Top 11 Cute Ear Piercing Ideas to make you Look Cool

Top 11 Cute ear piercing ideas

Ear piercing has been a trend since time immemorial (almost 5000 years!).

The oldest form of body modification, ear piercings have come a long way. They were used to show a husband’s wealth, mark prostitution, and (believe it or not!) prevent demons from entering the brain.

The 1960s saw the resurgence of ear piercings as a fashion trend and from then on there was no looking back. Almost every little nook and cranny of the ear is now seen as a potential place to wear a sexy piece of jewelry.

What are the types of piercings?

  • Lobe piercing

Lobe is the most common style of piercing. This is one we all are familiar with. It’s just one or probably two piercings in the frontal lobe of the ear. Since the lobe is the loose skin hanging from the ear (does not have cartilage), this type of piercing is the least painful and the most resilient to heavy jewellery.

  • Helix

Helix is the most popular type of ear piercing. It represents wearing piercings in the upper ear, close to the rim. Some people do as many as 10 helix piercings in an ear! Helix piercings look beautiful without looking over the top. Studs and rings, both suit this type of piercing well.

  • The anti-helix or the snug piercing

Anti-helix is another type that is gaining popularity. When the piercing is attached to the ear cartilage inside the rim, it’s called a snug piercing. This style is usually combined with lobe and helix piercings (though not always).

  • Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing

There is the daith piercing which is quite like snug piercing but a little above the ear canal opening.

  • Rock Piercing

Snug piercing

The rook piercing, wherein the piercing is in the folding cartilage of the ear separating the inner conch and the outer conch. This one is certainly the most complicated and the most painful type of piercing.

  • Tragus Piercings

Tragus Piercing

Tragus is the thick part located at the opening of your ear. Piercings on this part are called tragus piercings. These are also quite painful but look great nevertheless.

  • Anti-Tragus Piercing

Antitragus piercing

A piercing right opposite the tragus is called an anti-tragus piercing (that was an easy guess).

  • Conch Piercing

conch piercing

Piercings on the inner and outer cartilage of the ears are called conch piercings.

Phew! Feeling adventurous already? Need a little inspiration?

Here goes:

  • Ear studs

Ear Studs are arguably the most common and popular style of earrings owing to the large variety of them that can suit any age, colour, whim, or occasion. Different studs can be combined and worn on helix piercings to create a desired look. Wear stones when you feel fancy, toons when you feel young, wear skulls when you feel bold, and wear large ones if you want to grab eye balls. Either way, they make for a good and safe choice.

  • Ball closure earrings

Ball closure earrings are as versatile as they are pretty. They are also known as captive beads. In this type of earring, the bead/ball is slightly larger than the ring’s end points and have indentations that correspond to these ends. Owing to its closed shape and rounded edges, these rings don’t snag on clothing and hair, making it a desired choice for piercings that aren’t fully healed.

  • Barbell earrings

Barbell earrings gets their name from their similarity in looks to the barbells we use for weightlifting. This kind of jewellery has a straight bar with a bead on each end. The beads on both the ends are unscrew-able and hence you can change the beads to go with your look or color of your dress. Some barbells have one bead fixed with an epoxy while the other open-able. Barbell earrings come in various types such as internally threaded, externally threaded, curved, circular, and surfaced. These type of earrings much like ball closure ones, are suited to people whose piercings haven’t healed completely.

  • Huggies(I know what that reminds you of)

Huggies have got their names because they literally hug the portion you put the piercing on. They come in different shapes from rectangles to hearts and look oh so adorable. Most huggies have channel set stones in them which adds sparkle and beauty to your ears.

  • The slave earrings

Slave earrings are quite in trend now. These earrings have one piercing that fits into the ear lobe and there is a chain and a clip-on attached to the piercing which goes on the ear rim. They look funky, cool, and out of the ordinary. These catch attention and how!

  • Labret studs

Labret studs although originally designed for lip piercings, make for wonderful ear piercing jewellery.  One side of the labret is usually a stone or a designed metal piece while the other end has a flat plate that sits neatly against the back of your ear. Labret studs are comfortable even for sleeping in. These are versatile and can be worn both on the lobe and the cartilage.

  • Spiral cartilage earrings

Spiral cartilage give a look of multiple helix piercings but in reality you can totally wear them even if you just have one cartilage piercing. These look prepossessing and dainty. If you aren’t the adventurous type who can endure a lot of pain, these kinds are for you.

  • Ear cuffs

Ear Cuffs are making quite a wave. They are large pieces of jewellery that are designed to hug the upper portion of the ear. You usually need 2-3 helix piercings for the cuff to fit your ear perfectly. They come in a variety of different metals and designs to suit personal styles and that they look snazzy, is just an understatement.

  • Earring jackets

Earring jackets spell classy. These kind of earrings have a small piece of stone encrusted jewellery with a hole in the centre, through which the post of a stud earring is inserted. The ‘jacket’ can be worn with different studs and hence these make for a must have. These earrings can be worn on the lobe and the rim.

  • Infinite Tusk earrings are classic

They can be worn down or flipped up. They can go on the cartilage or the lobe or the tragus and look perfect. These no fuss earrings are a must have if piercing is on your mid in the near future.

  • Ear pins

Ear pins are easy to wear and alluring at the same time. These earrings are generally big but they don’t pull down your ear as they rise along your earlobe. There are a host of options with the ear pin if you are creative enough to experiment. For wearing them, you just put them in the pierced hole like French wire earrings are pierced, and then you flip them over and slide them on your ear like a bobby pin (yes!).

The options are endless and the designs are multitudinous. Try different ones and show your jewellery layering prowess.

What are you waiting for?

Just grab a mirror and decide on where your next piece of gorgeous jewellery will go. Remember though, that it’s important to know the healing time and the risks involved in a particular piercing before you opt for it.

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All the best!