Quick Fixes for Dark Roots in Blonde Hair

Quick Fixes for Dark Roots in Blonde Hair

Blonde hair looks sexy. When contrasted against wheatish to fair skin, it makes you look younger, more radiant, and spunky. Unfortunately maintaining blonde hair (if they aren’t naturally blonde) is quite a task. Reason? Dark roots in Blonde hair start to show and most of us are too busy or have a stretched out budget and cannot afford to go to a salon for a color touch up.

But something has to be done about it, right?

Fret not. We have a few tips for you to help disguise the unsightly roots till you can afford to see your colorist.

But before we give you that, here are a few tips to maintain our gorgeous golden locks so that they retain their color without turning brassy or grey:

  • Always use a UV protection spray on your hair before stepping out of your house. Harmful UV rays, penetrate your hair shafts, making them brittle and dull. UV rays are also notorious of drying out hair and blonde hair are best left shiny and soft. So, swear by a good UV spray if you want to keep golden tresses for the long haul.
  • Use purple shampoo. Sounds bizarre? It isn’t. Purple shampoo can work wonders to prevent your shiny tresses from turning brassy. Shampoos that aren’t specifically formulated for blonde hair should be avoided like the plague.
  • Layers of bleach have been probably applied to your hair to turn it blonde. This must have stripped your hair of its natural moisture. Dry, dull blonde hair look much like straws. If you don’t want yours to look like that, deep condition your hair often.
  • Keep your hair super clean. Preferably use a dry shampoo to clean your hair to keep the color vibrant for longer.
  • If you ever get touch ups done, get your stylist to only touch up the roots with the bleach and not the tips (the tips are already bleached once). This will prevent hair ‘melting’ and keep your hair healthier.
  • Trust only a reputed stylist to do the job. If possible see if you can get your colorist to use powder bleach instead of liquid bleach (because powder bleach is way less harsh than it’s liquid counterpart).
  • If you ever go swimming with your blonde hair, soak your hair with bottled water before dipping into the pool. That way you can prevent your hair from soaking in the chlorine in the water. Chlorine when absorbed by blonde hair, can turn them green.
  • Every once in a while, mix freshly squeezed lemon juice and water in a spray bottle and coat hair. Sit out in the sun for an hour after you are done coating. This will lighten, brighten, and beautify your blonde hair temporarily.
  • Ideally if you have dark brunette hair, you shouldn’t aim for blonde, straight away. Gradually getting lighter hair over a period of few months is the best way to ensure the color stays on your hair better.
  • Use heat tools on blonde hair with extra precaution. Blonde hair is generally more dried out to begin with. Using heat can take a toll on it that may be irreversible. Be wise. Use a heat protective spray when you use heat tools and use tools only when you absolutely must use them.
  • Get your hair trimmed regularly. The more the hair is bleached, the more prone it becomes to breakage. If the dead ends are nipped regularly, your hair will look and feel better.
  • Do yourself a favor and get a shine spray. Use it to finish off styled hair and it will be your pocket friend forever. Shine spray will make the hair color appear vibrant for a longer time.
  • Make sure there is no copper present in your water supply. Copper, much like chlorine, can turn your golden locks greenish. If there is copper in all the water you’ve got, you can combat this problem by giving you hair an acidic rinse (rinse hair with aspirin dissolved in water) after shampoo.

There you go. Follow these tips to the T so that maintaining those gorgeous tresses proves less hard work than you imagined it to be.

Now for the tips to hide the Dark roots in Blonde hair:

Here goes the tips are which can prevent from ruining the look of your golden locks::

  1. Use dry shampoo for Blonde Hair.

    It is your perfect go to. Spray evenly throughout your hair and use a large paddle brush to brush your hair through. It beautifully hides your roots without making your hair all powdery at the top (the paddle brush does the trick). Some good dry shampoos that you can use are the Batiste Dry Shampoo and the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry shampoo.

Quick tip: You can make dry shampoo at home too! Mix corn-starch or arrowroot powder with your favorite essential oil and you are done. Mix one drop of essential oil for every one tablespoon of powder you use.

  1. Change your parting or just flip your hair to one side and it will wonderfully camouflage the roots.

    Use this trick when you are short of time and you just absolutely have to step out of your home. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take a (point blah) comb and create a zigzag parting on your hair while pulling the layers in different directions to mask the root.  No will know your stylish look contains a secret.

  1. Conceal with makeup.

    You can use anything from a concealer, and foundation to an eye shadow or golden mascara to ‘makeup’ your roots. Use wax based makeup that is longer and waterproof or you might risk it running down your face when it’s raining or you are working out. Just swipe on some makeup to your roots. Wait for it to set and layer it with another coat. Your hair will look as good as newly colored. Make sure you pick a color as close to your hair color as possible. There are a few root concealers too that are available in the market which apparently contains natural pigments and resin to adhere to the hair. These concealers are spray-ons and are perfect to both conceal roots as well as create an illusion of thickness and depth.

  2. Use volume to the fullest.

    Volumnizing hair makes the dark roots less obvious. Make sure you use tricks such as blow-drying hair upside down, brushing hair upwards, teasing hair and using sprays to make your hair look voluminous. It will make your hair look bouncy and healthy too besides hiding those nasty dark roots.

  3. Keep hair fresh and clean.

    When hair roots are oily, dirty, or wet, they appear more prominent. Clean and shiny hair can minimize the appearance of dark roots. So, take all measures to keep your hair squeaky clean at all times.

  4. Pull your hair into braids, ponytails or knots.

    It is a sure-fire way to hide the roots, especially if you are out for a long time. Use wax, gel, or pomade on your hair and then tie it into a side ponytail and see how magically it does the trick. Alternatively you can wear a messy slick (especially if you have a harsh growth). Braids and top knots work well too. The idea is to keep the roots well rested to not show up.

  5. Don’t slick your hair down very tightly.

    Whatever hairstyle you choose to wear, make sure you avoid styles that make your hair stick to your head as it will show off your roots and make your hair look greasy( you don’t want that). Tightly pulled ponytails and dead straight hair is what you must run far off from.

  6. Use wonderful hair accessories.

    If you choose, big, flashy, or super attractive ones, it will draw attention distracting the onlooker away from your roots. A tortoise shell clip, a grosgrain headband or even a nice chunky piece of Swarovski broach can do the trick.

  7. Wear bandana or hat.

    The summers are here and you have the perfect excuse to wear one. These are so many styles of hats out there such as fedoras, large brimmed, straw hats etc. Choose one depending on your face and style and no will ever know you haven’t seen your colorist in a while.

There you go! Armed with these tips, you can go for quite long without seeing your hair colorist. Go flaunt your golden hair with just a little care.

Here’s to gorgeous tresses.