7 Best Athletic Shoes for Men for Healthy Feet

7 Best Athletic Shoes for Men for Healthy Feet

Athletic shoes are probably the most vital thing a runner/athlete owns. The importance of a good pair of athletic shoes cannot be emphasized enough. So, before you invest in any fancy gadgets or equipment, invest in a good pair of athletic shoes. In the recent times, athletic shoes have become more dynamic and free-form than ever.  With a cornucopia of new-fangled features available, such as second skin uppers and cushioned mid soles, it is difficult to zero in on that perfect pair without feeling like you need an advanced degree in it.

Let us help you alleviate the stress of the choosing process. Here’s everything about best athletic shoes for men that you should know about!

Here’s why good shoes are super important:

  • Gives you optimum knee, shin, and spine support helping you maintain a good posture.
  • Prevents injuries, sores, and blisters.
  • Gives you a snug and perfectly comfortable fit tailored to your feet. Comfortable feet = improved performance.

Here’s is what you should absolutely do before buying your own pair of athletic shoes:

  • Understand your foot. Did you know there are different ‘types’ of feet? Yes we do! To understand your type, wet your feet and step on a flat surface. Now study the imprint. If it is wide and flat with almost no arch showing, you have flat feet. If you have a very noticeable arch on one side of the foot, you have high arched feet, and if the footprint has a bit of both arch and flatness, then you have a normal feet. The level of pronation (natural rolling of feet from heels to toes) when you are walking or running depends on your feet type.
  • If you have normal feet, choose shoes that offer great stability- Good padding, good ankle and shin support, and a lightly curved shape.
  • If you have an over pronation, choose motion controlled athletic shoes. These shoes are rigid and straight and prevent over rolling of the foot. By curbing your foot’s natural tendency to over pronate, it will improve its performance.
  • If you have an under pronation, choose shoes that offers extra support and slight motion control. It’s important that your shoes should be optimally cushioned so that it absorbs shock and prevents you from hitting the floor harder.
  • Don’t buy just one pair of shoes if you multitask. Walking shoes and running shoes offer different cushioning and support tailored to the activity. If you do both, you better have one pair for each.
  • Have your feet measured just before buying a shoe. If you are under the impression that your foot size does not change if you are an adult, you are wrong. It does! Also, sizes vary slightly between brands, so don’t just go by the number, choose what fits best.
  • Always carry a pair of socks or orthotics that you wear while running, along with you. Your shoes should fit snugly after you wear them.
  • “Breaking in’ is hogwash. Don’t buy a pair that isn’t ‘properly’ comfortable thinking it will eventually be. Your shoes should feel comfortable right away. Write that down.
  • Always remember, there should always be thumb width between the front of your big toe and the end of your shoe, the heels shouldn’t slip when you walk, and you should be able to comfortable wiggle your toes when you have your shoes on.
  • The groovy features that shoes possess (that look like they’ve been made for a space mission) do serve special purposes most times. Inserts and gel, Freon, or air fillings provide extra shock absorption. However, these kind of shoes are often not good for people who are prone to ankle twists.
  • Good athletic shoes are pricey. Admit it. A 20 dollar shoe will not be as good as a 100 dollar one. Convince yourself that this is an important investment that will affect your health and well-being. If you are still concerned about over spending, don’t invest in those super fashionable shoes or those associated with celebrities to avoid paying a premium.

Here’s a lowdown on 7 best athletic shoes for men you could lay your hands (feet) on:

  1. Reebok Z-Pump fusion running shoes:

    Buy Reebok Z-Pump fusion running shoes

    Source: Amazon

    This one has a seamless compression sleeve that gives you the comfort of a sock. It pumps airs up the sleeve so as to offer extra comfort and fit. With a 10mm midsole, these goody shoes are best suited to moderate heel-first strikers. Buy here.

  2. Asics Men’s Gel-Quantum 180 Running Shoes:

    Buy Asics Men's Gel-Quantum 180 Running Shoes

    Source: Amazon

    This one is probably one of the best offerings from ASICS. It has some serious gel cushioning technology built into the upper portion of the gel Quantum seamlessly. With discrete construction and a full length trusstic system, this shoe is designed for high performance. Buy here.

  3. On Cloud flyer Running Shoes:

    Buy On Cloud flyer Running Shoes

    Source: Amazon

    This one is impressively lightweight despite being power packed. The mesh and PU material keep the debris out while maintaining a comfortable temperature in the shoe. The Cloudec technology used offers superior cushioning during the foot strike and firm hold for a good toe off. The honeycomb traction pattern in the shoe offers a reliable grip each time. This one’s best suited for over pronators that are looking for superior cushioning and stability. Buy here.

  4. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Odyssey Running Shoes:

    Buy Nike Men's Air Zoom Odyssey Running Shoes

    Source: Amazon

    These super shoes are built for speed whether you are intending high sprints or long distance running. The cushioning technology allows the shoe to spring back quick owing to pressurised air combined with internal fibres. It also offers superlative stability and pronation slowing mechanism. The heel clip support and the breathable material contribute to the comfort of this wonderful shoe. Buy here.

  5. Hoka One One Men’s M Speedgoat Running Shoes:

    Buy Hoka One One Men's M Speedgoat Running Shoes

    Source: Amazon

    Just like goats who are the masters of the mountains,  these specialists running trainers offer kick ass multi terrain support.  It has a rubber toe cap for protection and a no sew construction for better comfort and fit. The balance meta- rocker geometry makes these shoes ankle friendly while the trail- specific outsole ensures full stability. Buy here.

  6. Brooks Glycerin 13 Running Shoes:

    Buy Brooks Glycerin 13 Running Shoes

    Source: Amazon

    This one comes with a cushioning like none. With the new Super DNA Midsole design, adaptable material for adjustable cushioning, this shoe is a winner. It also has Ideal Pressure Zone technology that creates an outsole so as to distribute pressure evenly from the heel to the fore foot. This not only gives excellent stability but also allows you to do better body alignment. With 3D print design and great color combinations, this shoe looks as good as it feels. Buy here.

  7. Adidas Climachill Cosmic Boost Running Shoes:

    Buy Adidas Climachill Cosmic Boost Running Shoes

    Source: Amazon

    This one has all the best features of the adidas running shoe range cherry picked and fitted seamlessly. It provides perfect comfort in those long hot runs thanks to its breathable material thanks to the ClimaChill technology that uses perforated fabric offering ventilation and quick drying. Cushioning midsole technology and grippy outsoles along with a bootie construction makes this shoe truly desirable. Buy here.

There you go! Pick a pair that suits you most. Once you invest in a good pair of shoes, you will regret not making the decision earlier and see the ‘noticeable’ difference in your performance. Why nurse shin splints and aching heels when the best of technology is available to make running easier and better than ever before?


9 Mustache Ideas from all time Favorite Movies

9 moustache style ideas from the movies that are iconic and inspiring

Facial hair was quite big way back in the 18th century. You will see elaborately done up beards, mustaches, and sideburns in the paintings and photographs of this bygone area. In those times a man’s virility was often judged by the thickness of his beard or mustache.

Over the years the ideas about men and their masculinity changed and the more urban world believed in a cleaner and more respectable look. The beard was soon left behind and the mustaches were trimmed and shaped to look neat and great.

From the shaggy walrus style to the European imperial style to the handlebar style, mustaches came a long way till the clean shaven look was embraced. A hairless face was deemed sexy and shaving was the new ‘it’ for men. Mustaches soon waved a goodbye only to comeback in the late 90’s with a roar as the younger generation wore staches as fashion statement to show their rebel side.

Policemen, gangsters, and armed forces alike started sporting the mustache and it soon gained popularity.

Hollywood movies reflected new styles of mousers over the ears.  Some influenced by the American fashion such as the pencil thin lip line, some by age old cultures such as the very famous droopy Fu Manchu.

Let’s look at some of the famous mustache styles that had women drooling and men excited to have them to get your very own mustache ideas:

  1. Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat:

The oversized caterpillar mustache resting on his upper lips made him look slipshod but adorable. The Eurasian traveller look made quite a statement and had many a man sport the lip warmer after the movie released. If you want to sport the same, go in the hiding and grow out the bush. Shave the area around what you want to keep and then use mustache wax to curl in the mustache wisp by wisp. Done!

  1. Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood:

This one was dainty. Agreed but the wispy lip warmer on the actor complimented his off-screen persona as well as matched has on screen feathered hat. The little patch of goatee only enhanced the whole look. The thin line of facial hair did so much to make his jaw line look chiselled and his face handsome.

The trick to achieve this look is to use a small moustache comb and a sharp pointed scissors. Start off by inserting the comb in your mustache flat on your lip and cut the hair that is taller than the width of your comb teeth. Pointed scissors to a better job at details than the round pointed ones. An electric beard trimmer will also do a good job provided you use it correctly.

  1. John Travolta in The Taking of Pelham 123:

This one was bold and smokin’ hot. Wrestlers, heavy metal icons, and A-list actors have been sporting this mustache style since a long time now. It projects masculinity and a certain aura.  The whole thick mustache running past your mouth all the way to the jaw line is so downright saucy.

For maximum oomph, you should make sure that the rest of your face is as smooth as possible and not have any hair impeding your horse shoe mustache look. We must warn you that growing this style of mustache is not a cake walk. Only a few lucky ones can actually get their lip warmers down to the chin. If you can, you are blessed. Please do your bit to keep this look alive.

  1. Tom Selleck in Sea Change:

The chevron style mustache is a classic and can never go out of style.  This mustache style peaked in the 70’s and 80’s but even now if you ask and mustache aficionado, this one’s sure on his list of must tries. It is easy to groom and is bold without being too audacious.

You can get this mustache style you have to get your cheeks and chin all smooth and leave the mustache to stand out like a monument. You want to ensure that the hair does not go past your mouth or far over your upper lip or it might look unruly. Keep it neat and fierce.

  1. Frank Morgan in The Wizard of Oz:

frank morgan mustache

Source: Borg.com

This one’s a very 18th century politician mustache style but looks stylish even now nevertheless.   It spells style, authority and class effortlessly.  The handle bar resembles the Dali mustache style but is thicker than its counterpart.

To achieve this look, you have to grow out your mustache (obviously!) and then use wax to on the sides of the mustache and curl the sides upwards. It is important to know that lack of enough wax or even a slightly improper curling motion could ruin your whole look. So, use a good wax and curl carefully.

  1. Wilford Brimley in Cocoon:

If you are a gregarious soul, the walrus mustache style is for you. It’s over the top, and mouth eclipsing and quite an attention getter. To keep growing your mustache till it covers your mouth and resembles a push broom under your nose requires a lot of patience and courage. It also requires a little sacrifice (like you cannot have an ice-cream without getting it all over your mustache). This style has been carried by ranchers and presidents alike   and if you want to catch some attention on your lip fuzz, go Walrus!

  1. George Clooney in The Monuments men:


Source: Rediff

The paintbrush mustache style looked hot on George Clooney (but then, anything does).  This one looks much like the chevron mustache style but it is capped off in round edges on the side and the mustache never extends past the mouth. It looks way neater and more presentable than its counterpart.

This moustache style requires maintenance and you have to make sure you keep the edges neatly trimmed to make it look as great as it was intended to be.

  1. Warner Oland in Fu Manchu:

Well almost nobody will envy you when you grow this legendary moustache style but they sure will applaud the time, effort, and patience you put into this one. After all, to grow your moustache until it becomes long enough to hang below you chin is no mean feat.

If you want to imitate the most difficult moustache style, you will not only need patience to grow it but also a great amount of dedication in keeping the rest of your face completely clean shaven. Only when your moustache hair acts independently from your face, you will have gained victory over this impossibly difficult moustache style.

  1. Charlie Chaplin:

We cannot have a mustaches styles list without including this one. The legendary actor sported the toothbrush mustache and was rarely seen without it. This kind of mustache is shaved at the edges except for 3-4 inches resting on top of the mid lip. This mustache style was a success in the 90’s among the Americans owing to its neat structure and low maintenance. Not to forget, even Adolf Hitler sported this mustache style!

There you go! Facial hair has made a comeback and how.

Give your face the mustache style you prefer most and watch how your idea of a mustache changes from a funny fashion statement to a gruffly charming adornment.


9 Really Cool Ear Piercings for Men

9 really cool ear piercings for men

Men sporting earrings in not a new trend mind you.  They have been having pierced ears since 3000BC (What!)  Although the reasons for having ear piercings have changed over time (believe it or not, earrings actually were worn to denote rank in society, as a mark of honor, and even as an amulet!) and moved towards aesthetics, they still remain among the most fashionable things men can do.

If you are planning to join the ear piercing bandwagon anytime soon.

Here are the 5 things you MUST keep in mind for Ear Piercing:

  • Ear piercings hurt. Yes they do. And depending on where exactly you get your piercing done, the pain can range from bad to ugly. But like they say no pains no gains. Is the pain worth it? Totally!
  • You can have piercings done even if your ear lobes are very thick. You can always opt for styles that have a long post.
  • Choose to use only hypoallergenic metals such as gold, medical grade stainless steel, titanium or platinum. If you have a nickel allergy, titanium is your best choice.
  • Invest time in choosing a place that has well trained staff and use safe ear piercing systems. You don’t want to risk a thing.
  • The average healing time of an ear piercing is close to 6 weeks. Make sure that during this time, you follow the aftercare instructions carefully or you may risk an infection or invite more pain.

But what Ear piercings to choose? See Ear Piercings for Men:

There are at least 9 different places on the ear you guys can have piercings on. You read that right. Let’s take you through each of them suggest what kind of pieces of bling will suit the piercing:

  1. Lobe piercing:

    Lobo Piercing for men
    This one’s the most common of them all. If you are going for piercing for the very first time, this could be the wisest option. Since your earlobe does not have any cartilage, it is the least painful to get a piercing here. Usually it shouldn’t take more than 3 weeks to completely heal but it might take you longer if you live in a warmer weather or are prone to allergies.

What to wear?

A nice barbell like the bundle monster titanium ones would be a good option. Even a simple stud like a zirconia gem stainless steel one will do a great job in upping your style quotient.

  1. Helix Piercing:

    This one is done with a sterile needle as against a piercing gun. A helix piercing is done in the upper cartilage of the ear. Although it hurts more than a lobe piercing, it takes as much time to heal completely. A helix piercing looks very country style and is very popular.

What to wear?

Little hoops such as the simple surgical steel segment hoop one from Kinzie fashion make for a good option. Alternatively, you can even try cuffs such as the fashion punk rock metal cuffs cuffs to adorn your helix.

  1. Tragus Piercing:

    Tragus Piercing for men

    Source: Flickr

    This one’s the most painful of the lot (almost). It is certainly not for people who have to show up to black coat business meetings every other day and it most surely isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes the longest time to heal (and long it seems). The tragus piercing is done on the cartilage flap of the ear and looks stunning to say the least.

What to wear?

Captive bead earrings such as the 14G gold captive bead rings are the most perfect bling option for this. If captive beads are not your thing, then wear cartilage studs that don’t look very feminine such as the Novpeak stainless steel ones.

  1. Anti-Tragus Piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    This one’s far less intimidating than tragus painting. It is done on the inner cartilage of the ear and therefore it hurts way less than a tragus piercing. The healing time for a tragus piercing can range from anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

What to wear?

Ball closure rings such as the mixed ball closure ring from Verjoy look amazing. Alternatively you can wear a bead stud such as the Bling jewellery sterling silver stud.

  1. Conch Piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    Conch piercings spell style. They look uber cool but only few guys can carry it off without looking a certain stereotype. You can have piercings either in the inner or outer conch. This piercing needs care and a quick cleaning every day to heal quickly else it might take a while to go pain free.

What to wear?

Ball closure rings like the surgical steel ones or barbells, such as the horseshoe circular barbells make for a wise choice for this kind of piercing.

  1. Industrial piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    This one’s not so popular owing to the pain, healing time, and the care needed. It looks rock star cool though. Certainly not for the timid, this one’s a winner in terms of getting attention. An industrial piercing is done in the upper cartilage of the ear and a single piercing is passed through two holes. It can take almost as much as 6 months to a year for an industrial piercing to heal.

What to wear?

Industrial barbells such as the funky stainless steel one by body candy is your perfect piece of jewellery. You can even try ones with chains and danglers if you are feeling too experimental.

  1. Rook Piercing:


    Source: Piercingtime.com

    This piercing is done, right on the thick portion of cartilage between the inner conch and the outer conch of the ear. This one too, much like the industrial piercing can take almost a year to heal completely. Needless to say, this piercing can be very painful but totally worth it.

What to wear?

The most sought after bijouterie for this type of piercing is the captive bead earrings such as the funky tribal captive bead earrings from Playful Piercings. Simple Barbells such as the stainless steel lip bar labret also make for a cool option.

  1. Daith Piercing:

    This one is the sassiest and the most complicated piercings of all. This type of piercing is done in the outer rim of the ear cartilage that lies closest to the head.

What to wear?

Your choice of jewelry can be anything, but captive bead earrings such as the modish looking ones from body jewelry with a spiky ball attached, suit this kind of piercing, best.

    1. Gauging:

Also known as flesh tunnels, gauging is putting plugs in the earlobe. Plugs are solid cylinders that fit into the piercing in the ear lobe and stays put due to the flares on the sides of the cylinder. Men typically get their piercings increased gradually by a couple of millimetres till it reaches their desired size. Plugs, also called flesh tunnels are strictly for the bold.

What to wear?

To start with opt for silicon ones (they are more comfortable and less painful) such as the black flexible silicon ones on amazon. You can later experiment with bigger metal ones such as the sandpaper ones.

There you go!

Pick the #earpiercing what appeals you the most. They look cool! Click To Tweet

Consider your lifestyle and workplace though, before taking the final call. What is socially acceptable for a bar tender might not be for a professor or what suits a musician might not suit a CEO. Go make the perfect choice and flaunt your piercing with élan.


Top Deadly 11 Short Hairstyles for Men this Summer

Top Deadly 11 Short Hairstyles for Men this summer

Men are now obsessed with how their hair looks more than ever before. But if you think the preoccupation with hair is recent, you are wrong. At least the last 5 decades have been witnessing men fuss over their barnet wanting to make them look better. With man buns and different undercuts making the waves, this beautiful obsession isn’t seeing an end soon.

Are you someone who has a newfound love for your hair and want to transform it? Don’t know what’s best suited to you? Would you go with frosted tips or slick back this summer?

Read on to know the hottest trends in men’s hairstyles:

  1. The prohibition high and tight:

This one’s a classic and has been around since the 1920s. It looks chic and utterly masculine at the same time. If your hair is straight this look’s for you. This hairstyle doesn’t work with wavy or curly hair.

How to get the look?

Ask your stylist to keep the sides as short as possible and then fade the hair into the nape of your neck, shorter as he goes, leaving at least 1.5 inches on the top and the edges blunt. Rock the look like Tom Hardy does, with a scruff.

Tip: Use gels such as Kerastase home capital force gel to keep your hair in place. For best results apply when hair is wet and reapply when it is dry.

  1. The mainstream hipster style:

This one’s arguably one of the most popular of the lot. It works for men of all ages and gives you that edge, and that’s why it’s the most preferred.  If you are a wallflower though, stay away from this hairstyle because this one is an attention getter. This one’s also not for people who have very thick or curly hair. If you have medium thick wavy hair, though, it can prove to be your best hairstyle.

How to get the look?

Ask your stylist to leave at least a length of three inches on the top to build up a pomp. You can choose the side length depending on your style from medium to short.

Tip: Blow dry the top straight back to help give it more body. You can use a strong hold product such as Phillip B Lovin Pomade to keep your hair in place.

  1. The James Dean hairstyle:

This is for you if love rocking the leather and sex look with ease. It gives a whole movie star swag but is still clean enough for office. It has body and pomp but looks neat. If your hair is very fine or pin straight, sorry this one’s not for you. But if you have thick curly mane or even medium thick wavy, you have to try this look at least once in your lifetime.

james dean hairstyle

How to get the look?

Get your stylist to keep the sides a medium length and the top twice the length of the sides but well blended.

Tip: Use a medium hold pomade such as Supremo Magic Move Soft while your hair is still wet and comb it straight back. Look into the mirror and thank us.

  1. The flow and comb style:

This look works for any professional but is less obnoxious than the slicked back business man look. It gives you a neat look without making you look chocolaty. This hairstyle is only for men who have straight hair (fine or thick), so steer clear of this if you have super wavy or curly hair.

flow and comb style hairstyle

How to get this look?

Get your stylist to give you a classic square cut and keep it slightly longer on both the sides and front, than the top.

Tip: To pull off this look perfectly use a mousse such as Sebastian Mousse Forte while your hair is still wet. Comb back and let your hair air dry naturally.

  1. The Ceaser look:

This roman hairstyle is a killer. Many a woman went weak in the knees when Russell Crowe sported this one  in gladiator and more recently Gerard butler pulled if off oh so well.  It is a low maintenance hairstyle and is definitely here to say for a long long time.  If you have textured hair, this one is a no no. Otherwise, this style sets well on any kind of hair from straight to wavy and from fine to thick.

Ceaser hairstyle

How to get this look?

Get your stylist to cut hair perfectly (almost) on the sides and keep it short on length at the top.

Tip: While this look is best without any product, you can use a light style aid such as Aveda Humectant Pomade to push hair forward and keep the cut looking clean.

  1. The bed head mop:

This is strictly for the young and playful. If you work in a corporate office, you might not want to continue to read this. This look looks easy but it does have quite a lot of effort going into it. If your hair is wavy and curly, congratulations! You can try this wonderful look. Else, sorry. It’s preferable to let your hair grow at least 2 inches on the sides and three on the top for maximum oomph.

bed head mop hairstyle

How to get the look?

Your stylist just has to add texture to your hair and create movement.

Tip: Hair gels such as Paul Labrecque Curl Defining Gelee when used on wet or towel dried hair work like magic.

  1. The James Bond cut:

This hairstyle is clean and spells sophistication. This one requires you to indulge in frequent upkeep to keep it look polished and exude class like no other hairstyle. This one is for people who have straight hair that is fine to medium thick. If your hair is very thick or curly, you should probably go try something else.

James bond hairstyle

How to get the look?

Get your hairstylist to cut the top short and then cut hair even closer at the sides blending as he goes and then texture it?

Tip: Towel dry and part hair. Apply a good gel product such as L’Oreal melting gel  to keep it in place. Visit your stylist at least once every three weeks to keep rocking the look.

  1. The angular fringe hairstyle:

This was way too popular in 2014 and it’s still making quite a wave now. The asymmetrical line of this haircut is crazy and beautiful at the same time. It gives a perfect balance to any kind of face ranging from square to round.

angular fringe hairstyle

How to get the look?

Ask your hairstylist to keep the top layer long and flowy while cutting at an angle. The sides should be neatly tapered.

Tip: Use a good hair wax such as Bed Head matte separation workable wax to create texture and hold.

  1. The modern pompadour style:

The pompadour has been an integral part of fashion history and it is going to stick around for long. A pompadour will work with varied hair lengths and it looks très chic.

The modern pompadour style

How to get the look?

Get your hairstylist to cut your hair short at the back and on the sides while keeping it the longest he can on the top such that the top sweeps over the head.

Tip: To create a nice and neat finish with shine, apply a strong hold pomade such as Layrite super hold pomade to towel dried hair. Alternatively you can slick back your hair while it is wet with Kevin murphy super goo. The simple short hairstyle:

  1. This is for the no-fuss, no-muss people. It can be played with, to change your look completely in a matter of minutes and requires minimum maintenance and that’s why this one is among the most popular hairstyles.

simple short hairstyle

How to get the look?

Get the stylist keep the same length of hair on the entire head. You can choose to add a touch of colour to up the funk.

Tip: Take a good quality wet pomade such as to spike up the hair or alternatively run wax along the hair to give it a slick look.

  1. The French crop look:

This one suits most face shapes and is ideal for men who have hair growing thinner on the top. If you leave a little length in the fringe, you can even cove up receding patches. This one does not need a styling product or maintenance. It’s perfect for someone who is in and out of gym.

French crop look

Tip: If you absolutely must use a product, just spray a little hairspray (and nothing else!). The more natural it looks the better.

There you go!

Remember though, that is is important to keep your hair healthy to be able to take styling products. So eat well, exercise and stay positive.

Keep experimenting with your #hairstyles and looks. Life’s too short to stick with one look. Click To Tweet