21 Fashion Bloopers No Girl should be Caught Committing

21 fashion bloopers no girl should be caught committing

Fashion bloopers are inevitable even to the who’s who of the trendsetters in the fashion circuit. But most of us commit a style crime a little more than often without knowing that we are.

A faux pas can ruin an otherwise stellar outfit and hence having a basic idea of what not to do can go a long way in keeping you on the list of well-dressed people.

Here are a few common fashion bloopers and how you can avoid committing them:

  1. Fashion Blooper #1

    DO NOT wear wrinkled clothes. You can be wearing the trendiest outfit out there, but if it’s creased, it will not look half as good. Before you don that pretty dress, make sure it is well ironed completely.

  2. Fashion Blooper #2

    Don’t go overboard with makeup. Caking face with kilos of makeup hasn’t worked for anyone. Too much of any good thing is bad. So, keep your makeup light and dewy during the day, and bold and glam during the night. Remember, you want to use makeup to accentuate your features, not make them look plastic. Also, remember to use subtle shades if you are wearing bright outfits and bolder shades if you are wearing light pastels. Bold with bold is a complete no no.

  3. Fashion Blooper #3

    Do not wear trousers that don’t fit you like it was made just for you. Well cut, and well fitted trousers are more important than you think. Invest only in bottoms that suit your shape well and discard the rest. Now!

  4. Fashion Blooper #4

    Do not go all matchy matchy. Opting for the same color of bag and shoes as the dress is a big no. Instead, go for a complementing shade to offset the overall look. A nude bag with a pop colored outfit or a white one with a denim dress are good options. You get what we mean. Don’t you?

  5. Fashion Blooper #5

    Don’t go too va-va-voom. In a bid to look more glamorous women often indulge in clothes too little for the body. Wearing a low cut short blouse with a tiny skirt is downright foolish. Opt for long hemlines with low cut tops and short skirts with turtle neck tops. Aim at looking sexy, yet elegant. Leave something to the imagination.

  6. Fashion Blooper #6

    Do not abstain from giving importance to your innerwear. Your lingerie is as important as your dress and there is not an ounce of untruth in the claim. Well fitted and the right kind of lingerie is cardinal to dressing up. A too-tight bra or thick underpants can mar the appeal of an outfit like nothing can. Invest in good quality, less visible innerwear before your next dress shopping trip.

  7. Fashion Blooper #7

    Do not choose your outfits based on what other people are wearing or what’s hot. Choose items that suit you. Great outfits are only those that show off your best parts and is kind to your flawed spots. Take a good look at yourself naked and then try out different cuts to see what enhances your features best. Pick outfits on the lines of your favorite cuts.

  8. Fashion Blooper #8

    Do not over accessorize your look. A bling bling here and a bling bling there makes for a Christmas tree look. Instead opt for one or two statement pieces that will pull off the look elegantly. Remember, less is more.

  9. Fashion Blooper #9

    Do not just randomly pick an outfit depending on your mood. You might risk overdressing or underdressing for an occasion. Wear the right clothes for the right do. Whether the event is casual or formal, in the day or at night, indoors or outdoors, etc. should be factors that your clothes choice should depend on.

  10. Fashion Blooper #10

    Do not always buy the same size in clothes everywhere you go. Clothing sizing varies according to the store, brand, and item. Any fashionista who has shopped high fashion and fast fashion will advise you against buying the same size across brands. The trick is to ignore the number and see how the outfit looks on your body instead. It should fit comfortably and fit well. That is all that matters.

  11. Fashion Blooper #11

    Do not wear a decade old ‘costume’. Fashion is cyclical we all know. What goes, comes right back in all its glory. But, dressing up completely in from-another-decade outfit could make you look like you are in a costume or are older than you actually are. The trick is to give retro pieces, a modern spin. An 80’s neon sweater does not HAVE TO be paired with leggings and sneakers. Opt for skinny jeans and ankle boots instead. A vintage skirt can be paired with a cropped leather jacket and pointy heels instead of the good old pussy-bow blouse and pearls.

  12. Fashion Blooper #12

    Do not listen to people who say that you can only carry off one bold color at a time. That’s one of the most ridiculous beliefs around. Color blocking looks great. A bold saturated hue paired with another bold saturated hue can up the glam quotient of the look. A jewel green silk blouse, for example, can look stunning when paired with fuchsia suede heels, or a yellow skirt. Do not be afraid of playing with colors.

  13. Fashion Blooper #13

    Do not hide your plus size in loose styles. Ill fitting, flowy garments have seldom helped women on the heavier side. Structured clothing, right where the body measurements are narrowest, will make you look a size smaller and way better. A structured waistband for example can sit on a dress right under the bust to camouflage the upper torso flaws and accentuate the narrow size.

  14. Fashion Blooper #14

    Do not believe that high waist pants are only for the tall and ultra slim models and that it will look unflattering on you. When worn correctly, high waist pants can trick the eye and make your body appear taller and leaner. It virtually elongates your lower body making it a preferred style statement. High rise slim fitting jeans that hit your ankle or bold black high waist trousers are some of the best choices.

  15. Fashion Blooper #15

    Do not buy mass produced clothing if you intend to make a style statement. Such clothes don’t fit our body the same way it’s intended to fit and that makes all the difference. Getting your clothes tailored is the key. That way you are sure that your sleeves, hem lines, seams and everything else fits too well. If you cannot get the entire thing tailor made, consider getting it tweaked by a professional to suit you like second skin.

  16. Fashion Blooper #16

    Do not wear more than one animal print at a time. If you have a leopard going on your top, and a zebra on your skirt, you will risk looking like (pardon me) a clown. The print shouldn’t look to busy on your outfit. So, stick to one print on one particular item and go colour blocking the rest.

  17. Fashion Blooper #17

    Do not wear clothes that match your skin color perfectly. Flesh colored turtle necks, and leggings are bad options. Please wear something, oh you already are wearing! Get it?

  18. Fashion Blooper #18

    Do not let your bra straps peep out of strappy vests, or for that matter from anywhere. If you absolutely must wear your bra, opt for vests that cover it. Else, choose a strapless bra. No two ways about it.

  19. Fashion Blooper #19

    Do not buy Velcro strapped sandals and shoes. They instantly age you. Throw all your Velcro footwear out of your home unless you are an 80 year old struggling to keep your footwear in place as you walk. If you like your footwear fastened, choose belts or satin straps perhaps. But no Velcro….not ever!

  20. Fashion Blooper #20

    Do not wear Crocs! For heaven’s sake, please don’t. These ugly contraptions should be banned ASAP. It can ruin your summery outfit like nothing can. If you are not a guy, run miles away from these.

  21. Fashion Blooper #21

    Do not be caught dead with sweat stains. Yes, its natural and human to sweat we know, but there are a zillion product inventions out there that can help you control your perspiration. Anti-perspirants and underarm pads should be used by all means. Aside from the stains looking atrociously ugly, they will soon start releasing smells you won’t be particularly proud of. So dearies, use something!

    Bonus Fashion Blooper

    Do not wear colored lenses. The cream of the fashion industry swears by natural looking eyes. If your eye balls pop with a color that does not suit your skin tone and looks unnatural, you are in for serious trouble. Dump those greens, blues, and purples and flaunt your natural eye color. Wear makeup to accentuate your eyes at the max. Leave the lenses for another generation. Please.

There you go! Avoid these fashion faux pas like the plague and go make your own style statement.

Here’s to a more stylish you.