9 Cute Ear Cuff Jewelry to Match Your Style

9 Cute Ear Cuff Jewelry to Match Your Style

Ear cuffs are (kind of) earrings that clip on the cartilage at the edges of your ears. They do not require piercings (most often) because they come with a wire that curves behind the ear to secure the cuff in place (much like a Bluetooth headset).

They have sure enough become the hottest accessory in town. You can see these beautiful innovations on the red carpet, catwalks, and almost everywhere you smell fashion. Ear cuffs come in a plethora of different styles and designs and hence everybody can sport this trend (almost).

Before you decide on getting a few for yourself here’s what you must read:

5 Rules of wearing ear cuffs:

  • You have to dress fashionably. You cannot look stylish at the ear and quite the opposite elsewhere. No brainer this.
  • Keep your makeup simple. Especially if your ear cuffs are chunky and bejewelled. You risk looking loud if you don’t follow this cardinal rule.
  • Keep your other accessories minimum for the same reason as mentioned above.
  • Ear cuffs can be worn on both ears together but an ear cuff looks best sitting on one ear.
  • Keep your hair out of the way. Ideally wear it at the back from the side you sport your ear cuff. You don’t want your hair all tangled on the cuff with that piece of jewelry barely visible.

Here’s a look at the different types of ear cuff jewelry and how you can style them to look perfect:

  1. The earring cuff combo:

    The earring cuff combo

    Source: Amazon

    No it isn’t serious hardware. It usually has a stud that goes on the lobe piercing attached to a chain that holds a bejewelled clamp creating a clever illusion. It looks stylish and dainty. It’s perfect for people who prefer an understated stylish look. Buy here.

How to style it?

Sweep your hair to one side but leave them open. You can choose to add loose curls to your side swept hair for a more elegant feel or just leave it pin straight for a younger look. Either way, make sure that the ear cuff bearing ear is fully exposed.

  1. The multi-chain ear cuff:

    The multi-chain ear cuff

    Source: Amazon

    These have two clamps, one on each end with tiered chain links or flow chains. They look elegant and aesthetic and can go with a variety of different outfits, traditional and modish. Buy here.

How to style it?

Create a deep side part in your hair. Now take 2 inch thick bunch of hair from the side that you are wearing the ear cuff and twist it till it forms a tight roll. Pin the end of the roll to the other side with bobby pins. Combine your cuff with minimalist earrings and you will have created a perfect fusion of classic and current.

  1. The wild ear cuff:

    The wild ear cuff

    Source: Amazon

    These are huge and usually have dragons, lizards, or snakes embossed on them. They cover the whole ear and look fierce and sci–fi-ish (you know what we mean right?). These are edgy and spell style, loud. Buy here.

How to style it?

Create a contrast. That’s the key. Team the cuff with a loose braid, pulled to one side. Accentuate your eyes and keep the rest of the makeup bare minimal. Preferably avoid wearing anything on your neck unless you want to go too bold. DON’T wear them on both the ears together!

  1. The spiked cuff:

    The spiked cuff

    Source: Amazon

    This one certainly is eye catching. The spiked metallic ear cuffs look very ‘game of thrones’ glam. And can do wonders in upping the style quotient of an otherwise boring outfit. Buy here.

How to style it:

These cuffs are best sported with a high chignon bun. Make sure the bun is not a messy one. Use hair spray if you must, to tame any flyways that will ruin the look of your spiked piece. Also, dark outfits and spiked cuffs go oh so well together.

  1. Hugging ear cuffs:

    Hugging ear cuffs

    Source: Amazon

    These are huge (in the truest sense) and spell pizzazz and oomph like nothing else. They wrap the outer edge of your ear and protrude outwards making your ears look elf-ish (in a good way). Buy here

How to style it:

Wear them in just one ear unless you are playing an elf in the school play (kidding). This one is too bold to use on both the ears. Pull your hair towards one side and fish braid it. Gently pull the sides of the braid to make it look broad and messy. Ideally don’t sport any other jewellery (except for a nice bauble on your fingers) with this one.

  1. The band cuff:

The band cuff

Source: Amazon

These are hammered circular clamps that perfectly fit the rim of your ear. These are understated and elegantly chic. It looks very bohemian and can be combined with just about anything. Perched on top of the ear, they can add glam to the face, beautifully. Buy here.

How to style it:

Wear a faux undercut hairstyle and make these pretty cuffs sit on the top of your ear. Paint your lips, a gorgeous burgundy and wear gold rock studs to compliment the cuffs to look a stunner. Alternatively, you can layer the cuffs with a dangly pair of earrings too. There is no limit to how many of these you can wear together. Pile on depending on the look you wish to create.

  1. The wave cuff:

The wave cuff

Source: Amazon

This one’s for the minimalists who want a bauble they can wear no matter the occasion. The wave cuffs (much like its name) hug the front portion of your lobe and cartilage in a wave shape. It looks stunning yet simple. Buy here.

How to style it?

Play it subtle. Take the understated approach and wear something that spells feminine. Leave your hair open with just the sides pinned up at the centre and you are done.

  1. The feathery cuff:

The feathery cuff

Source: Amazon

The feathery cuff is just that. A cuff in the shape of a feather. It perfectly sticks to the ear in a C shape from the lobe to the upper edge and looks feminine and sexy. Buy here.

How to style it?

Go the nude makeup look with this one. If you absolutely must apply makeup, wear a thick eyeliner and a hint of gloss. Tie your hair in a high ponytail or opt for a messy chignon.

  1. Long chain ear cuffs:

Long chain ear cuffs

Source: Amazon

These usually have a stud that goes in the pierced hole and then a dangling long chain that has a cuff that can be perched on the ear rim or the hair. This one has been around in India since a long long time and the west is waking up to it more feverishly than ever. To say it looks beautiful would be an understatement. Buy here.

How to style it:

Wear a ponytail with side bangs and a little curl thrown it at the side. Pair the look with a dainty neck piece and you’re set. Like always don’t wear the makeup too loud.

There you go!

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This trend is totally rocking and it’s going to stay here for a while. Experiment and see what suits you best, and then go buy that bauble. You will thank us later.


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