9 Really Cool Ear Piercings for Men

9 really cool ear piercings for men

Men sporting earrings in not a new trend mind you.  They have been having pierced ears since 3000BC (What!)  Although the reasons for having ear piercings have changed over time (believe it or not, earrings actually were worn to denote rank in society, as a mark of honor, and even as an amulet!) and moved towards aesthetics, they still remain among the most fashionable things men can do.

If you are planning to join the ear piercing bandwagon anytime soon.

Here are the 5 things you MUST keep in mind for Ear Piercing:

  • Ear piercings hurt. Yes they do. And depending on where exactly you get your piercing done, the pain can range from bad to ugly. But like they say no pains no gains. Is the pain worth it? Totally!
  • You can have piercings done even if your ear lobes are very thick. You can always opt for styles that have a long post.
  • Choose to use only hypoallergenic metals such as gold, medical grade stainless steel, titanium or platinum. If you have a nickel allergy, titanium is your best choice.
  • Invest time in choosing a place that has well trained staff and use safe ear piercing systems. You don’t want to risk a thing.
  • The average healing time of an ear piercing is close to 6 weeks. Make sure that during this time, you follow the aftercare instructions carefully or you may risk an infection or invite more pain.

But what Ear piercings to choose? See Ear Piercings for Men:

There are at least 9 different places on the ear you guys can have piercings on. You read that right. Let’s take you through each of them suggest what kind of pieces of bling will suit the piercing:

  1. Lobe piercing:

    Lobo Piercing for men
    This one’s the most common of them all. If you are going for piercing for the very first time, this could be the wisest option. Since your earlobe does not have any cartilage, it is the least painful to get a piercing here. Usually it shouldn’t take more than 3 weeks to completely heal but it might take you longer if you live in a warmer weather or are prone to allergies.

What to wear?

A nice barbell like the bundle monster titanium ones would be a good option. Even a simple stud like a zirconia gem stainless steel one will do a great job in upping your style quotient.

  1. Helix Piercing:

    This one is done with a sterile needle as against a piercing gun. A helix piercing is done in the upper cartilage of the ear. Although it hurts more than a lobe piercing, it takes as much time to heal completely. A helix piercing looks very country style and is very popular.

What to wear?

Little hoops such as the simple surgical steel segment hoop one from Kinzie fashion make for a good option. Alternatively, you can even try cuffs such as the fashion punk rock metal cuffs cuffs to adorn your helix.

  1. Tragus Piercing:

    Tragus Piercing for men

    Source: Flickr

    This one’s the most painful of the lot (almost). It is certainly not for people who have to show up to black coat business meetings every other day and it most surely isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes the longest time to heal (and long it seems). The tragus piercing is done on the cartilage flap of the ear and looks stunning to say the least.

What to wear?

Captive bead earrings such as the 14G gold captive bead rings are the most perfect bling option for this. If captive beads are not your thing, then wear cartilage studs that don’t look very feminine such as the Novpeak stainless steel ones.

  1. Anti-Tragus Piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    This one’s far less intimidating than tragus painting. It is done on the inner cartilage of the ear and therefore it hurts way less than a tragus piercing. The healing time for a tragus piercing can range from anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

What to wear?

Ball closure rings such as the mixed ball closure ring from Verjoy look amazing. Alternatively you can wear a bead stud such as the Bling jewellery sterling silver stud.

  1. Conch Piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    Conch piercings spell style. They look uber cool but only few guys can carry it off without looking a certain stereotype. You can have piercings either in the inner or outer conch. This piercing needs care and a quick cleaning every day to heal quickly else it might take a while to go pain free.

What to wear?

Ball closure rings like the surgical steel ones or barbells, such as the horseshoe circular barbells make for a wise choice for this kind of piercing.

  1. Industrial piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    This one’s not so popular owing to the pain, healing time, and the care needed. It looks rock star cool though. Certainly not for the timid, this one’s a winner in terms of getting attention. An industrial piercing is done in the upper cartilage of the ear and a single piercing is passed through two holes. It can take almost as much as 6 months to a year for an industrial piercing to heal.

What to wear?

Industrial barbells such as the funky stainless steel one by body candy is your perfect piece of jewellery. You can even try ones with chains and danglers if you are feeling too experimental.

  1. Rook Piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    This piercing is done, right on the thick portion of cartilage between the inner conch and the outer conch of the ear. This one too, much like the industrial piercing can take almost a year to heal completely. Needless to say, this piercing can be very painful but totally worth it.

What to wear?

The most sought after bijouterie for this type of piercing is the captive bead earrings such as the funky tribal captive bead earrings from Playful Piercings. Simple Barbells such as the stainless steel lip bar labret also make for a cool option.

  1. Daith Piercing:

    This one is the sassiest and the most complicated piercings of all. This type of piercing is done in the outer rim of the ear cartilage that lies closest to the head.

What to wear?

Your choice of jewelry can be anything, but captive bead earrings such as the modish looking ones from body jewelry with a spiky ball attached, suit this kind of piercing, best.

    1. Gauging:

Also known as flesh tunnels, gauging is putting plugs in the earlobe. Plugs are solid cylinders that fit into the piercing in the ear lobe and stays put due to the flares on the sides of the cylinder. Men typically get their piercings increased gradually by a couple of millimetres till it reaches their desired size. Plugs, also called flesh tunnels are strictly for the bold.

What to wear?

To start with opt for silicon ones (they are more comfortable and less painful) such as the black flexible silicon ones on amazon. You can later experiment with bigger metal ones such as the sandpaper ones.

There you go!

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Consider your lifestyle and workplace though, before taking the final call. What is socially acceptable for a bar tender might not be for a professor or what suits a musician might not suit a CEO. Go make the perfect choice and flaunt your piercing with élan.


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