11 Styles of Lip Makeup you MUST try this Summer

11 styles of lip makeup you MUST try this summer

Swiping some colour on your pout can uplift your mood and amp up your sexiness. What better time to do it than summers! Soft glowy skin and bright orifices work magic. Summers call for fun colours. Chuck your deep reds, emerald greens, and jewel toned lipsticks and get all bold and beautiful. Corals, bright reds, and pinks are the colours you should go all out on. A basic swipe on is enough most of the times, but there a hundred different ways you can make your lips look so much better than just washed with colour.

Here are a few ingenious ways you can up your lipstick game like a pro:

  1. The Gatsby lips:

  • Start off by applying a lip primer. Is it necessary? Hell yes! A lip primer should especially be used when using dark lipsticks to prevent the lipstick from sinking into the lines.
  • Use a deep wine coloured lip pencil to fill in your lips. (Tip: mark an x at the centre of you upper lips before you start a full-fledged application to achieve a fuller and a neater pout).coloured lip pencil
  • Use a brush to smooth out the wine colour.
  • Swipe on a bright burgundy lip gloss and use the applicator to go over your lips multiple times till the gloss is well filled in the creases. Now get ready to conquer the world!
  1. The Sinful Red Pout:

  • Start off by applying your favorite red lip liner. Remember the ‘x’ rule? Apply that!
  • Next, fill in your entire lips with the same liner and let it sit for a minute.
  • Now place a tissue over your lips, take powder in a blush brush and go over it. This will both set and mattify the colour beautifully on the lips.
  • Swipe on some creamy, red lipstick and you’re done!
  1. The Matte Velvet Red Lips:

  • Start off by applying foundation on your lips. Foundation? Yes you heard it right. Foundation not only helps your lipstick stay longer and better, but gives you a smooth, blank canvas to start with.
  • Outline your lips (go a little out of your natural lip line if your lips are thin) with a bright red lip liner.
  • Now slather on your favourite red lipstick and blot it with a tissue to remove the excess gloss and render the lips smooth and velvety.
  • Next, watch as you grab attention.
  1. Seductively Peachy Lips:

  • First off, apply a primer and let it set for a few seconds.
  • Grab a moisturizing lip balm and go over the primer. Massage your lips a little to smooth out the lips beautifully.
  • Next, dot the entire outer edge of your lips with a concealer and blend it in.
  • Apply a rich coral lip-liner to outline your lips.
  • Apply a deep coral lipstick next.
MAC lip glass

Source: Amazon (Lip Glass)

  • Now go over your entire lips with lip glass and make your pout drool worthy.
  1. The Sparkly Pout:

  • Primer again, will come first for this one.
  • Next off, apply a plumping lip gloss over your lips and let it sit for a minute to work its magic (it helps temporarily plump up your lips).
  • Apply a nice neon shade (whatever you think suits you best) covering your entire lips.
  • Next, mix a little makeup glitter and a transparent gloss.
  • Take a lip brush and smear the glitter on your lips.
  • Take a metallic shade of lipstick in your finger and just gently touch the centre of your lips. (This makes the lips look even fuller)
  • Go flaunt the sparkle.
  1. The Un-Apologetically Sexy Lips:

  • Arm yourself with a flamboyant coral, a bright pink and an orange lipstick to start with.
  • Apply the bright pink lipstick, on the upper lip.
  • Next, apply the orange lipstick on the lower lip.
  • Now take the coral and rub it into the bottom of the upper lip and the top of the upper lip.
  • Take a smudge brush and blend the edges till no visible lines are seen.
  • Go over your lips with touches of gloss (do not rub it in) and you are ready to draw attention.
  1. The Vampy Ombre lips:

  • Use lip tars for this one.
  • The black dahlia will go just to outline the lips. Use a thin edged brush for a neat finish.
  • Layer the outline halfway while halfway into the lip with the psycho lip tar.
  • Next, dab jealous lip gloss at the centre of your pout.
  • Gently blend till there are no harsh lines seen.
  • The beautiful ombre look is easy to flaunt.
  1. The Bitten by Seduction Lips:

  • Use an orange lipstick at the right side of your upper and lower lip. Just go about 1/3rd of the way.
  • Next, use a yellow at the other end. To the left and 1/3rd
  • Now take a bright pink shade and apply in the blank area.
  • Now purse you lips and pout multiple times till the harsh lines are all blended.
  • You are ready for some serious fun!
  1. The Popsicle Stained Lips:

  • Condition your lips well to begin with. Use a lip balm to moisturize and smooth out your orifices.
  • Next, take a small piece of card stock and fold it into half.
  • Now right at the crease of the cardstock, draw a lip that is half as thick as your natural lips using a deep, bright pink shade.
  • Now press the cardstock after placing them between your lips till the pink stain is well placed.
  • Now cover the rest of your lips with a powder pink lipstick and blend the edges a little.
  • Run a little lip gloss over your lips and you’re done!
  1. The Vintage Red Lips:

  • Line your lips with a bright red lip liner.
  • Next fill your entire pout with a matte red lipstick (your lipstick should not have an orange hue).
  • Now take a matte maroon lipstick and dab the Cupid’s bow and the area right opposite it.
  • Take a matte black lipstick and dab the outer edges of your lips towards the left and the right side.
  • Next use a smudge brush to gently blend the whole look.
  • Flutter your lashes as you flaunt vintage sexy lips.
  1. The Flaming Orange Lips:

  • Take a bronze lip liner and outline your lips using the ‘x’ rule.
  • Next, rub the liner into your finger and dab the outer corner of the lips.
  • Now take an outrageously orange lipstick and fill your pout.
  • Blend blend blend and flaunt.

There you go! Achieving gorgeous lips is easier than you think.

Armed with the above tricks and a little of your imagination, you can create a hundred different types of sexy pouts. Go ahead and experiment. Summer is all about having fun.