21 Fashion Bloopers No Girl should be Caught Committing

21 fashion bloopers no girl should be caught committing

Fashion bloopers are inevitable even to the who’s who of the trendsetters in the fashion circuit. But most of us commit a style crime a little more than often without knowing that we are.

A faux pas can ruin an otherwise stellar outfit and hence having a basic idea of what not to do can go a long way in keeping you on the list of well-dressed people.

Here are a few common fashion bloopers and how you can avoid committing them:

  1. Fashion Blooper #1

    DO NOT wear wrinkled clothes. You can be wearing the trendiest outfit out there, but if it’s creased, it will not look half as good. Before you don that pretty dress, make sure it is well ironed completely.

  2. Fashion Blooper #2

    Don’t go overboard with makeup. Caking face with kilos of makeup hasn’t worked for anyone. Too much of any good thing is bad. So, keep your makeup light and dewy during the day, and bold and glam during the night. Remember, you want to use makeup to accentuate your features, not make them look plastic. Also, remember to use subtle shades if you are wearing bright outfits and bolder shades if you are wearing light pastels. Bold with bold is a complete no no.

  3. Fashion Blooper #3

    Do not wear trousers that don’t fit you like it was made just for you. Well cut, and well fitted trousers are more important than you think. Invest only in bottoms that suit your shape well and discard the rest. Now!

  4. Fashion Blooper #4

    Do not go all matchy matchy. Opting for the same color of bag and shoes as the dress is a big no. Instead, go for a complementing shade to offset the overall look. A nude bag with a pop colored outfit or a white one with a denim dress are good options. You get what we mean. Don’t you?

  5. Fashion Blooper #5

    Don’t go too va-va-voom. In a bid to look more glamorous women often indulge in clothes too little for the body. Wearing a low cut short blouse with a tiny skirt is downright foolish. Opt for long hemlines with low cut tops and short skirts with turtle neck tops. Aim at looking sexy, yet elegant. Leave something to the imagination.

  6. Fashion Blooper #6

    Do not abstain from giving importance to your innerwear. Your lingerie is as important as your dress and there is not an ounce of untruth in the claim. Well fitted and the right kind of lingerie is cardinal to dressing up. A too-tight bra or thick underpants can mar the appeal of an outfit like nothing can. Invest in good quality, less visible innerwear before your next dress shopping trip.

  7. Fashion Blooper #7

    Do not choose your outfits based on what other people are wearing or what’s hot. Choose items that suit you. Great outfits are only those that show off your best parts and is kind to your flawed spots. Take a good look at yourself naked and then try out different cuts to see what enhances your features best. Pick outfits on the lines of your favorite cuts.

  8. Fashion Blooper #8

    Do not over accessorize your look. A bling bling here and a bling bling there makes for a Christmas tree look. Instead opt for one or two statement pieces that will pull off the look elegantly. Remember, less is more.

  9. Fashion Blooper #9

    Do not just randomly pick an outfit depending on your mood. You might risk overdressing or underdressing for an occasion. Wear the right clothes for the right do. Whether the event is casual or formal, in the day or at night, indoors or outdoors, etc. should be factors that your clothes choice should depend on.

  10. Fashion Blooper #10

    Do not always buy the same size in clothes everywhere you go. Clothing sizing varies according to the store, brand, and item. Any fashionista who has shopped high fashion and fast fashion will advise you against buying the same size across brands. The trick is to ignore the number and see how the outfit looks on your body instead. It should fit comfortably and fit well. That is all that matters.

  11. Fashion Blooper #11

    Do not wear a decade old ‘costume’. Fashion is cyclical we all know. What goes, comes right back in all its glory. But, dressing up completely in from-another-decade outfit could make you look like you are in a costume or are older than you actually are. The trick is to give retro pieces, a modern spin. An 80’s neon sweater does not HAVE TO be paired with leggings and sneakers. Opt for skinny jeans and ankle boots instead. A vintage skirt can be paired with a cropped leather jacket and pointy heels instead of the good old pussy-bow blouse and pearls.

  12. Fashion Blooper #12

    Do not listen to people who say that you can only carry off one bold color at a time. That’s one of the most ridiculous beliefs around. Color blocking looks great. A bold saturated hue paired with another bold saturated hue can up the glam quotient of the look. A jewel green silk blouse, for example, can look stunning when paired with fuchsia suede heels, or a yellow skirt. Do not be afraid of playing with colors.

  13. Fashion Blooper #13

    Do not hide your plus size in loose styles. Ill fitting, flowy garments have seldom helped women on the heavier side. Structured clothing, right where the body measurements are narrowest, will make you look a size smaller and way better. A structured waistband for example can sit on a dress right under the bust to camouflage the upper torso flaws and accentuate the narrow size.

  14. Fashion Blooper #14

    Do not believe that high waist pants are only for the tall and ultra slim models and that it will look unflattering on you. When worn correctly, high waist pants can trick the eye and make your body appear taller and leaner. It virtually elongates your lower body making it a preferred style statement. High rise slim fitting jeans that hit your ankle or bold black high waist trousers are some of the best choices.

  15. Fashion Blooper #15

    Do not buy mass produced clothing if you intend to make a style statement. Such clothes don’t fit our body the same way it’s intended to fit and that makes all the difference. Getting your clothes tailored is the key. That way you are sure that your sleeves, hem lines, seams and everything else fits too well. If you cannot get the entire thing tailor made, consider getting it tweaked by a professional to suit you like second skin.

  16. Fashion Blooper #16

    Do not wear more than one animal print at a time. If you have a leopard going on your top, and a zebra on your skirt, you will risk looking like (pardon me) a clown. The print shouldn’t look to busy on your outfit. So, stick to one print on one particular item and go colour blocking the rest.

  17. Fashion Blooper #17

    Do not wear clothes that match your skin color perfectly. Flesh colored turtle necks, and leggings are bad options. Please wear something, oh you already are wearing! Get it?

  18. Fashion Blooper #18

    Do not let your bra straps peep out of strappy vests, or for that matter from anywhere. If you absolutely must wear your bra, opt for vests that cover it. Else, choose a strapless bra. No two ways about it.

  19. Fashion Blooper #19

    Do not buy Velcro strapped sandals and shoes. They instantly age you. Throw all your Velcro footwear out of your home unless you are an 80 year old struggling to keep your footwear in place as you walk. If you like your footwear fastened, choose belts or satin straps perhaps. But no Velcro….not ever!

  20. Fashion Blooper #20

    Do not wear Crocs! For heaven’s sake, please don’t. These ugly contraptions should be banned ASAP. It can ruin your summery outfit like nothing can. If you are not a guy, run miles away from these.

  21. Fashion Blooper #21

    Do not be caught dead with sweat stains. Yes, its natural and human to sweat we know, but there are a zillion product inventions out there that can help you control your perspiration. Anti-perspirants and underarm pads should be used by all means. Aside from the stains looking atrociously ugly, they will soon start releasing smells you won’t be particularly proud of. So dearies, use something!

    Bonus Fashion Blooper

    Do not wear colored lenses. The cream of the fashion industry swears by natural looking eyes. If your eye balls pop with a color that does not suit your skin tone and looks unnatural, you are in for serious trouble. Dump those greens, blues, and purples and flaunt your natural eye color. Wear makeup to accentuate your eyes at the max. Leave the lenses for another generation. Please.

There you go! Avoid these fashion faux pas like the plague and go make your own style statement.

Here’s to a more stylish you.


9 New Ways to Wear a Jacket

9 new ways to wear a jacket

Women always fall short of clothes to wear, no matter how many we have. Things either seem to go out of fashion too fast or they look repetitive.

Ever wondered what can save you from this crisis?

Stress no more! The jacket in your wardrobe can come to the rescue. It can spruce up your boring outfit and give you a stylish persona.

Listed below are the new ways to wear a jacket:

  1. Peacoat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #1

A peacoat is a standard outdoor coat lending a classy look even on a chilly day. Whether it is at a business meet out, or a short run to the grocery store for errands, pea coats make you look effortlessly chic. Don a size fitting pea coat to avoid looking wide. Choose bolder color options suitable to your hue.

    • A good pea coat now comes to your rescue if you think you have a drab office dress shirt. Team it up with a skinny jeans and the formal shirt to give you the sophisticated business woman look.
    • If you are looking for a casual outdoorsy look, not to worry. Choose a pea coat to go with your cute skirt or your summer dress. And voila! Your peacoat can make your summer dress useful in the winter.
    • Choose colorful peacoats suiting your skin tone and make your outfit from formal to uber cool. Bright reds and deep blues give the much needed trendiness to your everyday jeans outfit. You can pair your standard black pea coat with a colorful scarf to add a pop of color to it.
  1. Classic trench – Ways to Wear a Jacket #2

Trench coats are the standard yet classy everyday use coats. They are usually knee length and give off the sophisticated office goer look. Pair them up with your office slacks or tunic and wear them in bright hues. Also you can drape you coat to give you a slightly laid back look.

  1. Fuzzy, cuddly coat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #3

    • Fur coats come in different styles. They can add to your cool quotient or make you look extremely classy based on the type. Pair up your cosy bulky fur coats with skinny jeans with high boots. Relatively thinner fur coats go well with shorter dresses too.
    • Since wearing fur is a bit debated due to the way it is processed, you can also try wearing coloured fur coats. They are the new trend and are a bit difficult to pull off. But not to worry, choose the hue carefully and set the place on fire with your unique look.
  1. Bright colour coat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #4

Love wearing bright colours? But only wear them in summer? This time, experiment with bright colours for your coats as well. Step away from the neutral colours and usher in some colour in your life this winter. You will definitely not regret your decision!

  1. Blazer – Ways to Wear a Jacket #5

The most popular and trendiest coat of all times, a blazer is redundant yet fashionable. Have trouble choosing the type of blazer for the look you want to carry off? Don’t worry, help is here.

  • You don’t have a look like a bore dressing up for work. Even after the 5dvent of colour, a professional cream coloured blazer can still carry off your wardrobe with élan and is ideal for the everyday office look. Pair up your office formals or even a relatively casual shirt with the formal neutral shaded blazers to get the perfect look every day.
    • Leopard print can spice up anything. If you want to add that oomph factor to your dress and still give off the “I mean business” vibes, although in a much cooler manner, leopard print is the way to go.
    • Have perfect summer outfits which do not get used in the winter? Worry no more! Choose a blazer to go with them. A simple blazer can turn a section of your wardrobe to a highly useful one. Pair them up with accessories of your choice and set out on the streets to make heads turn!
  • If you are someone who likes to carry off a masculine look, the men’s blazer is for you. You can pull it off over your formal office look and add a little bit of toughness to your look. Go get them girl!
    • Bored of the usual monochromes? You can choose to flaunt a chequered coat if you choose to look a bit different. Also, you could choose to wear contrasting accessories to make a statement. Choose pointy shoes for an impact. Alternatively, draping the blazer instead of wearing it is also in vogue.
  1. Rain coat – Ways to Wear a Jacket #6

A simple rain coat can also add to your wardrobe. With the weather becoming unpredictable, it is always handy to have one for urgent situations. A rain coat with bright colors, paired with the right boots, makes you look cool.

  1. Puffer or parka – Ways to Wear a Jacket #7

  • Parks coats are inspired from the US military and have become popular due to their multiple pockets and warm lining. The fur hood in the jacket makes a fashion statement and is a popular winter wear fashion. Team up your parka with the tight leggings, muffler, and your winter boots to look hot even in winter clothing. Yep, that’s true.
  • Puffer vests are also your ideal winter clothes which can be teamed up with jeans, a layered shirt and high boots. They can also be styled with your fall wardrobe, as the weather can be a bit chilly then. Team up your puffer vests with your favourite bright skirts and tunics to give a cosy yet chic fall look.
  1. Leather jacket – Ways to Wear a Jacket #8

Leather jackets are versatile and timeless. They are a must have in any woman’s wardrobe, be it real or faux. Having a black leather jacket is the safest bet.

  • You can go for a hot look by choosing to wear your black leather jacket with your tee a black legging, and pointed heels. This comfy yet hot look is easily attainable by everyone. So for all those who are worried that they do not look as hot, add a leather jacket to your outfit and then get back to us!
  • Team up your jacket with your cute dresses to give you an edgy look. Whether it’s a date or a casual party, and you absolutely cannot find a suitable dress, no worries.

Choose a simple and comfortable dress and team it up with your leather jacket. There’s no force which can stop you from looking hot!

  1. Denim jean jacket – Ways to Wear a Jacket #9

This all time favourite style had to be addressed in the last. Saving women from times immemorial by easily giving a stylish laid back look to clothes which might otherwise look like something worn straight out of bed. Ok, that’s exaggerating, but denim jackets are a life saver. They have this special charm to add a cool quotient to even the plainest of the clothes.

    • Pair up your denims with your shorts, skirts, jumpers or anything imaginable. The iconic blue denim still rules the roost among denim lovers. Team it up, accessorize and chill out!
    • You can also choose to wear white, grey or printed denims over your dresses or jeans to give you the street styled look.

Jackets have the ability to spruce up any outfit. So choose the look you want and with the help of these tips, combine the jacket with your outfit to get the look you want.

Additionally accessorize with statement necklaces, shades and the perfect pair of shoes.

Do not forget that the look is complete only when all the factors involved are perfect.

Start styling off then!


11 Trendy Ways to Wear a Scarf

11 Trendy Ways to Wear a Scarf

Are you looking for a fun and trendy way to shield yourself from the wrath of the angry summer sun?

Need a cosy and stylish accessory to perfectly complement your new winter outfit?

Searching for a suave add-on to go with your brand new spring outfit?

Whatever be your fashion qualm, scarves can solve it hands down. This humble piece of clothing has been a reliable companion for women and men alike, in the bid to find fashionable protection from the ever-changing weather.

When worn the right way, a scarf is all you need to give your boring, old outfits an exciting new twist.  However, finding your perfect new scarf and learning the many ways to wear it may prove to be quite an adventure. Worry not.

Here’s our quick scarf-o-pedia to guide you through your adventure:

Is there more than one type of scarf?

The answer, obviously, is yes. But do you know how many different types of scarves there are? Let us help you with that one.

You can sort your neck-wraps based on their shape and the material they are made of.

Types of scarves based on shape:

Scarves come in three basic shapes: square, rectangle/oblong, and triangle. No, that’s not all. The many stacks of scarves that you see in shops are variations of these basic shapes. Here’s how you identify each:

Bandana Scarf: This is generally triangular in shape, but a square scarf folded to form a triangle is also used as a bandana. It is made either of cotton or silk and is worn around one’s head, neck or as a ponytail wrap.

bandana scarf

Source: Pinterest

Infinity Scarf: This is a type of scarf worn around the neck, which wraps around it with neither a beginning nor an end. It’s made of cotton, acrylic, cashmere and a variety of other fabrics.

Infinity Scarf

Source: Google

Head Scarf: This is the one you observe most often and is worn by women around their heads. It can be made out of light fabric for summers, or wool for winters.

Shemagh Scarf: Also known as Keffiyeh scarf, it is a square shaped, cotton scarf traditionally worn by Arabs. It is normally worn around the neck or over the head as protection from the sun and dust.

Types of scarves based on material:

Based on the texture and lightness of the material used to weave a scarf, the scarf is used either during cold or hot weather. The following are some examples:

  • Cotton Scarves: This light and porous fabric is ideal as summer companion and can be worn as a mask to ward off pollution and sun.
cotton scarfs

Source: Priyaglobal

  • Silk Scarves: Smooth, shiny, and elegant, silk scarves are a great choice to pair with your stylish new outfit.
silk scarfs

Source: Google

  • Pashmina Scarves: Known for its softness, warmth and sheen, Pashmina is a type of wool collected from the Pashmina goat of Kashmir. Choose this to keep yourself warm in winter.
Pashmina Scarves

Source: Google 

  • Linen Scarves: Made from fibres of flax plant, linen is light, breathable and an ideal summer choice.
Linen Scarves

Source: Google 

  • Cashmere Scarves: Collected from the cashmere goats of Kashmir, Cashmere woollen scarves are soft, light and durable. Pair it with your old sweater or cardigan, to give it a stunning new look.

Source: Google 

  • Alpaca Scarves: Alpaca is a type of wool collected from the camelids of South America. Alpaca scarves are soft, warm, and ideal winter companions.
Alpaca Scarves

Source: Google 

Here are the Trendy ways to wear a scarf in a unique way?

The way you wear your scarf can dramatically glam up your look. Now that you have the basic information needed to choose the scarf that best suits your needs, let us explore the different methods of wearing it. Based on your outfit, you can choose the style that works best for you.

1.      French knot

French scarf knot

Source: Google

You’ll need:

An oblong scarf preferably made of a light material.


  • Take a long scarf and fold it lengthwise, in half.
  • Loop it around your neck.
  • Take one of the loose ends and go over the loop and then back under.
  • Take the other loose end and go under the loop and back over.
  • Adjust the length and there you have it.

2.      The chain

chain scarf knot

Source: Google

You’ll need:

A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Drape the scarf around your neck evenly.
  • Tie the ends around your neck leaving some space between your neck and the knot.
  • Repeat it a few more times to form a chain.

3.      The double twist

double twist scarf knot

Source: Google

You’ll need:

A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Drape the scarf around your neck evenly.
  • Loosely twist the two ends around each other near your neck.
  • Put the ends of the scarf to either side of your neck.
  • Knot the ends at the back.
  • Tighten and adjust.

4.      The bow

bow scarf knot

Source: Etsy

You’ll need: A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice. Silk is a great choice in this case, for a sleek and shiny look.


  • Drape the scarf around your neck. Make one side of the scarf longer than the other.
  • Using the longer side, make a loop hiding the loose end.
  • Now hold the loop in the middle to form a bow.
  • Take the shorter side of the scarf and wrap it around the bow.
  • Bring the end of the shorter side around the bow and through the middle. Tighten the knot by pulling it on the other side.
  • Adjust the bow till you are happy with it. 

5.      The rope twist

rope twist scarf

Source: Google

You’ll need: A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Drape the scarf evenly around your neck.
  • Twist it into a long rope.
  • Wrap one side around the neck to create a single loop.
  • Tie the ends together to make a second loop.
  • Adjust the length of the loops as desired.
  • Fluff it up and wear centred or to one side.

6.      The side knot

side knot scarf

Source: Google

You’ll need: A long, rectangular/square scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Drape the scarf around your neck with one side longer.
  • Bring the longer side up to meet the shorter side and tie a loose double knot.
  • Adjust the placement of the knot as desired.

7.      The braided knot

braided knot scarf

Source: scarves.net

You’ll need: A long, rectangular scarf made of a material of your choice.


  • Fold the scarf in half and drape around the neck.
  • Pull the long ends through the loop.
  • Take the loop and twist it locking the first end and creating a second loop.
  • Pull the ends through the new loop.
  • Tighten or adjust the braided knots as desired.

8.      The Rose

rose knot scarf

Source: braided knot scarf

You’ll need: A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Drape the scarf around your neck evenly.
  • Twist the two ends together along the entire length.
  • Wrap the twist into a bun on one side of the neck.
  • Tuck ends in and fan out the material to give a floral appearance.

9.      The Derby

Derby knot scarf

Source: vmmvblog

You’ll need: A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Drape the scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other.
  • Form a loose knot on the shorter side.
  • Pleat the longer side of the scarf from the bottom, until it is even with the knot.
  • Hold the pleats of the longer end together and pull the pleated end through the knot.
  • Adjust as required.

10. The Parisienne

You’ll need: A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Fold the scarf into a square.
  • Wrap the folded corners around your neck and once over the back.
  • Knot the folded corners on top.

11. The choker

choker knot scarf

Source: Google

You’ll need: A long, rectangular scarf made of a light material of your choice.


  • Place the scarf evenly around your neck such that the ends are at the back.
  • Cross the ends once at the base of your neck.
  • Bring ends to the back of your neck again.
  • Knot the two ends, behind your neck to finish.

 That brings us to the end of our little adventure in the world of scarves. But, yours has just begun. Find the scarf that matches your personality and play your way with it, to explore other trendy ways of wearing it.

Let us know if your style grabs more eyeballs. Ciao!


9 Cute Ear Cuff Jewelry to Match Your Style

9 Cute Ear Cuff Jewelry to Match Your Style

Ear cuffs are (kind of) earrings that clip on the cartilage at the edges of your ears. They do not require piercings (most often) because they come with a wire that curves behind the ear to secure the cuff in place (much like a Bluetooth headset).

They have sure enough become the hottest accessory in town. You can see these beautiful innovations on the red carpet, catwalks, and almost everywhere you smell fashion. Ear cuffs come in a plethora of different styles and designs and hence everybody can sport this trend (almost).

Before you decide on getting a few for yourself here’s what you must read:

5 Rules of wearing ear cuffs:

  • You have to dress fashionably. You cannot look stylish at the ear and quite the opposite elsewhere. No brainer this.
  • Keep your makeup simple. Especially if your ear cuffs are chunky and bejewelled. You risk looking loud if you don’t follow this cardinal rule.
  • Keep your other accessories minimum for the same reason as mentioned above.
  • Ear cuffs can be worn on both ears together but an ear cuff looks best sitting on one ear.
  • Keep your hair out of the way. Ideally wear it at the back from the side you sport your ear cuff. You don’t want your hair all tangled on the cuff with that piece of jewelry barely visible.

Here’s a look at the different types of ear cuff jewelry and how you can style them to look perfect:

  1. The earring cuff combo:

    The earring cuff combo

    Source: Amazon

    No it isn’t serious hardware. It usually has a stud that goes on the lobe piercing attached to a chain that holds a bejewelled clamp creating a clever illusion. It looks stylish and dainty. It’s perfect for people who prefer an understated stylish look. Buy here.

How to style it?

Sweep your hair to one side but leave them open. You can choose to add loose curls to your side swept hair for a more elegant feel or just leave it pin straight for a younger look. Either way, make sure that the ear cuff bearing ear is fully exposed.

  1. The multi-chain ear cuff:

    The multi-chain ear cuff

    Source: Amazon

    These have two clamps, one on each end with tiered chain links or flow chains. They look elegant and aesthetic and can go with a variety of different outfits, traditional and modish. Buy here.

How to style it?

Create a deep side part in your hair. Now take 2 inch thick bunch of hair from the side that you are wearing the ear cuff and twist it till it forms a tight roll. Pin the end of the roll to the other side with bobby pins. Combine your cuff with minimalist earrings and you will have created a perfect fusion of classic and current.

  1. The wild ear cuff:

    The wild ear cuff

    Source: Amazon

    These are huge and usually have dragons, lizards, or snakes embossed on them. They cover the whole ear and look fierce and sci–fi-ish (you know what we mean right?). These are edgy and spell style, loud. Buy here.

How to style it?

Create a contrast. That’s the key. Team the cuff with a loose braid, pulled to one side. Accentuate your eyes and keep the rest of the makeup bare minimal. Preferably avoid wearing anything on your neck unless you want to go too bold. DON’T wear them on both the ears together!

  1. The spiked cuff:

    The spiked cuff

    Source: Amazon

    This one certainly is eye catching. The spiked metallic ear cuffs look very ‘game of thrones’ glam. And can do wonders in upping the style quotient of an otherwise boring outfit. Buy here.

How to style it:

These cuffs are best sported with a high chignon bun. Make sure the bun is not a messy one. Use hair spray if you must, to tame any flyways that will ruin the look of your spiked piece. Also, dark outfits and spiked cuffs go oh so well together.

  1. Hugging ear cuffs:

    Hugging ear cuffs

    Source: Amazon

    These are huge (in the truest sense) and spell pizzazz and oomph like nothing else. They wrap the outer edge of your ear and protrude outwards making your ears look elf-ish (in a good way). Buy here

How to style it:

Wear them in just one ear unless you are playing an elf in the school play (kidding). This one is too bold to use on both the ears. Pull your hair towards one side and fish braid it. Gently pull the sides of the braid to make it look broad and messy. Ideally don’t sport any other jewellery (except for a nice bauble on your fingers) with this one.

  1. The band cuff:

The band cuff

Source: Amazon

These are hammered circular clamps that perfectly fit the rim of your ear. These are understated and elegantly chic. It looks very bohemian and can be combined with just about anything. Perched on top of the ear, they can add glam to the face, beautifully. Buy here.

How to style it:

Wear a faux undercut hairstyle and make these pretty cuffs sit on the top of your ear. Paint your lips, a gorgeous burgundy and wear gold rock studs to compliment the cuffs to look a stunner. Alternatively, you can layer the cuffs with a dangly pair of earrings too. There is no limit to how many of these you can wear together. Pile on depending on the look you wish to create.

  1. The wave cuff:

The wave cuff

Source: Amazon

This one’s for the minimalists who want a bauble they can wear no matter the occasion. The wave cuffs (much like its name) hug the front portion of your lobe and cartilage in a wave shape. It looks stunning yet simple. Buy here.

How to style it?

Play it subtle. Take the understated approach and wear something that spells feminine. Leave your hair open with just the sides pinned up at the centre and you are done.

  1. The feathery cuff:

The feathery cuff

Source: Amazon

The feathery cuff is just that. A cuff in the shape of a feather. It perfectly sticks to the ear in a C shape from the lobe to the upper edge and looks feminine and sexy. Buy here.

How to style it?

Go the nude makeup look with this one. If you absolutely must apply makeup, wear a thick eyeliner and a hint of gloss. Tie your hair in a high ponytail or opt for a messy chignon.

  1. Long chain ear cuffs:

Long chain ear cuffs

Source: Amazon

These usually have a stud that goes in the pierced hole and then a dangling long chain that has a cuff that can be perched on the ear rim or the hair. This one has been around in India since a long long time and the west is waking up to it more feverishly than ever. To say it looks beautiful would be an understatement. Buy here.

How to style it:

Wear a ponytail with side bangs and a little curl thrown it at the side. Pair the look with a dainty neck piece and you’re set. Like always don’t wear the makeup too loud.

There you go!

If you don’t already own #EarCuffs, you must, soon. Check some of the best ones. Click To Tweet

This trend is totally rocking and it’s going to stay here for a while. Experiment and see what suits you best, and then go buy that bauble. You will thank us later.


11 Engagement Rings to just Wow your Partner

11 Engagement Rings to just Wow your Partner

Engagement is an occasion, almost as important as the wedding itself.

An engagement is a commitment to take the relation a step further.

The engagement period allows a man and woman to know and accept each other better before getting married to each other and getting into a lifelong relationship. It also gives the couple an opportunity to sort out differences (if any) regarding career goals, religious beliefs, financial matters etc. Parents of both the sides get to know each other as well.

It is a standard practice to buy an engagement ring for the occasion. The circular ring (which is the most perfect shape because there is no end to a circle) symbolizes the promise of fidelity, love, and care between people intending to share a life together. A ring therefore ought to be special. You must invest time and effort in choosing the ring that is perfect. After all, it’s going to stay on your loved one’s hand for an eternity (or so you hope!).

If you are planning to buy an engagement ring anytime soon and don’t know how to go about it, we have a handy guide.Read on.

5 Step Guide to choose the perfect Engagement Ring:

Step 1: Decide on a budget. Every choice that you will make regarding the metal, stone, weight, and cut will all depend on the budget you have set for the ring. Set aside a good amount (yes good!) and keep it a little flexible.

Step 2: Consider what fits her/his personality, lifestyle, and fashion sense, the best.

  • If she is traditional, choose a classic solitaire perhaps. If he is traditional, a plain metal band would be a wise option.
  • If she is classy, a three stone ring will be good, if he is classy, a satin finished band with light accents will be great.
  • If she is all outgoing and glamorous, maybe a high Diamond setting with pave set diamonds on the band will be apt. If he is outgoing and glam, a band with free set diamonds will probably be the best.
  • If she the outdoorsy kind, ring settings with natural elements in design, like leaves or flowers may suit well or maybe a bezel setting which hugs the diamonds around its girdle and keeps them protected. For a man this type, again, a thin metal band that hugs the stones all the way around the girdle is a perfect option.
  • If she is a true blue romantic, a vintage ring with intricate filigree patterns and milgrain details will be perfect. If he is a thorough romantic, an antique finish band with a little detailing on the metal will work well.

Step 3: Choose the accent and finish. Choose whether the diamond (if present) will be channel set, flush set, prong set, or bazel set (phew!).

Step 4: Choose the metal. Keep in mind your significant other’s choices when making a choice. You can choose from a range of different materials such as yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium etc.

Step 5: Choose the perfect size. Have your partner’s ring finger measured by a professional before setting out to buy a ring for him/her so that there is a minimum risk involved. Alternatively you can take one of her/his ring and find out its size. Either way you want the ring to fit perfectly around his/her fingers.

Styles of Engagement rings that you can choose for HER:

  1. The Solitaire ring :

    Borrowing its name from French for ‘alone’, this type of ring carries one single diamond. This is easily one of the most popular style of engagement rings because it is both elegant and simple. The gemstone in this kind of ring is set high, allowing for maximum exposure to light which ups the brilliance of the stone multi-folds. The round solitaire diamond engagement ring is a wise choice.

  2. The Halo ring :

    This elysian style ring usually has a gemstone in the centre, surrounded by (a halo of) smaller diamonds that accentuate the sparkle of the central stone along with making it appear larger. The 1.60 CT Double halo ring makes for an amazing choice.

  3. The Trinity ring :

    This one’s also called a three stone ring or the trilogy ring. It usually has a set of three stones that symbolize the past, present, and future together. The central stone is generally set higher than the other two in this type of ring. This adds depth and beauty to the ring.

  4. The Pave ring:

    This one may or may not have a large gemstone set in the centre but has small gemstones set as close together as close as possible so that little or no metal can be seen. The encrusted stones often give the appearance of a solid diamond ring. It is super sparkly and prepossessing to say the least. The beautiful cushion engagement ring at amazon.com is beautiful beyond words.

  5. The Cathedral ring:

    This type of ring generally has a diamond right at the centre that is firmly held together by bands extending from either side. The bands angle in a way that it draws attention to the diamond. This kind of ring not only offers better protection of the diamond but also looks stylish. The round cut 0.43 cttw makes for a great choice.

  6. The Vintage ring:

    This style of ring spells splendour like nothing else. It usually has gemstones set amongst engravings, milgrain and filigree work and they look oh so intriguing and romantic. The 70 CT vintage diamond ring is perfect for the romantics.

Styles of Engagement rings you can choose for him:

    1. The Fingerprint ring:

Fingerprint engagement ring for men

Source: Amazon

Nothing’s spells unique more than fingerprints and the whole idea of one’s fingerprint engraved into a ring is incredible. Fingerprint rings look good and feel better. They are for those hard core romantics. These rings come with engravings on either the inside or the outside of the ring. The concave tungsten ring makes for a beautiful choice.






  1. The satin Finish Rings:

    Satin Finish Engagement Rings for Men

    Source: Amazon

    This type of ring has a beautiful satin finish which takes away the reflection of the metal while preserving the shine. It stands out and it is alluring. The American Set Co.’s satin finish platinum ring is a lovely choice.

  2. The diamond ring:

    This type isn’t very common but is beautiful nevertheless. It takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off this type and hence men wearing them spell class differently. Rings that have conflict free diamonds or sapphires are perfect for those that defy common. The burnished set men’s ring is a brilliant choice.

  3. The Classic Ring:

    This type is certainly the most popular and the safest choice. The classic wedding band is timeless, low maintenance, and comfortable. If the guy is no-frill, this makes for the perfect option. You can experiment with the width and metals to zero in on the perfect looking one. The platinum band from Amazon Collection makes for a great choice.

  4. The mixed modern ring:

    Mixed modern Engagement ring for men

    Source: Amazon

    These rings spell unique and stylish. This type can use anything from duo tone metals and wood, to glass and solid metal beads, to make it look funky and out of the ordinary. This style is not for the wall flowers. The tungsten carbide rosewood ring makes for a superb choice.

There you go. Pick one with love and thought. After all he/she is the one who is going to keep it for eternity.

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