9 New Ways to Wear a Jacket

9 new ways to wear a jacket

Women always fall short of clothes to wear, no matter how many we have. Things either seem to go out of fashion too fast or they look repetitive.

Ever wondered what can save you from this crisis?

Stress no more! The jacket in your wardrobe can come to the rescue. It can spruce up your boring outfit and give you a stylish persona.

Listed below are the new ways to wear a jacket:

  1. Peacoat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #1

A peacoat is a standard outdoor coat lending a classy look even on a chilly day. Whether it is at a business meet out, or a short run to the grocery store for errands, pea coats make you look effortlessly chic. Don a size fitting pea coat to avoid looking wide. Choose bolder color options suitable to your hue.

    • A good pea coat now comes to your rescue if you think you have a drab office dress shirt. Team it up with a skinny jeans and the formal shirt to give you the sophisticated business woman look.
    • If you are looking for a casual outdoorsy look, not to worry. Choose a pea coat to go with your cute skirt or your summer dress. And voila! Your peacoat can make your summer dress useful in the winter.
    • Choose colorful peacoats suiting your skin tone and make your outfit from formal to uber cool. Bright reds and deep blues give the much needed trendiness to your everyday jeans outfit. You can pair your standard black pea coat with a colorful scarf to add a pop of color to it.
  1. Classic trench – Ways to Wear a Jacket #2

Trench coats are the standard yet classy everyday use coats. They are usually knee length and give off the sophisticated office goer look. Pair them up with your office slacks or tunic and wear them in bright hues. Also you can drape you coat to give you a slightly laid back look.

  1. Fuzzy, cuddly coat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #3

    • Fur coats come in different styles. They can add to your cool quotient or make you look extremely classy based on the type. Pair up your cosy bulky fur coats with skinny jeans with high boots. Relatively thinner fur coats go well with shorter dresses too.
    • Since wearing fur is a bit debated due to the way it is processed, you can also try wearing coloured fur coats. They are the new trend and are a bit difficult to pull off. But not to worry, choose the hue carefully and set the place on fire with your unique look.
  1. Bright colour coat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #4

Love wearing bright colours? But only wear them in summer? This time, experiment with bright colours for your coats as well. Step away from the neutral colours and usher in some colour in your life this winter. You will definitely not regret your decision!

  1. Blazer – Ways to Wear a Jacket #5

The most popular and trendiest coat of all times, a blazer is redundant yet fashionable. Have trouble choosing the type of blazer for the look you want to carry off? Don’t worry, help is here.

  • You don’t have a look like a bore dressing up for work. Even after the 5dvent of colour, a professional cream coloured blazer can still carry off your wardrobe with élan and is ideal for the everyday office look. Pair up your office formals or even a relatively casual shirt with the formal neutral shaded blazers to get the perfect look every day.
    • Leopard print can spice up anything. If you want to add that oomph factor to your dress and still give off the “I mean business” vibes, although in a much cooler manner, leopard print is the way to go.
    • Have perfect summer outfits which do not get used in the winter? Worry no more! Choose a blazer to go with them. A simple blazer can turn a section of your wardrobe to a highly useful one. Pair them up with accessories of your choice and set out on the streets to make heads turn!
  • If you are someone who likes to carry off a masculine look, the men’s blazer is for you. You can pull it off over your formal office look and add a little bit of toughness to your look. Go get them girl!
    • Bored of the usual monochromes? You can choose to flaunt a chequered coat if you choose to look a bit different. Also, you could choose to wear contrasting accessories to make a statement. Choose pointy shoes for an impact. Alternatively, draping the blazer instead of wearing it is also in vogue.
  1. Rain coat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #6

A simple rain coat can also add to your wardrobe. With the weather becoming unpredictable, it is always handy to have one for urgent situations. A rain coat with bright colors, paired with the right boots, makes you look cool.

  1. Puffer or parka – Ways to Wear a Jacket #7

  • Parks coats are inspired from the US military and have become popular due to their multiple pockets and warm lining. The fur hood in the jacket makes a fashion statement and is a popular winter wear fashion. Team up your parka with the tight leggings, muffler, and your winter boots to look hot even in winter clothing. Yep, that’s true.
  • Puffer vests are also your ideal winter clothes which can be teamed up with jeans, a layered shirt and high boots. They can also be styled with your fall wardrobe, as the weather can be a bit chilly then. Team up your puffer vests with your favourite bright skirts and tunics to give a cosy yet chic fall look.
  1. Leather jacket – Ways to Wear a Jacket #8

Leather jackets are versatile and timeless. They are a must have in any woman’s wardrobe, be it real or faux. Having a black leather jacket is the safest bet.

  • You can go for a hot look by choosing to wear your black leather jacket with your tee a black legging, and pointed heels. This comfy yet hot look is easily attainable by everyone. So for all those who are worried that they do not look as hot, add a leather jacket to your outfit and then get back to us!
  • Team up your jacket with your cute dresses to give you an edgy look. Whether it’s a date or a casual party, and you absolutely cannot find a suitable dress, no worries.

Choose a simple and comfortable dress and team it up with your leather jacket. There’s no force which can stop you from looking hot!

  1. Denim jean jacket – Ways to Wear a Jacket #9

This all time favourite style had to be addressed in the last. Saving women from times immemorial by easily giving a stylish laid back look to clothes which might otherwise look like something worn straight out of bed. Ok, that’s exaggerating, but denim jackets are a life saver. They have this special charm to add a cool quotient to even the plainest of the clothes.

    • Pair up your denims with your shorts, skirts, jumpers or anything imaginable. The iconic blue denim still rules the roost among denim lovers. Team it up, accessorize and chill out!
    • You can also choose to wear white, grey or printed denims over your dresses or jeans to give you the street styled look.

Jackets have the ability to spruce up any outfit. So choose the look you want and with the help of these tips, combine the jacket with your outfit to get the look you want.

Additionally accessorize with statement necklaces, shades and the perfect pair of shoes.

Do not forget that the look is complete only when all the factors involved are perfect.

Start styling off then!


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