7 Absolute must have MakeUp Essentials for 2016

7 absolute must have make up essentials for 2016!

Summer is fun. It’s the time of the year that you can hit the beach, play your hair, soak in the sun and wear your favorite short clothes. The only thing not good about a summer is that the heat can bleed your makeup, the rays can affect your skin and the humidity can ruin your hair. If only someone could sort that out, wouldn’t it be perfect?

Don’t sweat (no pun intended!). We have got it all sorted.

There are a few makeup essentials that will get you through summer sorted and happy and so they absolutely should be in your makeup bag.

So remove all your fall and winter makeup products and make way for the warm season.

Here’s what you should dump in your Make-up kit:

  1. Powder: Many a woman stick to powder for shine reduction. Tell you what? Powder can actually clog your pores and make your dewy summer skin all muddy and patchy. You can use blotting papers and oil free moisturizers to do the same job, better.
  2. Dark lipsticks: Deep dark colors are just not meant for summer. Summer is more about happy, bright, and vibrant colors. So, reds and jewel tones be damned, welcome the corals and the pinks.
  3. Creamy full coverage foundations: They hydrate you skin. Agreed. But they contain large amounts of waxes, oils, and silicones that melt when subject to heat. Your makeup melt down should most often be blamed on a creamy foundation. Save it for the winter.
  4. Cream based cheek and eye colors: For the same reason mentioned above, these colors tend to bleed when subject to heat and cannot hold up for long. Sticking with water proof stains is a wiser option. Please do away with anything ‘cream-based’!

Now here’s what you should stock up on this summer as your MakeUp Essentials:

Makeup essential #1: A great foundation

liquid foundation waterproof

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Liquid foundation is the key. Like already mentioned, stay clear of heave cream based foundations. It’s not only easy to apply, and blend, it also appears better after sweating in the heat. Heavy foundations will cake up and become patchy.

Needless to say choose foundations that are water proof and long stay and invest in a good quality makeup sponge to work the mascara into your skin.

If you are a beginner at foundation, BB and CC cream are great options for you. They do much more than give cover. They have a built in primer, SPF, color correcting pigments and even a moisturizer! It’s your go to when you are in a hurry too. This is what we recommend – Buy here

Makeup essential #2: Make up setting spray

makeup setting spray

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The hot and sultry summer days can wreak havoc on your makeup making it bleed and smudge all over. A great way of keeping that foundation and everything else in place is to use a good makeup setting spray. Although facial sprays are often termed glorified water, the right one can work up quite a magic.  If you invest in this product you can safely bid a good bye to fading eye shadows and disappearing blush.

Here’s throwing in a little tip:  Spray a little product in your palm and rub it into your face before applying makeup and then apply a second round after you are done with your makeup (this time just spray). See the difference it makes. You’re welcome. This is what we recommend – Buy here

Makeup essential #3: A good bronzer

bronzer pearls

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This one is a must must have. We just cannot emphasize enough.  Why spend the summer on tanning beds and sun bathing (and causing a lot of UV damage to your skin) when you can add the golden sun kissed glow to your skin just like that. Bronzers not just make you skin look healthy and alive but also give you a beautiful faux glow. The dry winters make your skin pale and pasty and the only way to welcome summer head on is to paste a beautiful glow. If you have fair skin, avoid browns and stick to peachy tones. If you have earthy skin, pick a bronzer that is at least 2 shades darker than your skin tone and you will thank us later. This is what we recommend – Buy here

Makeup essential #4: A great mascara

waterproof mascara

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A great mascara is your absolute beauty must have. It opens up your eyes and makes your eyes look dreamy, fluttery, and beautifully big. However, the heat, the humid weather, the pools and the sweaty workouts often complain about pesky smudges, flakes, and smears making you look like a raccoon. A good quality highly waterproof mascara hence, is your best bet. Make sure you read up on reviews on the product before buying one because half of them don’t deliver its claims. Go buy a mascara that won’t run no matter how hard you do.

What’s more, water proof mascaras do a better job at curling stubborn lashes than a volumnizing mascara! This is what we recommend – Buy here

Makeup essential #5: Bright lipstick

coral pink lipstick

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Deep reds and browns look great during the winter but in the summer months it might end up looking a bit jarring. Choose happy colors instead. Most makeup artist recommend switching from lipsticks to glosses and tints during summer, but if you love the opacity that a lipstick offers, choose one that is smooth, moisturizing, long stay and has SPF. If red’s what you like, choose bright summery reds, else corals, pinks, and nudes are best for the warm season.  Have a coral lipstick particularly with you at all times. Smooth it out on lips whenever needed for a gorgeous pout that borders sexy. This is what we recommend – Buy here

Makeup essential #6: Sea salt hair spray

sea salt hair spray

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The summer humidity can make your hair limp, lifeless and rough. On top of that the UV rays damage your tresses to make it look worse. When the sun is up and you feel like your bad hair day is going on forever, you absolutely must have this in your makeup bag. A generous spritz and some hand scrunching can leave you with beautiful voluminous waves and your tresses will look gorgeously beachy. High pony it or leave it loose. You can’t go wrong with this one. This is what we recommend – Buy here

Makeup essential #7: Neon nail paints

Neon nail paints

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Neon is the color of the season. Nail polishes add the glam and the prettiness to your look ever so effortlessly. Its bright, it’s vibrant and it’s so cheerful. Come out of the Kansas and step into a world of colour. Do up your nails in neon pinks, oranges and greens and flaunt them like you own the world. Want more jazz? Use a variety of crystals and nail stickers to glam it even more. Its summer and the more colour on you the better. This is what we recommend – Buy here

There you go! With makeup just made to make you look dewy, fresh, and pretty despite the sun beating down on you, go enjoy the warm summers and make the most of it.

Always remember that your makeup will look great if there is great skin underneath. So protect your skin, moisturize it well (preferably with moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid). Use your lip balms, high SPF sunscreen and exfoliators well.

A healthy skin will hold makeup so much better. Happy summers!