9 Cute Hair Braiding Styles for Teenage Girl Students

9 Cute Hair Braiding Styles for Teenage Girl Students

Braids are beautiful. They are versatile too. They are perfect for beach holidays, office, weddings, and even rock parties. You can wear them up, down, and on the side. They look adorable whether they are neat and formal or fancy and messy. There are lot of cute hair braiding styles and some of them can really make you shine. What’s more, braiding isn’t rocket science! They look complicated but hardly are.

Also you don’t want your Hair braid to look something like this:



So get some really cool hair braiding styles here. Want to try a few different braids on yourself?

Here are a few beautiful  and cute hair braiding styles that require minimal effort and look gorgeous nevertheless:

  1. The French braid:

    Start off by brushing your hair, preferably with a boar bristle padded brush so it’s all smooth and easy to work with. Now use a tail comb to section your hair into a V shape right from the temples of your head, to the crown. Separate the section into 3 pieces and start braiding them. Every time you cross the hair over from one side, incorporate more hair from that side. Once you subsume all the hair, finish the braid and secure it with a hair elastic. To add more oomph, tag at the braid corners to widen them and make the braid look thick.

  2. The Rope braid:


    Source: hairextensions-usa.com

    This one looks stunning and is the easiest hairdo you will ever do (probably). Start by securing all your hair in a high ponytail with a clear elastic band. Next, separate the ponytail into two sections and twist each in the same direction. Now cross the twisted sections over each other to form a rope like braid. Secure it with another band. That’s all! Tip: Rub a little pomade such as the Aveda humectant pomade on your finger tips and tame away and flyways. You can even use a hairspray to lock in your style.

  3. The Fishtail braid:

    This one looks ornate and elaborate but the effort required is hardly any. The fish braid gives the face a very feminine look and can complement almost any kind of outfit. Start by pulling all your hair to one side and brushing it till smooth. Next, secure the hair in a ponytail with a clear band (optional). Next, separate the hair into two sections and hold them in one hand separated by your finger. Use your other hand to grab a wisp of hair from the outside of one section and braid it in the opposite direction. Do the same with the other section. Keep braiding till you reach the end of the hair length and then secure it with a clear elastic. Fish braids look best when they are messy, so go ahead and pull out some strands and stretch out that braid to give it a beautiful texture. If you want a wispier and romantic look, you can even try a texturizing spray such as the Oribe dry texturizing spray.

  4. The Dual Textured braid:

    This one looks very ‘Victorian’ and is a must try, especially on brown hair.  Start off by applying a mist of hair spray to your hair for more grip. You can even choose to loosely curl your hair before attempting this to give your look, more texture. Next, make a deep side part and then pull your hair from one side and French braid it close to the hairline all the way past your ear. Do the same on the other side till it meets the first braid at the nape of your neck. Now combine all the hair and fishtail braid it till the very end. Secure with an elastic and you are done. For a lustrous and smooth look, use Silk Express Miracle over your hair before attempting this one.

  5. The Halo braid:

    If this doesn’t look angelic what will! Kidding. This one looks pretty, feminine, and classy. It specially suits people with round faces but just about anybody can try this look. First off, make a centre parting in your hair all the way from your forehead to the nape. Next, beginning at the nape, create a French braid while following your hairline pulling wisps of hair form either sides as you go. . Continue doing it the entire way around your head. Once you are done braiding your entire hair, tuck the secure ends in the braid. Use a strong hairspray to prevent the braid end from slipping through the braid and you’re done!

  6. The Waterfall braid:

    the waterfall braid

    Source: Pinterest

    This braid has a little whimsical feel about it. It looks romantic, subtle, and way more challenging to do than it is. To get this, start by creating a centre parting in your hair. Next, pull three wisps of hair from just where the parting begins, and start French braiding it. While you French braid it, keep dropping the outermost section (that you would normally cross over), letting it fall straight. Once you reach the other side of the head, secure the braid tail with bobby pins behind your ear and you are done. You can use a curler to loosely curl your open hair to make the hairstyle look more elaborate.

  7. The Chain Link braid:


    Source: hairromance.com

    This one’s an attention grabber. Wear this and you will leave people thinking how you ever managed to create it. First off, tie a low ponytail with an elastic and then grab a piece of hair and wrap it around the hair for a neater look. Next, separate the hair into four sections and name them one, two, three, and four from left to right. Now take number three and cross it over number two. Next, take the fourth piece and cross it under number two and three. Then, drop number two and bring number one under number three and four. Continue this sequence until your reach the end and voila! You might want to use a little wet pomade to make it look slick.

  8. The Boho braid:

    boho braid style

    Source: Pinterest

    This one looks red carpet chic without being even a tad complicated. Start off by pulling all your hair over to one side and resting them on your shoulders. Now take a small section of hair from just an inch away from your hairline and braid it all the way till the end and secure it with a hair tie. Next, pull another section of your hair (larger than the first time) and inch behind the first braid and this time, French braid it. Finally, pull all your hair together and divide it into two sections. Now go ahead and fish tail braid it. You will be surprised how amazing it looks.

  9. The Lobster braid:

    lobster braid - Cute hair braiding styles

    Source: Pinterest

    This one looks messy (but in a very pretty way) . It is easy, very girl-next-doo-rish and beautiful. You just have to grab a thick section of hair from near the nape of your neck and braid it. While you are braiding, the rest of the hair will be pulled to one side over your shoulder. Now take the entire section of hair that was resting on your shoulder and wrap it over and under your braid creating a coiled look. Once you reach the end of the braid, tuck the wrapped end into the elastic. Voila!

There you go. Try out these incredible hairstyles and you will never quite leave ‘the braid’ again. Braided hair prevents your hair from the excess heat you would otherwise use to style your hair. Once you get a hang of few braids, use your imagination and modify them to suit your tastes.

Go look like a Rock star!

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Happy braiding!