22 Genius Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Know

22 Genius Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Nails have been obsessed over since long long ago and rightfully so.

Healthy, decorated nails make hands look beautiful and attractive.  If you’ve been looking for quick ways to beautify your nails, look no further

Here are some ingenious nail hacks that will transform your life forever:

  1. Nail Hack #1:

    When applying more than one coat of nail paint on the nails, make sure you apply thin coats. If you apply thick coats, chances are that only the top coat will dry properly, leaving your nails prone to smudging. On the other hand, thin coats will ensure your entire nail polish is thoroughly dry, so no smudging occurs, pushing your hard work down the drain.

  2. Nail Hack #2:

    If nail art excites you, you absolutely must own a dotting tool. Want to make one for yourself? You will need a pencil that has an eraser to one end and a paper pin. Just dip the pin in glue and insert it in the eraser, tail down. Let it dry and Voila! Your dotting too is ready. Pour some nail paint, and get dotting your gorgeous nails.

  3. Nail Hack #3:

    Glittery nails look oh so cute. But, all of us have a different opinion about how glittery the nails should be. Also, finding that perfect shade of glitter polish is always a hard task. Solution? Simple! Just grab a bottle of fine makeup glitter in the colour of your choice. Pour a clear top coat polish in a tiny jar and mix in glitter into it according to your preference. Your personalized glitter paint is all ready to be applied.

    glitter nail polish

    Source: Glamcheck

  1. Nail Hack #4:

    As much as glitter paint looks great on nails, it is awfully difficult to get it off the nails most of the times. The glitter sticks to your nails and refuses to budge making you use copious amounts of acetone and drying out your nails in the process. If you’ve been struggling with this issue since forever, here’s good news! You just have to dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover till it is soaking wet. Next, place the ball over the nail directly and cover it with tin foil. After 2 minutes, the glitter paint will come off like a breeze sans rubbing. Genius we say.

  2. Nail Hack #5:

    Talking of nail paint remover, like we already told you, too much of acetone could be awful for your nails. It dries your nails out and therefore makes them brittle. How about using a nail paint remover that is less harsh and even moisturizing? Too good to be true? No. Just mix acetone, glycerine, and filtered water 10:1:1.2 and you will have your very own moisturizing nail polish remover. You’re welcome!

  3. Nail Hack #6:

    There is another genius hack that you can use to instantly remove your nail polish conveniently. Just grab a small glass mason jar and a rectangular piece of sponge. Roll the sponge and place it in the jar leaving a finger width space in the middle. Use the above mentioned nail polish remover recipe to fill in the jar. Let the sponge soak up the goodness. Secure the lid tightly. When on the go, just dip your nails in the sponge and gently rotate your fingers to perfectly remove nail polish with half the effort and in half the time.

  4. Nail Hack #7:

    French tips look so amazing but they seem like rocket science. So, most of us give up on this trend or go to expensive nail bars to achieve it. Tell you what! It is easy peasy to get perfect French nails. Just grab a Band-Aid and stick it to your nail vertically leaving the tip exposed. Paint away the tip and wait for it to dry. Slowly peel off the Band-Aid to reveal the pleasant surprise.

  5. Nail Hack #8:

    All the nail paint onslaught on your precious nails on a daily basis causing them to turn an ugly yellow? Fret not. The same thing that works on keeping your pearly whites…mm white can be used to keep your nails healthy white too. Just apply a bit of fluoride toothpaste on a toothbrush and scrub it on wet nails. Wash them and see the difference.

  6. Nail Hack #9:

    Its human to make mistakes and turns out that when we are indulging in nail art, we are being humans on another level. Frustrated with nail enamel on our cuticles, sides, and practically all over, we often remove the whole thing off and begin the process again. You don’t have to do that. Yes! You read that right. Just keep a few Qtips handy. This wonder invention, when dipped in nail polish remover, can be your nail saviour. Just carefully run your acetone dipped Qtip along the sides of your nails to reveal salon like perfect nails.

  7. Nail Hack #10:

    In a hurry to rush out n totally forgot to paint your nails? Cannot afford forever and a day for the nail polish to dry? Don’t worry, ice-cold water can come to your rescue. Just apply the first coat of nail polish, dip it in ice cold water for 30 seconds, and your nails will be ready for another coat. Repeat the process with the second coat and done!

  8. Nail Hack #11:

    Suddenly buying into the matte nail polish trend? Add a little corn-starch to all your glossy nail paints to mattify them. Save silly money.

  9. Nail Hack #12:

    Struggling with the whole nail art thing? Just grab a few sharpies and draw what you wish on your nails. No one will ever know you did not spend hours perfecting your paint brush. Keep that between you and us.

  10. Nail Hack #13:

    If your dark nail polish stains your skin when you remove it, apply a generous layer of Vaseline around your nails on your skin. This will prevent the stain. Wipe off with a tissue later.

  11. Nail Hack #14:

    Vaseline can also be used around the nails before each nail paint application to avoid messy finger tips.

  12. Nail Hack #15:

    Broke your heart over a cracked nail? All of us have at some point in our lives. After all, we spend so much time growing out nails. We have a genius solution to that now. You will need an unused tea bag, some nail glue, and a nail buffer. Start off by lightly buffing the crack and then apply a thin layer of glue over it. Next, cut out a small piece of the tea bag cloth and place it directly on the crack. Drench the fabric with some more glue and let it dry. Now grab the nail buffer and buff the cloth till smooth. Apply another coat of glue and ta da! No more heartbreaks over broken nails.

  13. Nail Hack #16:

    To prevent air bubbles forming in your nail paint bottle, do not shake it before applying. Instead, just roll it between your palms a few times.

  14. Nail Hack #17:

    Have dry, ugly cuticles? Soak your nails in warm water for about 10 minutes. Gently use an orange stick to push back your cuticles (do not cut them!). Next, make a mixture of your favourite hand lotion and olive oil 2:1 and heat it for few seconds in the microwave. Apply this warm potion on your cuticles and nail beds and massage gently. Cover your hands in gloves and keep them on for as long as you can. Do this at least once a week to maintain optimum cuticle health.

  15. Nail Hack #18:

    Want your nail polish to last longer? Simple clean your nails thoroughly with a cotton pad soaked in vinegar before applying nail polish. You polish will not just glide on smoother but stay longer too. Try it!

  16. Nail Hack #19:

    Want to make cute nail decals for yourself? Use a plastic wrap. Paint on a coat of polish on plastic wrap and allow it to dry. Punch out shapes from the wrap using designer paper punches. Lay the punched designs on the nail, seal them with a top coat and voila!

  17. Nail Hack #20:

    To prevent your nail polish from chipping, use two base coats. Let the first cost go on the top half of the nail and the second over the entire nail. This will provide an extra protection to the tip of your nails and drastically reduce chipping. If you want your nail colour to pop, use a white basecoat.

  18. Nail Hack #21:

    If you’ve run out of Quick Dry, just spray your nails with a little cooking oil after nail paint application to help set it faster and prevent smudges.

  19. Nail Hack #22:

    Do not throw away your old bath loofah. Use the netting as a stencil to create beautiful spider web nails. Apply a coat of paint, let it dry and then place the net over your nail. Apply a contrasting colour and gently pull away the net to reveal beautiful nail art.

There you go. Spot the hottest nails in town with less than half the effort.

Here’s to a more beautiful you.


17 Cute and Easy Nail Art Design Ideas you will really Love

17 cute and easy Nail art designs ideas you will really love

Healthy beautiful nails beautify your hands and look oh-so-attractive. Who doesn’t love to have well-manicured hands with winsome looking nails? Nail art is getting bigger and better than ever before. Whether you have short nails or long, you can primp them with simple techniques. If you also want to jump in the whole nail art bandwagon, we have a few genius ways you can get people asking what the occasion is. So here comes the list of nail art design you will love.

If you have short nails, use the following easy nail art techniques to make them look cute and chic:

  1. Berry cute nails:

Start with applying a nice, thick coat of bright, red nail paint. Allow it to dry completely. Rip a sticky tape off a zig zag cutter (or make a zig zag pattern on the tape using scissors), stick and peel on your skin to reduce tackiness and place it on the nail top, such that half your nail is covered. Now apply a green nail paint below. Slowly peel off the tape and use a nail dotting tool dipped in yellow paint to dot the red area. Apply a coat of sheer polish to finish the look and voila! Your strawberry nails are ready!

  1. Classy white and gold nails:

This one’s simple to do and looks elegant.  Apply a thick coat of white gel nail paint. Allow it to dry completely and then place a nail strip on it diagonally. Apply a coat of golden nail polish on one half and then carefully peel it off once the paint dries. Apply a coat of gloss paint and you are done.

  1. Musical nails:

Apply two coats of black gel nail paint.  Allow it to dry. Next, take a bright red nail paint and dip a thin nail art brush in it. Form a treble clef, a quaver, or any music symbol that you like. Finish with a top coat and Aww over your nails.

  1. Stria nails:

Apply a coat of vibrant coloured nail polish (go as bold or as subtle as you like). Now dip your medium thick nail paint brush into black nail paint and run it along the side of your nail longitudinally. The black makes the colour stand out and your nails look great without looking flashy.

  1. Polka dotted beauties:

This one’s no rocket science. Just apply a thick coat of nail paint on your nails and allow them to dry fully. With the help of a dotting tool, dot your nails with a colour that is a complete contrast to your base colour. If you are feeling fancy, you can sprinkle a little glitter on the nails while they are still wet to add a little sparkle. Done!

  1. Zebra printed nails:

You need a black nail paint, a white nail paint, a thin nail brush and a bit of enthusiasm. Apply a matte white nail paint coat on your nails and wait for it to dry before you apply a second coat. Now use a thin brush and black paint to paint random stripes. Keep twisting the brush as you draw the stripes to give it a natural look. Your zebra nails are ready. Use a corrector pen on the sides to five it a neat finish and that’s it! You’re welcome.

  1. Water melon nails:

This will need a wee bit of flair. Start by applying a sheer basecoat on your nails. Draw a neat C-shape across a corner with a dark green polish. Line the inside of the c shape with a white nail polish. Colour the remaining corner, a bright red. Now, use a dotting tool to paint the black seeds on the red portion. Alternatively you can do this watermelon look, French style. The green will go at the top followed by the white and red. The latter is much easier to do.

  1. Stickers!

Short nails don’t have to be boring. If painting is not your cup of tea or your hand just does not get the brush right, you can still have stunning nails. Use nails stickers! Apply a thick coat of your favourite nail colour (preferably a light colour for the sticker design to stand out) and then add stickers to your nails depending on the look you are trying to achieve. The tiny stickers will add the glamor to your nails without the effort.

If you have long nails, try these nail art design:

  1. Bling bling nails:

Get plenty of rhinestones in your favourite colour and then get a nail polish that matches the colour. Apply a generous coat of the nail paint on your nails and while your nails are still wet, stick on the rhinestones, preferably leaving no empty spaces. Allow it to dry completely before applying a sheer gloss coat to ensure the stones stay in place for longer.

Your blingy nails are ready. Simple we say!

  1. The inverted French nails:

French manicure is passé. The reverse one is making the rounds lately. This one’s quite a cakewalk especially when you use nail strips. Use a jewel toned (preferably) shade of nail colour and apply it on your nails. Let it dry completely and then place a strip horizontally on your nail bed leaving 1/4th of your nail bed from the bottom. Apply a metallic colour (preferably) on the bottom portion of the nail and gently remove the strip. You can choose glossy paint or matte depending on your taste. Finish it with a top coat and flaunt.

  1. Bubbly champagne nails:

Start by painting your nails, a beautiful champagne colour. While the paint is still wet dust fine glitter (preferably of matching colour) on them. Let the nails dry. Now apply a sheer top coat on the nails and quickly stick halved pearls of varied sizes along one side of the nail to appear like bubbles. Finish the look with yet another coat of sheer gloss and you are done!

  1. Ombre nails:

Ombre nails look beautiful and difficult to achieve. But tell you what, its easy peasy to get the look right. First off, apply a peel off base coat on the skin that surrounds your nail and then apply a coat of white nail paint on your nails. Next, make a colour palette with varying shades. First a drop of dark shade will go on the palette, next a drop again with a hint of white nail paint to soften the colour. Continue this till you get 4-5 shades of the same colour. Next, take a small square piece of sponge and blot the sponge in stripes of the colours starting from the darkest and moving to the lightest. Now carefully stamp the sponge on your nail. Apply a glossy top coat and you are done. Welcome.

  1. Net nails:

Net nails - nail art desgins

Source: Pinterest

Start by applying a layer of your favourite color nail paint. Let it dry. Now use a loofah (what!).  Yes, place a layer of your old bath loofah (old, because your nail paint will ruin it) on your nail and then paint on it with a contrasting colour. Slowly peel of the loofah and you will be amazed at what you just created. Finish it off with a top coat and rock the look. You can use Swarovski crystals between the cells for some added oomph.

  1. Marble nails:

Marble nails art design

Source: Pinterest

Take a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Now take 3 (or more) shades of colours that complement each other. Add a drop of one colour and watch it spread on the water. Add a drop of another colour in the centre followed by another drop of the third colour. Now take a pointed tool and run it from the outside of the circle to the centre from various sides. You will see what will appear like a spider wed. Now place your nail into the nail polish pattern and push your finger right down into the water. Use the pointed tool to remove the remaining polish from the water and then gently remove your finger. You will have created a beautiful, colourful, marbled effect on your nails.

  1. Sweet nails:

Sweet nails art design

Source: Pinterest

If candy floss, doughnuts, and sugary treats make you go weak in the knees, this one’s for you. Apply a coat of light brown paint on your nails and leave them to dry. Once dry, use dark brown nail paint and apply on the top half of your nail. Make sure the lines are not neat. Now while the paint is still wet, dip your nail in sprinkles. Let it dry and apply a thick coat of glossy top coat to seal it all. Sweet nails. Literally!

  1. Haywire striped nails

Haywire striped nails art design

Source: Pinterest

This one’s for the lazy ones. Apply a coat of matte white nail paint and let it dry. Next, take strips and go crazy. Place them randomly (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) on your nails and then paint a thick black matte coat on your nails. Carefully peel of the strips for nails that look smart and like a lot of effort has gone into creating them.

  1. Spooky nails

Spooky nails art design

Source: Pinterest

Apply a coat of rich black matte nail polish and let your nail paint dry. Stick a pair of googly eyes on each nail and follow it with a crooked bright red line on the bottom to look like crooked lips. Let your nails dry before finishing the look with a top coat. Done!

There you go! Nail them.

These are just suggestions. Armed with a few bottles of beautiful nail paint, a few tools, and a wild imagination, you can create a hundred different looks using these as an inspiration.

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