9 Tips for How to choose the right Eyewear for your face

9 Tips for How to choose the right Eyewear for your face

Eye wear has come a long way in the last two decades. What was just a vision correction tool transformed into a fashion accessory and the eye wear industry belts out a zillion different options to choose from.  If you are new to the whole glasses game, it can be difficult to choose a pair that is perfect for you.

Perfect pair of eye-wear is all about comfort, fit, and style. Do no fret.

Here’s a step by step guide to choose the right eyewear so you don’t go wrong:

Choosing right Eyewear Step 1:

The size of the frame is super important. Choose it wisely. Do not choose a frame that is too big or too small for your upper face. If the frame is a little too small, you risk extending your field of vision beyond the lenses. That can lead to an increase in your prescription power and you do not want that. On the other hand, choosing a frame that is too big for your face can get uncomfortable. Also, large frames make the eyes look smaller than usual and we are all in for big eyes. Aren’t we?

Therefore, choose one that fits you right. How would you do that? Well, it’s simple. 

To test if you are wearing just the right size, check if you are able to see out of the bottom and top sides of the frame without straining your eyes. If you are, you are wearing the wrong frame. If you aren’t, bingo!  Ideally your lenses should cover at least 90% of your field of vision. Keep that in mind.


Choosing right Eyewear Step 2:

Measure the distance between your eyes and the thickness of the bridge of your nose and help your optometrist pick your fit better. The width of the bridge in frames is pretty standardized we know, but the distance between your eyes is an important aspect to consider so that your glasses look aesthetically pleasing while also helping you see better.

If your lenses are placed at the right distance from each other. It will greatly reduce the strain on your eyes, prevent the glasses from slipping down your nose when you bend your neck, and reduce pressure on the inner portion of your eyes. It also prevents the bridge of the frame from resting directly on the forehead.

On the other hand, if the lenses are not the correct distance apart, it can lead to formation of marks around your eyes and nose, cause headaches, and even hinder the production of tears in the eyes.

Choosing right Eyewear Step 3:

Once you are done sifting out frames that have the correct lens size and distance, check out the arms of the glasses. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

If the arms of your eyewear are too tight, it can cause you headaches, pain behind the ears due to pressure exerted, and marks along the side of your face.

Loose arms on the other hand can lead to the glasses slipping off your nose often. It can also cause the alignment of the lenses to alter itself.

Another important factor to consider is the material the arms are made of. Certain skin types are allergic to metal and certain others to plastic. Since most often the allergy doesn’t manifest itself immediately, it is wise to go by your past experiences with other types of accessories. When worn over a long period of time, the dirt and sweat that gets trapped between your glasses’ arms and skin can cause allergic reactions.

Also, remember that the lighter the frame, the better. Heavy frames will cause fatigue and headache apart from slipping often. Titanium frames (the newest to hit the market) are not only lighter, but also tougher than most other frames. So, you don’t have to stick to plastic to keep it light.

Choosing right Eyewear Step 4:

Check if your glasses are centre aligned properly. Whether or not you can see accurately through your glasses hugely depends on this factor.

Centre alignment of glasses is nothing but the lens being right in front of your eyes helping you see clearly without causing any eye strain. It is important to see properly through the centre of your lens since most lenses are ground concavely on the inner surface and convex on the outer surface. If your lenses tilt to one side, or appear slightly distorted, it can cause severe eye strain and can also lead to an increase in the optometric defect of your eyes.

Choosing right Eyewear Step 5:

Once you are done choosing the right frame, it’s time to put thought into the right lens. Decide if you want lens that are made of glass or ones that are made of acrylic. If you take our word, acrylic lens are a better option all the way.

Although acrylic lens are more expensive than their glass counterpart, they are unbreakable and are intended for rough and tough use. Acrylic lens are lighter too.

With the advent of several advances in the manufacturing of the lenses, it is now possible to use acrylic in making bifocal frames (this was only limited to glass lens till recent times). So, when in doubt choose acrylic, always.

Choosing right Eyewear Step 6:

If you suffer from a condition called hypermetropia (wherein a person finds it difficult to see near as well as distant objects) you might have to opt for bifocal lens. This type of lens have a semi-circular demarcation at the bottom of the lens to help see nearer objects clearly while the rest of the lens help see distant objects properly.

Note that you have something called progressive lenses out in the market too. These are slightly more expensive cousins of bifocals but are way better. They function like bifocals but do not have any unsightly semi circles at the bottom. They are easier to see through since one does not have to readjust them every time one is looking at objects that is close to them. Choose whatever you prefer best.

Choosing right Eyewear Step 7:

Frame- check, arms- check, lens- check, nose pads? Yes, nose pads.

Although it seems pretty inconsequential, but nose pads play a supremely important role in making your glass wearing experience comfortable. They are usually made of first grade soft plastic and are built so they comfortably rest on your nose. These tiny parts also help keep your glasses aligned to the centre of your face and keep your lenses away from your eyelashes.

Needless to say, your nose pads too, just like your eyewear arms shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. When you buy your eyewear, you must consider getting its pad plate adjusted so that they of not press firmly against your nose. You should be able to blink in your eyes without your lashes touching the lens or you can risk some serious discomfort. Also if wearing the eyewear causes you to have marks on either side of the bridge of your nose, chuck them.

Nose pads are notorious for causing allergic reactions in some cases. If you have sensitive skin, opt for hyper allergenic material in nose pads to avoid discomfort later.

Choosing right Eyewear Step 8:

Before you place an order for your eyeglasses, have the optometrist measure your frame size. They are made or altered to dimensions.

Want to know how they do it?

Well, the process includes 4 main measurements- bridge, eye, temple and vertical measurements.  The bridge measurement is the gap between the eyes, the eye measurement is distance between the eyes as against the distance between the frame’s lenses, the temple measurement is the length from one side of your temple to the other, and the vertical measurement (only used in the case of bifocal lenses) is a complex measurement best left to the understanding of an optometrist. These measurements are carefully taken into account to craft lenses that are just right for you.

Choosing right Eyewear Step 9:

It’s not mandatory, but it’s wise to go through all the options the store provides. Check Whether they have anti-glare (that helps reduce the glare emitting from computer and smart phone screens) lenses, scratch proof lenses ( ones that are almost resilient to minor scratches due to rough use), or progressive lenses and then decide what best suits your requirements based on your usage.

Who said glasses are nerdy and boring.

There are a million types of frames out there to choose from-full rim, rim less, cat eyes, rounded, flat eye, butterfly, aviator and more. Whether you want to keep it minimalistic or want to go all bold and stylish, there is one just for you.  Whatever style you choose, make sure it is super comfortable. Trust us when we say, that it’s the comfort and not the style that will help you carry your eyewear with panache.

Here’s to choosing the perfect pair.


12 Mascara Mistakes that you Need to Fix

12 Mascara Mistakes that you Need to Fix

Mascara is a Savior! It helps you instantly open up and brighten your eyes, and makes your lashes fluttery and beautiful. Even on days when you aren’t in the mood for makeup, just a swipe of mascara will make you look good to go. Are you making the following mascara mistakes? Read on.

mascara mistakes and tips

Here are a few tips for beginners on applying mascara the correct way:

  1. Reverse the process. Start with your bottom lashes. That way your top lashes won’t smudge when you look down to apply on your bottom lashes and leave annoying dots all over.
  2. When applying mascara to your bottom lashes, tilt your head forward slightly to avoid getting mascara on your cheeks.
  3. You can even use a business card or a small piece of tissue paper just below your lower lash line to help avoid bleed.
  4. When applying mascara to your top lashes, look straight ahead and place the mascara wand right at the base of the lashes. Use a zigzag motion as you move the wand up your lashes. This will not only give your lashes an accentuated curve, but also make them appear thicker.
  5. For best results, apply at least 2-3 coats of mascara to ensure every strand of hair is volumized well.

Unfortunately, every makeup product comes with its own set of challenges. Mascara is no exception. Fortunately, we have got it all sorted.

Here are some common mascara mistakes and its quick fixes:

  1. Is your mascara drying out fast, causing clumping or flaking?

Don’t pump the wand too much. Pumping the wand leads to air being pushed in the tube causing the dryness and flakiness. Instead, just twist the wand gently, back and forth, in circular motions to pick the desired amount of tint. Also have a lash separator or an old mascara wand handy to separate your lashes and break up clumps.

Also, when you remove the brush form the tub, do not pick up a whole lot of product. Gently let the brush go over the tube and let the excess mascara out. You want lengthened and thicker lashes. Not a spidery mess.

If your mascara has dried out in the tube, re-hydrate it by adding a couple of alcohol based eye makeup remover to the tube and shaking it up. Your mascara will be as good as new in a jiffy.

If you still find your mascara clumping despite taking all measures to restore new life into it, you probably are not waiting long enough between coats. Ideally you should allow each coat to dry completely (it takes anywhere between 30 seconds to a full minute) before applying the next coat.

  1. Do you develop itching or burning after applying the mascara?

Check the expiration date. Typically a mascara is only good for 3-6 months. Anything that is since beyond that time should be replaced. If you notice it clumps, has lost a bit of its color, or has become less smooth to apply, toss it out ASAP.

  1. Do you find your lashes inadequately curled after applying the mascara?

Use an eyelash curler! This genius tool is so helpful in achieving fluttery curls and opening your eyes, you will regret not using it all this while. A lash curler goes hand in hand with a mascara and one without another is truly incomplete. Place the curler at the root of your lashes being extremely careful about not getting any skin in the curler. Now gently but firmly press the clamps together and hold for about 10 seconds. Next, place the curler nearer to the end of the lashes and repeat. Lo and behold! Your eyes will instantly look perked up.

Afraid of using a curler or don’t have one?

Here’s a quick tip: Use a spoon! Yes, a metal spoon will do a curler’s job perfectly. Just place the spoon close to your lash root and then gently press the lashes against the edge of the spoon as you keep moving upward. You’re welcome.

  1. Your mascara doesn’t look perfectly suited to your eyes?

Customize your look.

Applying mascara is certainly not a one size fits all thing. If your eyes are further apart from each other than usual, consider wearing two coats of mascara on the inner portion of your eyes. However, if your eyes are set close to each other, you must focus on the outer edges of your eyes.

Also, different techniques should be employed to achieve different looks. So decide if you want fuller lashes, curlier lashes, or the classic clump free ones before you embark on applying.

  1. You are unable to take off your mascara?

If you use a long stay water proof mascara, chances are you have a hard time getting it off before going to bed. Use a product that is specially made for eye makeup removal such as Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Pads or the likes.

Do not, in any condition, rub away your mascara. You don’t want red, painful under eye skin.

If your skin is dry, prefer an oil based makeup remover over an alcohol based one. It will remove every trace of your mascara without drying out your eye skin.

  1. You have accidentally smudged your mascara and don’t wish to ruin the rest of your makeup trying to remove the stain?

Go for a waterproof mascara that is ‘seriously’ long wear.

Products such as Make up forever Aqua Smoky Lash are truly waterproof and so don’t smudge even if you go diving in the ocean. However, if you haven’t applied a waterproof mascara and (obviously) your mascara has smudged, fret not. Take a small concealer brush and dip it in soft micellar water. Gently go over the smudge and you will have removed it without spoiling the rest of your makeup. This is a pro approved trick and will not fail you.

Alternatively, you can use a little foundation on a Q-tip and go over the stain to cover it up perfectly.

  1. You always have mascara ‘falling’ on your cheeks?

If your mascara hasn’t gone dry, chances are that your ‘type’ of mascara is the culprit.

Mascaras that contain micro fibers or lengthening tubes are especially prone to shedding. Switch the formula you are currently using and see if that does the trick.

If not, try this: Prep your lashes with a lash primer first before proceeding to apply the mascara. Products such as Clinique Lash Building Primer help the mascara adhere better to your lashes and reduce the risk of black specks all over.

  1. Do your lashes stick to each other after a coat of mascara?

Use a lash comb. As simple as it sounds. A lash comb can help you revolutionize your mascara application. As soon as you finish applying a coat, carefully comb out your mascara from the roots to the tip.

This will help separate out each lash but also helps remove excess mascara fiving you feathery, natural looking lashes.

  1. Do your lower lashes look over-dramatic?

Nothing wrong with a little drama, but when there is too much happening on your lower lashes, your eye makeup might end up looking imbalanced.

The silliest mistake we make is that we expect a single mascara to do two contradictory things – add volume to the top lashes and not add it to your lower lashes. So ideally you should be using a volumnizing mascara to your upper lashes and then use a thinner formula with a shorter wand on your lower lashes. Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara could be your best bet to make your lower lashes look subtle and natural.

However, if you do not have two mascaras handy, use the mascara wand your upper lashes first, and then without going in for more product, cover your lower lashes. This way majority of the product will be deposited on your upper lashes and a lighter coat will be reserved for your lower lashes.

  1. Do your lashes feel excessively dry after you apply mascara?

Use a lash conditioner. Yes! Such a thing exists.

Certain waxes present in a few type of mascaras can dry out your precious lashes and make them brittle. Lash conditioners act like night cream for your lashes. You just have to massage it into your lashes before going to bed and your eyelashes will feel silky soft all day. Lash conditioners are colorless.

So, even a coat of it before wearing your mascara can give it additional hydration.

  1. Does mascara make your eyes red and watery?

You probably have very sensitive eyes. If the sensitivity is serious, consult an ophthalmologist to know if wearing mascara is okay. If the sensitivity is limited to a little discomfort, you can use mascaras that are specially formulated for sensitive skin and don’t contain harsh chemicals. RMS Beauty’s mascara makes for a wonderful choice.

  1. Do you have a hard time applying mascara to your bottom lashes?

If you have sparse hair on your lower lashes, or your under eye skin is not deeply set, you might have a problem getting the mascara on your lower lashes without risking looking like a racoon.

Don’t worry, you can take a little product in a container, dip your lip brush in it and paint on the mascara. Voila!

There you go! Armed with these tips, you can wear you mascara with confidence and without troubles.

Go flutter flutter.


Everything You Need to Know about Perfect Eyebrows

Everything You Need to Know about Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break the look of your face. It deserves more importance than we think it deserves. Perfect eyebrows not only frame the eyes but adds a polished look.

You always start beautifying a part of your body by first making it healthy:

  • Eat well. A balanced nutritious diet will give you eyebrow hairs that are more resilient to damage.
  • Always check for dandruff in your eyebrows (Yes! Dandruff can exist there). Dandruff causes your eyebrows to look lack lustre and also results in hair fall( from the brows)
  • Give your brows a little oil massage (preferably with castor or olive oil) before you tuck in your bed at night. This will not only increase circulation and prevent hair fall but also encourage new hair growth, making your brows look thicker and fuller. (Tip: Wash an old mascara tube and fill it with castor oil. Use the mascara brush to run along the eyebrows and massage them)
  • Don’t over tweeze eyebrows.

Now before you fret over how to perfect your eyebrows, know a little about which kind of eyebrow shape fits which type of face shape.

  • If you have a square jaw, it can accent the angularity of your face. Soft rounded eyebrows shape are best suited for your face as it tapers down the angularity of your face.
  • If you have a round face, your brows should contrast the shape of your face – you should have sharp angular eyebrow shape to define your facia bone structure. Opt for high arches always.
  • If you have a very long face with your features vertically stretched out, having longer and slightly flatter eyebrows is a wise option. Extending the tails of the eyebrows to play up the horizontal features is the key. However, do not drag it too down, else the eyes will appear droopy.
  • If you have a heart shaped face, you want to stay away from bold eyebrows that emphasise the upper portion of the face. Well groomed and less accentuated (less bushy) eyebrows are best suited to this type of face shape.
  • If you have an oval face, congrats on having a well-proportioned one. A classic balanced eyebrow shape is ideal for this type of face shape.

Cardinal rules: These golden rules meant for perfect eyebrows to be followed regardless of your face shape or size.

  • The start of your brow should always begin right at the bridge of your nose. To pinpoint the place, take a pencil and hold it vertically up to either side of the nose bone. The brow should ideally start, touching the pencil.
  • Don’t go for a centred arch. It looks weird. The key is to arch your eyebrows about two thirds of the way out.
  • Keep your eyebrows long. Ideally it should at least be long enough to end on an imaginary line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye. Eyebrow length could be extended though. Just ensure the tail of the brow does not end lower than the brow head or your eyes might look droopy. The tails should always be tapered to a sharp point.
  • When shaping eyebrows it is always better to tweeze them instead of waxing them.

    Also, ensure that you use clean tweezers else you might risk a bacteria breakout. (Tip: Use a warm wash cloth over your brows before you tweeze them to relax the follicles and make the process less painful and neater).

  • If you have relatively flat brows and you wish to give it an arch.

    Start off by drawing a straight line directing upwards on the arch using a brow pencil. Next, draw a downward facing line on the other half of the arch towards the tail. Brush the hair on the head half of the brow upwards and brush the hair on the tail half of the brow downwards. Voila! You have an arch!

  • No two eyebrows are the same.

    Yes! Even if both are yours. Our faces are not perfectly symmetrical and the shape of our brows slightly differ from each other. Don’t fight the natural eyebrow shape or they might risk looking fake.

Once your eyebrows are in shape, time to enhance their look with makeup. Here’s a step by step guide to do it:

Step 1: Use an eye shadow primer to prep your brows.

Step 2: Use a felt brow pen or a sharp pencil and make a vertical line at the start of the brow (.

Step 3: Carefully trace along the shape of your eyebrows using a brow pencil.

Step 4: Using a brow pencil/ brow powder/ or a brow gel, fill in your eyebrows with hair like strokes all the way to the end.

(Always ensure you use more pigment at the start of the brow to give your eyebrow a lifted and a youthful glow).

Step 5: Use an eyebrow brush or a mascara brush and gently blend till no sharp visible lines are seen.

(A genius way to do this better is by wetting the brow brush a bit, and dipping it in a brown shadow and then blend it)

Step 6: Use a highlighter/ white eye shadow and an angular brush to carefully trace just below the arch to give it more definition.

This one’s optional though.

Tip: When you are shaping eyebrows, stand at a slight distance from the mirror to give you a better picture as to how it will look.

There you go! Achieving perfect eyebrows is simpler than you think. But you could do with some quick hacks and tricks. Couldn’t you?

  • Use Baby Oragel Teething Pain relief ointment on your eyebrows to help manage the pain of tweezing.
  • Use a brow pencil to fill up your brows before you tweeze. That way you won’t overdo the tweezing.
  • Use a spoolie brush to brush up your brow hair after you are done tweezing.

    Trim any hair that is sticking out of your brow line.

  • If your brow kin becomes red, swollen, or irritated, apply witch hazel on the area to soothe it. You’re welcome.
  • Use eyebrow gel and brush if you are looking to volumize the brows and pencil if you prefer a more subtle look.
  • To plump up extra thin eyebrows use a pomade with a brush first,
  • To make your eyebrows look fancy and straight out of the salon, use a lighter colour at the head of the brow, a darker pigment at the arch and gel towards the end.
  • If you hate doing the whole thing on a daily basis, you can get your eyebrows permanently pigmented. Nothing like it!
  • There are even eyebrow growth serums available in the market which help regrowth of hair giving you healthier and thicker brows overtime.
  • Don’t pluck your eyebrows under fluorescents. You need proper lighting. That way you will notice stray hairs better.
  • Avoid magnification mirrors like plague. If you see your brows blown up three times its size, you are more likely to go berserk and over pluck. You know what we mean.
  • Use a damp white eye shadow on the hair you wish to tweeze. This will make even the very fine hairs pop out making it easier for you to get neater brows.
  • Your brow skin’s natural oils oxidize overtime making your eyebrow makeup look slightly warmer than what you originally started out with. It is wise therefore to use cool toned shades.

Now you have all the information under the sun to get perfectly groomed eyebrows every time. Go get you game right now!


5 Insanely Gorgeous Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

5 Insanely Gorgeous Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Smokey eyes look stunning. You can use this beautiful makeup technique to make your eyes as dramatic or as subtle as you like. The smokey eye has been vigorously sported on the red carpet and in the movies in the recent time. If you haven’t already started embracing this trend, now is the time.

The key to a beautiful smokey eye is blending. If you don’t blend well enough, you might end up with an ugly mess.

Here’s a step by step guide to achieve different types (but equally stunning) of smokey eye makeup:

  1. The Dark Black Smokey Eye:

The dark black smokey eye

Source: Pinterest

This one’s a total stunner. It makes your eyes look big, appealing, and gives your whole look a new dimension. The last time blah sported this look, it drove her fans crazy.

How to achieve this dark black smokey eye makeup?

  • Start off by applying primer to your entire lid and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Use a black eye shadow (tap it gently to remove excess powder from the brush) and go over your lid covering it completely.
  • Use a thin angular brush and apply the same eye shadow on your lower lash line too.
  • Now create a wing. To do this, you can simply use a business card and align it with the lower lash line and the end of your eyebrow tail. Press the card with one hand while using the other hand to apply black eye shadow on the area between the edge and the black shadow that you previously applied. Alternatively, you can use a sticky tape too. Just remove the extra stickiness by sticking it on the back of your hand and yanking it. Stick the sticky tape just like you would hold your business card and voila! We recommend using a business card though, if you do not want to ruin your foundation.
  • Next remove the business card/ sticky tape to reveal a crisp line.
  • Next, tight line your upper lash line using a creamy jet black kohl pencil.
  • Now, use the kohl to line the waterline all the way to the tear duct area.
  • Use a brown matte eye shadow near the edges of the black eye shadow using swirling and wiper motions. Do the same near the lower lash line.
  • Use a shimmery white eye shadow and an angular brush to highlight your brow bone.
  • Warm your lash curler next, and curl your eyelashes.
  • Apply two coats of mascara and you are done!
  1. The Simple Smokey Eye:

This one’s for party evenings, when you want to look gorgeous without drawing a lot of attention. It suits pretty much any face type.

How to achieve this simple smokey eye makeup?

  • Start by prepping your eye lids all the way up to the brows with a neutral base primer. Prep your lids with a neutral base or primer.
  • Use a black pencil eyeliner and color in your lids using short strokes following the shape of your eye up to the crease.
  • Use your finger, or a sponge tipped applicator to blend the colour till it’s well smudged.
  • Apply a soft black eye shadow on your lids up to your crease following your eye shape.
  • Use a crease brush to apply the same black eye shadow to your crease and outer eye lids but, you want it a little darker here.
  • Now blend the whole thing up and out till it looks diffused with no harsh lines.
  • Use a metallic eye shadow (a pink, silver or golden) and apply it on the outside of black, blending it in making it look soft.
  • Use the metallic shadow beneath your brow line to highlight your brow bone.
  • Use a kohl pencil to line the top and the bottom of your lash line and use a smudge brush to lightly smudge it.
  • Go over the bottom lash line with black eye shadow (this will help avoid eyeliner bleed).
  • Coat your lashes with a generous amount of mascara and you are sorted!
  1. A Clean Softened Smokey Eye:

This one’s for when you don’t want to go all out drawing attention to the eyes but still making them look drop dead gorgeous.

How to achieve this Softened Smokey Eye Makeup?

  • Use a primer or a concealer on your eyelids, brow bone, and under the eyes to prep them up.
  • Next, use a black base colour on the lid up to the crease. Use a pink shimmery powder and go over the black eye shadow to leave it glowy and glamorous.
  • Repeat the same steps mentioned above for the lower lash line.
  • Smudge out the edges to eliminate any harsh lines.
  • Use a jet black gel liner on your upper lash line and smudge it to get smokey effect. Apply a set of falsies and use some mascara to open up your eyes.
  • Finish the look with a shimmery highlighter just below the brow bone and you are done!
  • Tip: A pink lipstick and a messy hair bun will look perfect with this one.
  1. The Neutral Smokey Eyes:

Sport this one on a first date, and you could indulge in some serious eye gazing games. This look is soft, feminine, and very beautiful.

How to achieve this Neutral Smokey Eye Makeup?

  • Use an ivory base on your entire lid.
  • Next use a highlighter or a silver eye shadow to highlight your brow bone.
  • Use a soft brown eye shadow on your outer lid and then gently sweep over the crease softly.
  • Blend out the edges next till it’s all diffused.
  • Next, use the same brown eye shadow under your lower lid and smudge away.
  • Line your waterline and tight line with a deep brown pencil.
  • Now apply a generous coat of mascara and you are set.
  1. The Vibrant Smokey Eye:

This one is sexy, charming and a total attention getter. Purple is the perfect party color. If you are a night party animal, this look is a must try.

How to achieve this Vibrant Smokey Eye Makeup?

  • Apply a light concealer on, and around your eye lids first.
  • Next, use a black kohl liner and apply a thick line along the upper lashes.
  • Use a smudge brush to smudge the liner well.
  • Use a vivid purple eye shadow on the outer half of your eyelid and crease. Layer the eyes with another coat to build up the intensity.
  • Now use a blending brush to blend the shadow. Note that blending will lower the intensity of the colour. So pile on more purple after you are done blending.
  • Next, use a warm pink eye shadow in the inner half of your lid and then blend the purple and the pink using light pressure strokes with a blending brush.
  • With an angular brush, apply the purple eye shadow along the lower lash line. To make the colour look intense, you can choose to first apply kohl on the water line and then smudge it with the eye shadow. Note: Start from the outer corner of the eye so as to deposit maximum pigment inside about 3/4th of the way.
  • Use a black gel liner on the waterline (it sets off beautifully against purple).
  • Next, apply a shimmer white eye shadow beneath the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye to brighten and open up your eyes. Apply highlighter on brow bone and inner corner.
  • Finish your look with 2 coats of mascara and you are done!

There you go! Go sport the perfect smokey eye for your face and flaunt like you own the world.


How to do eye makeup quickly for a party

How to do eye makeup quickly for a party

Eyes are the most important feature of your face. Your eyes are communicative and expressive, and that’s the reason they are the first thing to get noticed about you. It is absolutely essential therefore, to dress them well. The right eye makeup will accentuate your eyes, beautify your face, and add so much to your whole look.


If you are someone who struggles with eye makeup and could do with a few tips on how to dress up your eyes for a party quickly and easily, read on.

Here are a few quick tips you absolutely must keep in mind when doing your eyes:

  1. To make your classic black smoky eye, ditch the black and instead use the shades that compliment your eye color. For e.g., if you have blue eyes, use dusky greys or deep purples, and if you have brown or green eyes, a navy blue or an olive green will look great.
  2. Corner lashes can work wonders at making your eyes look bigger without going with a bold full lash look.
  3. Apply a small portion of metallic color in the centre of your lid. This will catch light when you blink and it will make your eyes look wider.
  4. To make your eyes look more open and less tired, apply a light metallic, or white shadow around the tear duct.
  5. Always keep your brows well groomed. A nice eyebrow line does wonders in making your eyes look pretty. If you want to define your brows, tint them well, and add temporary thickness, use a quick brush of L’Oreal brow artist plumper .
  6. If you want your eye makeup to stay in place for longer, always apply a concealer or a primer before applying a shadow.
  7. If you have under eye circles that make you look haggard, use a light reflecting concealer that brightens and lifts the under eye area.
  8. If you think getting mascara on your lash tips gives the illusion of length you are wrong. It’s the roots that do. So whenever applying mascara, wiggle the wand back and forth at the base of the lash to deposit mascara properly on the roots.
  9. If you want to go more natural, substitute full fringe lashes with individual false lashes.
  10. To fill in scanty brows, use a wax based pencil and choose a color that is the closest to your brow hair color.
  11. Want to make your eyes pop? Sweep on some dark shadow just where the brow meets the crease.
  12. Have small eyes with lids that have no crease? Choose a medium toned color and make an arc on the lids, blend it lightly and you will see an instant difference.
  13. If you have your eyes that are close-set, and you wish them to appear apart, use a dark eye shadow on the outer most quarter of the lid and then line your upper lashes with the same color to make them appear father from each other.

Here is a step by step guide to achieving some popular party eye makeup looks:

  1. The simple and elegant look:

Start of by applying a primer all around your eyes. Next, apply a shadow that is just 1-2 shades lighter than our skin and has a hint of shimmer . Cover your entire lids up till your brow line. Next, apply a medium thick jet black eyeliner and loads of mascara . You are good to go! This look looks subtle and is perfect for people who don’t like too much attention.

  1. The blingy bold look:

This look is for the people who love to experiment and who love to stand out. Start with applying a concealer over your eyelids. Let the concealer set. Next, apply a bright bold blue shadow starting with the lash line and up till it covers the arch of your lids. Take a smudge brush and blend the powder so the highest concentration of the color remains on the lash line and it gets lighter as you go up. Dot the centre of your lids with a touch of silver metallic shadow for the extra pop. Now take your eye liner and apply it in a winged fashion. (Quick tip: If you are new to this whole winger liner thing, past a sticky tape diagonally from the corner of your eye towards the tail of your brow and get lining. Peel the tape to reveal a slick, neat liner!). Curl your lashers with a good curler and Then, apply two coats of mascara. Now take Swarovski stick on crystals and line the outside of your lower line, just below the wing, or wherever you like and voila!

  1. The smokin’ smokey eye look:

Start off with a neutral eye shadow as the base for the smokey eye look to last. Layer the neutral shadow with a shimmery bone shadow to add light to the eyes. Use a gun metal shade eye shadow next. Apply it intensely over your lash line and then slowly blend it towards the brow bone. Next, stick on your falsies. (The smokey eye look is incomplete without dramatic lashes), you can choose half lashes or a high volume mascara if you don’t want to go too bold. Go over the edge of your falsies with a thick deep black pencil liner to add more drama. Finish the look with a thick coat of kajal on the water line, smudged and dusted with gun metal shadow. This look is a winner irrespective of your skin colour. Just replace the gun metal shadow with a deep lavender if your skin is dusky, or bronze if your skin is chocolaty brown.

  1. Feminal pink look:

    This look is subtle yet gorgeous and goes well with pretty much every ensemble. It’s fresh, and it’s super easy to achieve.

Start by applying a primer on your lids and a concealer on the under eye area. The primer is absolutely essential especially for people with oily lids. Apply a thick coat of creamy kohl pencil above the lash line and smudge it upwards to decrease the intensity a bit. Apply a dense layer of bright pink eye shadow on the outer edge of the eye starting from the crease line to the brows. Extend it a bit outwards as you apply. Apply a lighter pink eye shadow in the bottom part of your lids. Take a blending brush and blend the two shadows where they meet to get rid of harsh lines, if any. Use a highlighter on your brow bone. Now apply your eyeliner in a thin line over your lashes. Finish the look with 2 coats of black mascara and you are done!

    1. Colorful eye look :

Concealer and primer comes first, yet again. Your canvas should look flawless before you start adding colour. Apply a vibrant blue eye shadow in a slant shape starting from your inner corner towards (but not upto) the mid brow region covering just one half of the eye vertically. Now apply a golden metallic shadow on the rest of the lid making sure not to touch the creases. Use a bright red (or a peach) eye shadow to go over the creases as well as extend in a tail form. Go almost till the brow bones (but not touching them). Use a charcoal shade shadow to go over the creases. Now, take a pink shade and swipe it below the lower rim to give it an extension. Use a silver shadow on your tear ducts, and your brow bone. With a blue liner pencil, draw a soft line below the lower rim all along the extension. Wear a winged black eyeliner next and finish your look with a generous coat of mascara. Use a lash comb to get rid of any lumps in your mascara and you are done. This look is sure to turn many a head.

There you go! Remember to always prep your eyes well and rid yourself of puffy eyes before applying makeup.

Also, follow a cardinal rule – If you are wearing a loud outfit, go simple with your eyes, and similarly if your outfit is subtle, then go dramatic with your eyes.

Go party!