5 Insanely Gorgeous Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

5 Insanely Gorgeous Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Smokey eyes look stunning. You can use this beautiful makeup technique to make your eyes as dramatic or as subtle as you like. The smokey eye has been vigorously sported on the red carpet and in the movies in the recent time. If you haven’t already started embracing this trend, now is the time.

The key to a beautiful smokey eye is blending. If you don’t blend well enough, you might end up with an ugly mess.

Here’s a step by step guide to achieve different types (but equally stunning) of smokey eye makeup:

  1. The Dark Black Smokey Eye:

The dark black smokey eye

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This one’s a total stunner. It makes your eyes look big, appealing, and gives your whole look a new dimension. The last time blah sported this look, it drove her fans crazy.

How to achieve this dark black smokey eye makeup?

  • Start off by applying primer to your entire lid and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Use a black eye shadow (tap it gently to remove excess powder from the brush) and go over your lid covering it completely.
  • Use a thin angular brush and apply the same eye shadow on your lower lash line too.
  • Now create a wing. To do this, you can simply use a business card and align it with the lower lash line and the end of your eyebrow tail. Press the card with one hand while using the other hand to apply black eye shadow on the area between the edge and the black shadow that you previously applied. Alternatively, you can use a sticky tape too. Just remove the extra stickiness by sticking it on the back of your hand and yanking it. Stick the sticky tape just like you would hold your business card and voila! We recommend using a business card though, if you do not want to ruin your foundation.
  • Next remove the business card/ sticky tape to reveal a crisp line.
  • Next, tight line your upper lash line using a creamy jet black kohl pencil.
  • Now, use the kohl to line the waterline all the way to the tear duct area.
  • Use a brown matte eye shadow near the edges of the black eye shadow using swirling and wiper motions. Do the same near the lower lash line.
  • Use a shimmery white eye shadow and an angular brush to highlight your brow bone.
  • Warm your lash curler next, and curl your eyelashes.
  • Apply two coats of mascara and you are done!
  1. The Simple Smokey Eye:

This one’s for party evenings, when you want to look gorgeous without drawing a lot of attention. It suits pretty much any face type.

How to achieve this simple smokey eye makeup?

  • Start by prepping your eye lids all the way up to the brows with a neutral base primer. Prep your lids with a neutral base or primer.
  • Use a black pencil eyeliner and color in your lids using short strokes following the shape of your eye up to the crease.
  • Use your finger, or a sponge tipped applicator to blend the colour till it’s well smudged.
  • Apply a soft black eye shadow on your lids up to your crease following your eye shape.
  • Use a crease brush to apply the same black eye shadow to your crease and outer eye lids but, you want it a little darker here.
  • Now blend the whole thing up and out till it looks diffused with no harsh lines.
  • Use a metallic eye shadow (a pink, silver or golden) and apply it on the outside of black, blending it in making it look soft.
  • Use the metallic shadow beneath your brow line to highlight your brow bone.
  • Use a kohl pencil to line the top and the bottom of your lash line and use a smudge brush to lightly smudge it.
  • Go over the bottom lash line with black eye shadow (this will help avoid eyeliner bleed).
  • Coat your lashes with a generous amount of mascara and you are sorted!
  1. A Clean Softened Smokey Eye:

This one’s for when you don’t want to go all out drawing attention to the eyes but still making them look drop dead gorgeous.

How to achieve this Softened Smokey Eye Makeup?

  • Use a primer or a concealer on your eyelids, brow bone, and under the eyes to prep them up.
  • Next, use a black base colour on the lid up to the crease. Use a pink shimmery powder and go over the black eye shadow to leave it glowy and glamorous.
  • Repeat the same steps mentioned above for the lower lash line.
  • Smudge out the edges to eliminate any harsh lines.
  • Use a jet black gel liner on your upper lash line and smudge it to get smokey effect. Apply a set of falsies and use some mascara to open up your eyes.
  • Finish the look with a shimmery highlighter just below the brow bone and you are done!
  • Tip: A pink lipstick and a messy hair bun will look perfect with this one.
  1. The Neutral Smokey Eyes:

Sport this one on a first date, and you could indulge in some serious eye gazing games. This look is soft, feminine, and very beautiful.

How to achieve this Neutral Smokey Eye Makeup?

  • Use an ivory base on your entire lid.
  • Next use a highlighter or a silver eye shadow to highlight your brow bone.
  • Use a soft brown eye shadow on your outer lid and then gently sweep over the crease softly.
  • Blend out the edges next till it’s all diffused.
  • Next, use the same brown eye shadow under your lower lid and smudge away.
  • Line your waterline and tight line with a deep brown pencil.
  • Now apply a generous coat of mascara and you are set.
  1. The Vibrant Smokey Eye:

This one is sexy, charming and a total attention getter. Purple is the perfect party color. If you are a night party animal, this look is a must try.

How to achieve this Vibrant Smokey Eye Makeup?

  • Apply a light concealer on, and around your eye lids first.
  • Next, use a black kohl liner and apply a thick line along the upper lashes.
  • Use a smudge brush to smudge the liner well.
  • Use a vivid purple eye shadow on the outer half of your eyelid and crease. Layer the eyes with another coat to build up the intensity.
  • Now use a blending brush to blend the shadow. Note that blending will lower the intensity of the colour. So pile on more purple after you are done blending.
  • Next, use a warm pink eye shadow in the inner half of your lid and then blend the purple and the pink using light pressure strokes with a blending brush.
  • With an angular brush, apply the purple eye shadow along the lower lash line. To make the colour look intense, you can choose to first apply kohl on the water line and then smudge it with the eye shadow. Note: Start from the outer corner of the eye so as to deposit maximum pigment inside about 3/4th of the way.
  • Use a black gel liner on the waterline (it sets off beautifully against purple).
  • Next, apply a shimmer white eye shadow beneath the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye to brighten and open up your eyes. Apply highlighter on brow bone and inner corner.
  • Finish your look with 2 coats of mascara and you are done!

There you go! Go sport the perfect smokey eye for your face and flaunt like you own the world.


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