12 Mascara Mistakes that you Need to Fix

12 Mascara Mistakes that you Need to Fix

Mascara is a Savior! It helps you instantly open up and brighten your eyes, and makes your lashes fluttery and beautiful. Even on days when you aren’t in the mood for makeup, just a swipe of mascara will make you look good to go. Are you making the following mascara mistakes? Read on.

mascara mistakes and tips

Here are a few tips for beginners on applying mascara the correct way:

  1. Reverse the process. Start with your bottom lashes. That way your top lashes won’t smudge when you look down to apply on your bottom lashes and leave annoying dots all over.
  2. When applying mascara to your bottom lashes, tilt your head forward slightly to avoid getting mascara on your cheeks.
  3. You can even use a business card or a small piece of tissue paper just below your lower lash line to help avoid bleed.
  4. When applying mascara to your top lashes, look straight ahead and place the mascara wand right at the base of the lashes. Use a zigzag motion as you move the wand up your lashes. This will not only give your lashes an accentuated curve, but also make them appear thicker.
  5. For best results, apply at least 2-3 coats of mascara to ensure every strand of hair is volumized well.

Unfortunately, every makeup product comes with its own set of challenges. Mascara is no exception. Fortunately, we have got it all sorted.

Here are some common mascara mistakes and its quick fixes:

  1. Is your mascara drying out fast, causing clumping or flaking?

Don’t pump the wand too much. Pumping the wand leads to air being pushed in the tube causing the dryness and flakiness. Instead, just twist the wand gently, back and forth, in circular motions to pick the desired amount of tint. Also have a lash separator or an old mascara wand handy to separate your lashes and break up clumps.

Also, when you remove the brush form the tub, do not pick up a whole lot of product. Gently let the brush go over the tube and let the excess mascara out. You want lengthened and thicker lashes. Not a spidery mess.

If your mascara has dried out in the tube, re-hydrate it by adding a couple of alcohol based eye makeup remover to the tube and shaking it up. Your mascara will be as good as new in a jiffy.

If you still find your mascara clumping despite taking all measures to restore new life into it, you probably are not waiting long enough between coats. Ideally you should allow each coat to dry completely (it takes anywhere between 30 seconds to a full minute) before applying the next coat.

  1. Do you develop itching or burning after applying the mascara?

Check the expiration date. Typically a mascara is only good for 3-6 months. Anything that is since beyond that time should be replaced. If you notice it clumps, has lost a bit of its color, or has become less smooth to apply, toss it out ASAP.

  1. Do you find your lashes inadequately curled after applying the mascara?

Use an eyelash curler! This genius tool is so helpful in achieving fluttery curls and opening your eyes, you will regret not using it all this while. A lash curler goes hand in hand with a mascara and one without another is truly incomplete. Place the curler at the root of your lashes being extremely careful about not getting any skin in the curler. Now gently but firmly press the clamps together and hold for about 10 seconds. Next, place the curler nearer to the end of the lashes and repeat. Lo and behold! Your eyes will instantly look perked up.

Afraid of using a curler or don’t have one?

Here’s a quick tip: Use a spoon! Yes, a metal spoon will do a curler’s job perfectly. Just place the spoon close to your lash root and then gently press the lashes against the edge of the spoon as you keep moving upward. You’re welcome.

  1. Your mascara doesn’t look perfectly suited to your eyes?

Customize your look.

Applying mascara is certainly not a one size fits all thing. If your eyes are further apart from each other than usual, consider wearing two coats of mascara on the inner portion of your eyes. However, if your eyes are set close to each other, you must focus on the outer edges of your eyes.

Also, different techniques should be employed to achieve different looks. So decide if you want fuller lashes, curlier lashes, or the classic clump free ones before you embark on applying.

  1. You are unable to take off your mascara?

If you use a long stay water proof mascara, chances are you have a hard time getting it off before going to bed. Use a product that is specially made for eye makeup removal such as Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Pads or the likes.

Do not, in any condition, rub away your mascara. You don’t want red, painful under eye skin.

If your skin is dry, prefer an oil based makeup remover over an alcohol based one. It will remove every trace of your mascara without drying out your eye skin.

  1. You have accidentally smudged your mascara and don’t wish to ruin the rest of your makeup trying to remove the stain?

Go for a waterproof mascara that is ‘seriously’ long wear.

Products such as Make up forever Aqua Smoky Lash are truly waterproof and so don’t smudge even if you go diving in the ocean. However, if you haven’t applied a waterproof mascara and (obviously) your mascara has smudged, fret not. Take a small concealer brush and dip it in soft micellar water. Gently go over the smudge and you will have removed it without spoiling the rest of your makeup. This is a pro approved trick and will not fail you.

Alternatively, you can use a little foundation on a Q-tip and go over the stain to cover it up perfectly.

  1. You always have mascara ‘falling’ on your cheeks?

If your mascara hasn’t gone dry, chances are that your ‘type’ of mascara is the culprit.

Mascaras that contain micro fibers or lengthening tubes are especially prone to shedding. Switch the formula you are currently using and see if that does the trick.

If not, try this: Prep your lashes with a lash primer first before proceeding to apply the mascara. Products such as Clinique Lash Building Primer help the mascara adhere better to your lashes and reduce the risk of black specks all over.

  1. Do your lashes stick to each other after a coat of mascara?

Use a lash comb. As simple as it sounds. A lash comb can help you revolutionize your mascara application. As soon as you finish applying a coat, carefully comb out your mascara from the roots to the tip.

This will help separate out each lash but also helps remove excess mascara fiving you feathery, natural looking lashes.

  1. Do your lower lashes look over-dramatic?

Nothing wrong with a little drama, but when there is too much happening on your lower lashes, your eye makeup might end up looking imbalanced.

The silliest mistake we make is that we expect a single mascara to do two contradictory things – add volume to the top lashes and not add it to your lower lashes. So ideally you should be using a volumnizing mascara to your upper lashes and then use a thinner formula with a shorter wand on your lower lashes. Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara could be your best bet to make your lower lashes look subtle and natural.

However, if you do not have two mascaras handy, use the mascara wand your upper lashes first, and then without going in for more product, cover your lower lashes. This way majority of the product will be deposited on your upper lashes and a lighter coat will be reserved for your lower lashes.

  1. Do your lashes feel excessively dry after you apply mascara?

Use a lash conditioner. Yes! Such a thing exists.

Certain waxes present in a few type of mascaras can dry out your precious lashes and make them brittle. Lash conditioners act like night cream for your lashes. You just have to massage it into your lashes before going to bed and your eyelashes will feel silky soft all day. Lash conditioners are colorless.

So, even a coat of it before wearing your mascara can give it additional hydration.

  1. Does mascara make your eyes red and watery?

You probably have very sensitive eyes. If the sensitivity is serious, consult an ophthalmologist to know if wearing mascara is okay. If the sensitivity is limited to a little discomfort, you can use mascaras that are specially formulated for sensitive skin and don’t contain harsh chemicals. RMS Beauty’s mascara makes for a wonderful choice.

  1. Do you have a hard time applying mascara to your bottom lashes?

If you have sparse hair on your lower lashes, or your under eye skin is not deeply set, you might have a problem getting the mascara on your lower lashes without risking looking like a racoon.

Don’t worry, you can take a little product in a container, dip your lip brush in it and paint on the mascara. Voila!

There you go! Armed with these tips, you can wear you mascara with confidence and without troubles.

Go flutter flutter.


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