but is beautiful nevertheless. It takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off this type and hence men wearing them spell class differently. Rings that have conflict free diamonds or sapphires are perfect for those that defy common. The burnished set men’s ring is a brilliant choice.

  3. The Classic Ring:

    This type is certainly the most popular and the safest choice. The classic wedding band is timeless, low maintenance, and comfortable. If the guy is no-frill, this makes for the perfect option. You can experiment with the width and metals to zero in on the perfect looking one. The platinum band from Amazon Collection makes for a great choice.

  4. The mixed modern ring:

    Mixed modern Engagement ring for men

    Source: Amazon

    These rings spell unique and stylish. This type can use anything from duo tone metals and wood, to glass and solid metal beads, to make it look funky and out of the ordinary. This style is not for the wall flowers. The tungsten carbide rosewood ring makes for a superb choice.

There you go. Pick one with love and thought. After all he/she is the one who is going to keep it for eternity.

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