27 Ingenious DIY Beauty Hacks and Tips

DIY beauty hacks and tips

All of us love beauty tips. Don’t we?

When you are dying to press the snooze on your alarm in the morning or catch up on a healthy habit, or are short of moolah, you do not have to choose between looking good and anything else.

Try these Tried and tested hacks that will not just save our day but our time and too are always welcome.

Here are a few ingenious beauty hacks and tips:

Every girl ought to know these and they will change your life for the better.

DIY Beauty Hack #1

You probably already know that flicking your eyeliner upward will give you a gorgeous cat eye look, but what you might not know is that flicking your eyeliner downwards will give your eyes a more rounded and wider shape. We could all do with wide eyes. Trust the Koreans to give us this beauty hack.

DIY Beauty Hack #2

If you struggle to make your lipstick stay put on your lips through the entire all-night party, fret not. After you apply a coat of color on your lips, cover them with a tissue and dab some translucent powder on it with a blush brush. Remove the tissue and give your pout, a second coat. Voila! No more smudging and fading of your lip color.

DIY Beauty Hack #3

Have your lips look fuller in no time without having to use fillers, or stingy glosses. Just dab your finger in a shimmery shadow and then gently dab it on the Cupid’s bow and the centre of your lower lip. Gorgeous orifices in a snap!

DIY Beauty Hack #4

If you have loose pigments in your favorite colors, you can blend them with petroleum jelly to make your own tinted lip salve. You even get to choose the intensity of the color. Brilliant we say.

DIY Beauty Hack #5

To perfect your cupid’s bow, start off by first marking an x right at the centre of your upper lip. Proceed to apply color and you will know why this tip had a mention here.

DIY Beauty Hack #6

Don’t know the contouring and highlighting game yet? So what! Just grab a good skin gloss and dab the light reflecting wonder on your cheekbones, brow bones, collar bones, and the centre of your pout to transform your face. You are welcome.

DIY Beauty Hack #7

Want eyelash extensions in a jiffy? Fluff up your eyelashes with some translucent powder between layers of mascara and you will be surprised how great your lashes look. Quit the real thing and flutter away gorgeous eyelashes.

DIY Beauty Hack #8

Broke your heart a couple of hundred times over a sudden snag on your gorgeous nails that you took months to achieve? Cut out a small piece of tea bag cloth and place it over the nail crack. Apply a generous layer of nail glue and wait till it sets. File the edges and no one will ever know.

DIY Beauty Hack #9

Apply your eye cream to your cuticles. Massaging your nails often will intensely hydrate them, giving you nails that are just as resilient as they are beautiful.

DIY Beauty Hack #10

Want your nails to match your eye makeup? Scoop a little pigment from your shadow palette into a container. Add a little clear top coat to it and apply. There you go! No more bringing the house down looking for a particular shade of nail paint.

DIY Beauty Hack #11

If you’ve cried your eyes out or got drunk out of your wits the night before, grab 2 tea bags (that has been dipped in water and tossed in the freezer for 5 minutes) and a white liner. Apply the tea bags over your puffy eyes and gently press. Keep them on till they are room temperature to get rid of the puffiness. Next, run your white eyeliner along the waterline to make your eyes appear less red. Look as fresh as a flower.

DIY Beauty Hack #12

Want your eye shadow to last longer? Apply a layer of concealer on your lids and let it set before you apply your shadow. The concealer will absorb the oil and retain the colour for a long time.

DIY Beauty Hack #13

If you have light colored eyelashes and you want to add color to them without making them appear mascara layered, try this: Use a thin liquid liner brush, dip it in the product, and go over your lashes lightly in a windshield wiper motion till you cover all your lashes. Color the lashes from roots to ends and then use an eyebrow comb to separate your lashes if they stick to each other. This trick is perfect for when you want to sport an au-naturel look.

DIY Beauty Hack #14

If you wish your pencil eyeliner was smoother and creamier, hold the tip of the pencil against a flame for 2 seconds and then wait for it to cool off. Glide on and you will instantly notice the difference.

DIY Beauty Hack #15

If your mascara accidentally landed on your under eye or stained your lid, DO NOT use your finger to get it off. No, you don’t even have to start all over again. Just dip a small concealer brush in soft miscellar water and go over the stain. You will have got rid of it without spoiling the rest of your eye makeup.

DIY Beauty Hack #16

If possible, invest in water proof cream eye shadows. These act as a primer and color all-in-one. These will make sure you bid goodbye to creasing and smudging and have gorgeous eyes through the day.

DIY Beauty Hack #17

You can curl your lashes, and apply your liner all at the same time! Too good to be true? Just apply a heavily pigmented gel eye liner on the edge of the curer, right where it touches your lids. Now curl and voila! If you struggle to put your eyeliner in place or are rushed for time, this hack will be your saviour.

DIY Beauty Hack #18

To make your eye shadow color pop with intensity, first color your eyelids with a white eye pencil. The opaqueness of the white will provide a brilliant canvas for the eye shadow to soak in glory.

DIY Beauty Hack #19

If you notice a pesky zit on your face, just a day before an important occasion, just dab a little pure essential tea tree oil directly on the zit with the help of a Qtip and leave it on overnight. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

DIY Beauty Hack #20

If it’s time to get rid of your nail polish and you have suddenly run out of your nail paint remover, just apply a coat of any nail polish and immediately wipe off with a wet tissue. Genius! Ain’t it?

DIY Beauty Hack #21

If you find your nail polish ugly and chipped, but do not have the time for a re application and blah, just apply a thick layer of glitter nail paint to disguise your nails. Aha!

DIY Beauty Hack #22

If you want an out of bed, lived-in look for your tresses, generously spray a sea salt mist all over your hair before you.proceed to blow dry it. Follow up the blow drying with a volumnizing cream and massage it into the hair. Who said beautiful hair takes effort?

DIY Beauty Hack #23

If your brows are unruly and stem in weird directions by the end of the day, don’t worry. Just spray a little hair spray on a spooley, and run it over your brow hair, upwards and outwards to keep them in place all day.

DIY Beauty Hack #24

Clip-in hair extensions are a rage now. But, often these extensions come with an unrealistic sheen that makes it visibly unnatural. To make it match your hair perfectly, mattify the sheen with a dry shampoo. Let the shampoo set, clip it on, and no one will know they are clip-ons.

DIY Beauty Hack #25

Blow drying your hair can be a major time eater. If you are in a rush almost all the time, invest in a good micro fibre towel. This wonder is super-efficient in quickly absorbing moisture. It will leave your hair ‘almost’ dry and that means you will save forever and a day drying out your hair with a dryer. What’s more! You will save you hair a lot of damaging heat too.

DIY Beauty Hack #26

If you want to skip shampooing but cannot be caught dead with stingy bangs, just wash your bangs! Simple. Pull your hair back in a ponytail leaving your bangs hanging loose. Apply a coin sized amount of conditioner and rinse your bangs out in running water. Leave them to air-dry and it’s just a matter of minutes to gorgeous looking hair.

DIY Beauty Hack #27

If you are having a good skin day or are generally blessed with a smooth skin, skip foundation every once in a while and opt for a slightly shimmery loose powder instead. The shimmer will cancel out the redness and your face will look photo ready in a jiffy without being arrested in layers of foundation.

There you go! Lap the tips up and use them to your advantage. Take inspiration, get creative, and invent some of your own.

Looking great does not have to be difficult.