7 Amazingly Cool and Cute Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

7 Amazingly Cool and Cute Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair is a woe to many a woman.  Flat and limp hair that fails to hold voluminous styles cause distress and leave women (most of them) wondering if they can ever make the hair look chic and well styled.

If you have thinning hair (it’s not the same as naturally fine hair), evaluate your body first. Make sure you do not suffer from any ailments, are eating healthy food, and taking your supplements. Healthy hair not only looks better but also takes products (that you might use to get volume) well.

If you have naturally fine (thin) hair, fret not. There a dozens of haircuts and styles, that when done right, can add the desirable body to your hair making it look thicker than it is. Whether you have straight or curly tresses, there is a fix for you out there. A little texturizing or a messy touch can save the day for you, almost always.

Here are a few ingenious ideas you can embrace.

Few Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair:

  1. The collarbone bob:

    Get a layered collar bone bob with side bangs. Keep the ends shagged to add more volume to the look. To make it look more gorgeous (and less disturbing), you can braid your bangs and pin it to the other side of your hairline. This will add the Victorian glamour and also keep the bangs of your face. This look is for those who have pin straight hair. You might want to avoid this if you have curly hair else it will look short and wiry. When styling this hair, dampen the strands and apply styling mousse such as Neuma styling mousse fluid and then blow dry your hair (set the dryer at the lowest setting) while gently twisting pieces of hair with your fingers, holding and then releasing. The tousled texture will make your hair look ultra-glam.

  2. Go messy:

    The more texture you add to your hair, the more voluminous they will appear. Messy waves not only look great but are easy ‘breezy’ to achieve. This straight, out of the beach look is great for casual outfits and summer day parties. Start off by applying a smoothening serum to your damp hair and then blow dry completely to get the volume while maintaining the smoothness. Next, apply a sea salt spray while crimping your hair using your hand. Allow it to dry and you are good to go. This look, although versatile, is especially recommended for hair with colour highlights.

  3. Flip and you’re done look:

    A blunt bob cut does wonders in making the hair appear thicker as it is because even hair appears ample. Flipping your hair is the key to up this look. Just flip your hair to one side and wear a cool pair of shades before stepping out of the door and you will have created a perfect casual cool look. A cool tip: Tip your hair upside down when blow-drying after a shower. You will be surprised with the difference it makes. If you have barely-there hair try using a root boosting product such as Matrix wonder boost root lifter before you blow dry. You’re welcome.

  4. Messy backswept curls:

    Curls are always a great option for thin hair. Back swept hair in particular not only gives your tresses a thicker look but also nonchalantly natural. It seems like the wind played with your hair and to call this look romantic and beautiful would be an understatement. Start off by applying a mist of heat protecting spray all over your hair. Now grab a curling wand and curl small sections of hair one at a time. Make sure you curl them tight (you can always loosen them a little by brushing if you curl them too tight for your taste). Keep varying the direction in which you curl. You don’t want all your curls going in the same direction and eventually clumping up to form one big curl. After you have finished doing all your hair, just run your fingers through them to make them lose its tightness a bit and giving it a more finished look. Spray a mist of hair finishing spray to complete your look and you are done.

  5. Barrelled waves with bouffant:


    Source: Ladyzona

    A bouffant is your go to whenever you are done sulking over your limp hair and want to dress up for a party. The trick is to tease the hair well. Start off by gathering your hair from the crown and holding it straight up with one hand. With your other hand, with the help of a good teaser, start back bombing your hair towards the scalp to create a nest. Next, go back in with the teaser towards your scalp and tease it some more in that area. Use a wooden comb (because it does not produce static electricity) to comb it smooth. You have to keep your hand very light, else you will ruin your whole ‘teasing’ effort. Next, spray a little hair spray on your fingers and gently smooth it out on the pumped up hair for hold. Now take the top half of your hair, twist it under itself and pin it. Use heat barrels to create soft romantic curls with the bottom portion of your hair. Leave them open and voila!

  6. The wide messy fishtail:


    Source: About.com

    A fishtail braid is not just beautiful but ridiculously versatile. Whether you have thin hair or thick, long or medium, curly or pin straight, you can lightly alter a fish braid to look just perfect for you. For fine hair, a messy fishtail braid is one of the most preferred hairstyles. Start off by applying a little amount of light hold pomade into your hair to make it more workable. Next, sweep all your hair on one side of your head and secure them with an elastic. Divide the ponytail into two sections. Now use your pointer finger to separate a small section of hair from the outer edge of the main section and cross it over the other side Repeat the same form the other side. Continue till you reach the ‘tail’ end and secure it with an elastic. Now take a scissor and snap the elastic at the top. Now gently tug at the outer edges of the braid to make it look broader and messier. Leave a little hair on the sides hang freely and you’re done!

  7. Curl them up:

    Like said earlier, nothing adds more life to thin, limp hair than curls. Ringlets can be you ultimate solution. If your thin hair is a result of them being ‘weak’, there is an ingenious way of curling them without using heat – Cut up an old t shirt into strips. (The width of the strips will depend on the width of the curls you desire and the length will be longer than the length of your hair). Now take small sections of dampened hair, line up the bottom with the strip and roll all the way to your roots and then tie knot. Wait for several hours till your hair is completely dry before untying the strips. Once untied, run a wide toothed comb in your hair and you will see your hair all plumped up and gorgeously curled.

There you go,

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Above all, do only what feels comfortable. Because when you are comfortable in your skin, you feel more confident and look better.



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