Top Deadly 11 Short Hairstyles for Men this Summer

Top Deadly 11 Short Hairstyles for Men this summer

Men are now obsessed with how their hair looks more than ever before. But if you think the preoccupation with hair is recent, you are wrong. At least the last 5 decades have been witnessing men fuss over their barnet wanting to make them look better. With man buns and different undercuts making the waves, this beautiful obsession isn’t seeing an end soon.

Are you someone who has a newfound love for your hair and want to transform it? Don’t know what’s best suited to you? Would you go with frosted tips or slick back this summer?

Read on to know the hottest trends in men’s hairstyles:

  1. The prohibition high and tight:

This one’s a classic and has been around since the 1920s. It looks chic and utterly masculine at the same time. If your hair is straight this look’s for you. This hairstyle doesn’t work with wavy or curly hair.

How to get the look?

Ask your stylist to keep the sides as short as possible and then fade the hair into the nape of your neck, shorter as he goes, leaving at least 1.5 inches on the top and the edges blunt. Rock the look like Tom Hardy does, with a scruff.

Tip: Use gels such as Kerastase home capital force gel to keep your hair in place. For best results apply when hair is wet and reapply when it is dry.

  1. The mainstream hipster style:

This one’s arguably one of the most popular of the lot. It works for men of all ages and gives you that edge, and that’s why it’s the most preferred.  If you are a wallflower though, stay away from this hairstyle because this one is an attention getter. This one’s also not for people who have very thick or curly hair. If you have medium thick wavy hair, though, it can prove to be your best hairstyle.

How to get the look?

Ask your stylist to leave at least a length of three inches on the top to build up a pomp. You can choose the side length depending on your style from medium to short.

Tip: Blow dry the top straight back to help give it more body. You can use a strong hold product such as Phillip B Lovin Pomade to keep your hair in place.

  1. The James Dean hairstyle:

This is for you if love rocking the leather and sex look with ease. It gives a whole movie star swag but is still clean enough for office. It has body and pomp but looks neat. If your hair is very fine or pin straight, sorry this one’s not for you. But if you have thick curly mane or even medium thick wavy, you have to try this look at least once in your lifetime.

james dean hairstyle

How to get the look?

Get your stylist to keep the sides a medium length and the top twice the length of the sides but well blended.

Tip: Use a medium hold pomade such as Supremo Magic Move Soft while your hair is still wet and comb it straight back. Look into the mirror and thank us.

  1. The flow and comb style:

This look works for any professional but is less obnoxious than the slicked back business man look. It gives you a neat look without making you look chocolaty. This hairstyle is only for men who have straight hair (fine or thick), so steer clear of this if you have super wavy or curly hair.

flow and comb style hairstyle

How to get this look?

Get your stylist to give you a classic square cut and keep it slightly longer on both the sides and front, than the top.

Tip: To pull off this look perfectly use a mousse such as Sebastian Mousse Forte while your hair is still wet. Comb back and let your hair air dry naturally.

  1. The Ceaser look:

This roman hairstyle is a killer. Many a woman went weak in the knees when Russell Crowe sported this one  in gladiator and more recently Gerard butler pulled if off oh so well.  It is a low maintenance hairstyle and is definitely here to say for a long long time.  If you have textured hair, this one is a no no. Otherwise, this style sets well on any kind of hair from straight to wavy and from fine to thick.

Ceaser hairstyle

How to get this look?

Get your stylist to cut hair perfectly (almost) on the sides and keep it short on length at the top.

Tip: While this look is best without any product, you can use a light style aid such as Aveda Humectant Pomade to push hair forward and keep the cut looking clean.

  1. The bed head mop:

This is strictly for the young and playful. If you work in a corporate office, you might not want to continue to read this. This look looks easy but it does have quite a lot of effort going into it. If your hair is wavy and curly, congratulations! You can try this wonderful look. Else, sorry. It’s preferable to let your hair grow at least 2 inches on the sides and three on the top for maximum oomph.

bed head mop hairstyle

How to get the look?

Your stylist just has to add texture to your hair and create movement.

Tip: Hair gels such as Paul Labrecque Curl Defining Gelee when used on wet or towel dried hair work like magic.

  1. The James Bond cut:

This hairstyle is clean and spells sophistication. This one requires you to indulge in frequent upkeep to keep it look polished and exude class like no other hairstyle. This one is for people who have straight hair that is fine to medium thick. If your hair is very thick or curly, you should probably go try something else.

James bond hairstyle

How to get the look?

Get your hairstylist to cut the top short and then cut hair even closer at the sides blending as he goes and then texture it?

Tip: Towel dry and part hair. Apply a good gel product such as L’Oreal melting gel  to keep it in place. Visit your stylist at least once every three weeks to keep rocking the look.

  1. The angular fringe hairstyle:

This was way too popular in 2014 and it’s still making quite a wave now. The asymmetrical line of this haircut is crazy and beautiful at the same time. It gives a perfect balance to any kind of face ranging from square to round.

angular fringe hairstyle

How to get the look?

Ask your hairstylist to keep the top layer long and flowy while cutting at an angle. The sides should be neatly tapered.

Tip: Use a good hair wax such as Bed Head matte separation workable wax to create texture and hold.

  1. The modern pompadour style:

The pompadour has been an integral part of fashion history and it is going to stick around for long. A pompadour will work with varied hair lengths and it looks très chic.

The modern pompadour style

How to get the look?

Get your hairstylist to cut your hair short at the back and on the sides while keeping it the longest he can on the top such that the top sweeps over the head.

Tip: To create a nice and neat finish with shine, apply a strong hold pomade such as Layrite super hold pomade to towel dried hair. Alternatively you can slick back your hair while it is wet with Kevin murphy super goo. The simple short hairstyle:

  1. This is for the no-fuss, no-muss people. It can be played with, to change your look completely in a matter of minutes and requires minimum maintenance and that’s why this one is among the most popular hairstyles.

simple short hairstyle

How to get the look?

Get the stylist keep the same length of hair on the entire head. You can choose to add a touch of colour to up the funk.

Tip: Take a good quality wet pomade such as to spike up the hair or alternatively run wax along the hair to give it a slick look.

  1. The French crop look:

This one suits most face shapes and is ideal for men who have hair growing thinner on the top. If you leave a little length in the fringe, you can even cove up receding patches. This one does not need a styling product or maintenance. It’s perfect for someone who is in and out of gym.

French crop look

Tip: If you absolutely must use a product, just spray a little hairspray (and nothing else!). The more natural it looks the better.

There you go!

Remember though, that is is important to keep your hair healthy to be able to take styling products. So eat well, exercise and stay positive.

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